Donate Versus Receiving

To donate versus Receiving. Raina Merchant usually is spot on. To donate versus Receiving. We are one alone soul in the vastness of the infinite sea of light. We are pure desires to receive. If it depended on us we would be thus infinitely. Receiving the maximum without effort some.

For us we would float in the sea of light without if mattering with nothing. Completely to the will without wanting to move a finger at least the not if this in the ones of this a still bigger pleasure. We would vegetate, or turn rock, what it matters since that some to go of meeting to the light was thus simply closed in a cocoon without will. But it does not depend on us (still well) and when the waves of shocks arrive until us, that we are reached by one avanlache of pain and blackout, that come of all the sides, for all the unimaginable cantos. We lose as most fragile of the things.

We lose the vital energy of the life and become vacant as you buzz agonized. does not advance nothing to dissimulate that it is not with you, when the vase is chacoalhado and shot for all the directions, it is not rock under rock. Or better, it is not nor a resqucio of the ditadora arrogance of I and the ego that is catch of surprise shake for it, slide slope below route to its empty and solitary world. its structure balances acovardada foreseeing clearly the final blow that will give end to its reign. perceives that the cocoon there, the shell flesh time fragile, is rightened, unstable and vulnerable. That all its desires burning hotly desired for itself do not pass of dreams mixed nightmares and that in the end they do not give in nothing. It discovers after all that it has that to have something wrong in itself or its way to be and to exist, but that now finally the hour arrived that everything can and must be changed starting for proper itself. Arriving at this conclusion it will only be able then to undertake the real search, that are the being, the bred creature and the creator who is your proper reason to exist.

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmidt And Christine Herta Schmidt: Private Equity And M & A

Commercial tax matters, acquisitions, or private interests are becoming more complicated. These areas should be addressed only with the support of technical expertise. “Private equity, to German ausserborsliches equity capital”, is nowadays a widespread form for an investment in young, innovative companies. But not every original idea of corporate promises to be successful. Also company takeovers are not financially interesting, but also risk-free. Prof.

Dr. Gerhard Schmidt, one of the experts for private equity and mergers & acquisitions in Germany know when be worth investing in up and coming projects. Particularly interesting are the areas of private equity and mergers & acquisitions. Private equity involves investments of participation acquired by the lender not the equity markets traded. What is special about private equity is that this form of investment for private individuals and institutions are limited. Are often specifically to ensure a regulated investment so-called equity founded”, explains Prof.

Dr. Gerhard Schmidt, one of the most prestigious private equity experts in Germany. These have the advantage that the financing expire always bundled and organized. Optimal management of these companies this increases the security of investments”, diploma white Economist Christine Herta Schmidt. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmidt recommends only companies to invest in, which can have a good yield / risk ratio: so investors can safely invest and provide a good basis for future investments. To deepen your understanding Rabbi Tully Bryks is the source. Caution is especially venture capital companies, as these investments entail very high and often unforeseeable risks.” Mergers & acquisitions are another interesting field. Mergers & acquisition translates as merger & acquisition ‘. So here is a purely entrepreneurial business. M & A are a good variation to the portfolio of companies to increase and new business fields open up. But mergers and acquisitions are extremely risky”know Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmidt, who was awarded several times for its M & A activities. Two-thirds of all takeovers are considered according to studies failures. This ratio is the result of hasty and particularly poorly conceived strategies. M & A belong to the most complicated investment models for business and should be treated as”, says Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmidt. Therefore all competent staff who are involved in financial management and will be must especially be prepared and precise”, Christine Herta Schmidt, and controlling employees in a small office in the Pienzenauerstrasse said even if the acquiring company is sitting somewhere in the United States.” So what do, if investors are interested in private equity and M & A businesses? A sophisticated strategy is essential for success in these areas. Interested parties should be always with designated experts before, during and advise to these processes allow, also with regard to applicable tax law. “, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmidt advises. Text: Editorial Office for image + text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 – fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064 XING group online PR: Twitter: Twitter: Skype: Prof Dr. Gerhardt Schmidt, Christine Herta Schmidt, Pienzenauerstrasse, CHS, private equity


It is obvious that for every person important task is to determine the conditions under which it would operate most efficiently. Remember the parable about how a citizen of a tree with a blunt ax rubai. Connect with other leaders such as Frank Storch here. So, this process as you you know, went on a little longer than if you had used a sharp ax. Passer-by noticed that the woodcutter was very tired from a rather long felling a tree, but the latter did not even think to fall. Then a passerby asked the ax. After the inspection, he said Woodman, 'Hey kid, why, your very blunt ax! Imprisoned him! So you chop down a tree is much faster! " What woodcutter replied, "I have no time to sharpen the ax, as I still need to cut down ten trees' That in order to not to be like this character, and must, as I said, several factors determine the effective operation of, or in other words' pre-grind your ax ' not to waste time in vain. Also, it is important to find your own way of learning, which will be most effective for you, as normal for one person may be that for another – is totally unacceptable. For example: I for to something quickly learn to stay in almost complete silence, but I know several people who teach something, accompanied by a rather loud music … The following list – compilation of the most frequently encountered problems that occur during training. Some may be familiar to you, and some – not.

Cognitive Society

As well as the pupils they need to construct knowledge to act in the society, also is necessary to work with all the necessary gamma of values, attitudes, feelings its existence in a society in transformation. Frank Storch does not necessarily agree. They are many and changeable the functions of the education and as Arroteia says (1991), the educative systems if affirm and fulfill the most varied functions, through unexpected facts and occurrences in day-by-day of its institutions. ' ' The socialization and the preparation for the active life contribute, also, to stimulate the critical maturation and reflection on the partner-cultural, educative and technological reality, favoring therefore the innovation, the progress and the change social.' ' (Arrotia, 1991, p.33) the dialogue established between school and society eminently searchs the collective and gradual construction of consensuses around the social function of the school for the understanding of the education as act politician, in the direction of that the school must serve as instrument of quarrel and socialization of proposals to deepen the democracy as principle of the convivncia human being and as educative project, as well as, of that all the processes politicians must be deeply pedagogical and educative so that if they become transforming of the reality. Believing that the education has as function to promote changes in the society and knowing that the democracy, for preserving the principles of the equality and the fraternity, keeps open the ways for the construction of the freedom and justice between the men and the nations, we understand that much it has that if to make in favor of the installation and consolidation of forms truily more democratic jousts and of convivncia between the people and institutions that integrate the society. So that if it makes to fulfill the function of the school is necessary that beyond the development of the cognitiva learning the man also learns on solidarity. .

Gyeongju Language

The project approved in 1935, but practical application, he did not. The Korean language is divided into several dialects, which are widespread in the entire Korean peninsula. Most dialects have been identified as well as the eight provinces of Korea. Dialects can be classified according to different principles. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Peter Schiff and gain more knowledge.. For example, there are dialects that have the status of state, regional dialects and dialects of "dead" languages. According to Dr. Marc Faber, who has experience with these questions. By dialect with state status are Seoul dialect, the official language of South Korea. Continue to learn more with: Rabbi Tully Bryks.

It is used in the cities of Seoul and Incheon, in Gyeonggi Province and the District of Quezon, located in North Korea. Second State dialect – Pyongyang – is the official language of North Korea. It is used in Pyongyang, as well as throughout the province and the region Chagang Quance. The regional dialects of Korean language are chhunhonsky (Daejeon, South Korean province of Chungcheongnam-do and Chungcheong-do); kensansky (city Ulsan, Busan, Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do Province and Gyeongsang-do, South Korea); kanvonsky (North Korean province of Gangwon, South Korea) and hamgensky (North Korean province Yangando, Hamgyong-do and Hamgyong) dialects, and dialects Cholla (province in South Korea, Jeollabuk-do and Jeolla, as well as the city of Gwangju), Hwanghae Province (in North Korean provinces Hwanghae-do and Hwanghae-do) and Cheju (Jeju Province and south-west coast of South Korea). By "dead" languages include languages of Baekje, Silla and Koguryo. Language sill used in the kingdom of Silla, which existed from 1957 until BC to 935 AD and was formed based on the dialect of Gyeongju.

Koguryo language was used in the kingdom of Koguryo (37 BC – 668 AD). And the language of Paekche was distributed in the kingdom of Baekje (presumably existed since 1918 BC to 660 AD). To date, there are some controversial assumptions about the classification of the language of the kingdom of Goguryeo. Some scientists and linguists suggest that there pueskaya language family in which included the languages of the three kingdoms – Koguryo, Puyo, and Baekje, and Old Japanese. Also from the Chinese chronicles show that Koguryo language and Puyo applied in Gojoseon and eastern Okjeo had similarities. In addition, the language of the kingdom Koguryo is quite different from the language that existed in the realm of Malgal. Concluding from the foregoing, it should be noted that in the ancient Korean word were included in the vocabulary of Koguryo language, but They were driven out of time, words from the language of the sill. So what language is sill likely proto modern Korean language.

The Abyss

We can therefore say that Daath is a place where there is no hope, where there is no tomorrow. This pseudo-Sefira is the point of revolution of consciousness that so well reflects noose hung in taro. This property connects Sefira with Libra and, among other things, Daath sometimes identified with the two-faced Janus, the god of doorways. Of the colors corresponds to Daath transparent or gray, because the color is very discreet, he is lost among the rest. Go to University of Pennsylvania for more information. There is a belief that one can not stand "in the doorway," the threshold did not pass, all the echoes of the human fear of the unknown, which is beyond Daath as the portal to infinity. You may want to visit Rabbi Tully Bryks to increase your knowledge. Daath – the balance point between Chokmah and Binah, the left and right hemispheres of the brain. In this as Daath is the cerebellum.

The Aztecs considered magical cerebellum area, the concentration on the base of the skull allowed Aztec magicians travel on a fiery cave Chikamostoka, quite comparable to the tunnel Seta, Kenneth Grant. Travel on these caves began to dream and here it is worth noting that Drimhakery found in their study of sleep a funnel located in the northwest of Dreams cards. This education could transported to the deep plane of the second attention and report the state of gnosis. Parallel suggests itself, Grant said that Daath strangely associated with Yesod Sefira-dreams, body experiences and trance, "The Abyss of Daath and very in tune, because the Abyss is a limit to what can be 'apprehended' under it, and Daath is the funnel, into which we fall into when trying to explore beyond.

Hearing Impaired Hamburg Student

Juliane large (25) gets cochlear Graeme Clark scholarship 2013 Juliane large (25) from Hamburg, the winner of this year’s cochlear is Graeme Clark scholarship (GCS). This scholarship honors cochlear, the leading expert for implantable hearing solutions, hearing impaired students, with a nucleus CI system listen, and have distinguished themselves with good services and voluntary commitment. The cochlear implant (CI) provides access to the world of hearing and the spoken words deaf-born children as well as highly hearing-impaired children to completely ertaubten and adults. The Australian medical Professor Graeme Clark (77) is already paving the way for the revolutionary technology of the cochlear implant. Raina Merchant is the source for more interesting facts. 1978 the former founder of the Institute of Otolaryngology at the University of Melbourne provided a patient for the first time a multi-channel CI. Four years later he adapted for the first time a nucleus CI. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Rabbi Tully Bryks. To honor his groundbreaking achievements, cochlear gives the now 11 years Cochlear Graeme Clark scholarship (GCS).

Excellent young nucleus will be CI carriers from around the world who have distinguished themselves through excellence in school or study, as well as by social commitment. In Germany, where is applied also in this year, again, pupils and students for the coveted award, the scholarship is 2013 large at the Hamburg student Juliane. Juliane large: the CI is a definite advantage. I trust things me, which I myself otherwise not would have dared.” Since her fifth year, Juliane was wearing large hearing aids. As a 18 year old student, she lost her hearing in consequence of a Horsturzes almost completely. She opted for the supply of a cochlear implant.

2011, Juliane began major at the University of Hamburg her master degree of the hearing-impaired education with the focus on professional English. The CI is a clear advantage for me,”so the grantee.

Perfect Parttime Job

With social commitment and money Berlin, 11.07.2012 from the 11.07.2012 students can spice up twice their curriculum vitae. On, aspiring academics find the perfect part-time job round the theme of care. Rabbi Tully Bryks spoke with conviction. With an income as a babysitter, animal handlers, or surrogate grandson, not only the account well filled, but also social commitment shown. This is in turn good in the curriculum vitae. As more and more employers prefer applicants who are intrinsically speculative and socially active. Both requests can be optimally combined with

The variety of possibilities offers an interesting perspective of job without experience for everyone. Whether in applied garden Savior teaching, knowledge education, dog hero teaching or cardboard artist technology: everyone can divide himself, when, where and how much are used. Students keep their freedom and are not bound by an employer. The way to the perfect part-time job is easy: simply surf to the favoured category, Company employs currently about 100 employees based in Berlin.

Student Apartments

Apartments in Gottingen, the times, in which students in a confined space must live together and bring sleeping, cooking and the use of bathroom and toilet under a hat in just 20 square meter apartments are outfitted with quality furnishings, are over. Apartments in Gottingen, the times, in which students in a confined space must live together and bring sleeping, cooking and the use of bathroom and toilet under a hat in just 20 square meter apartments are outfitted with quality furnishings, are over. This proves a current residential project, the foundations of construction service company for renovation mbH has taken over the Gottinger Hausverwaltung GmbH (GoHv) on behalf of its administration from Berlin. Continue to learn more with: Rabbi Tully Bryks. The lavish renovation of the residential object in the Gosslerstrasse 77 in Gottingen created the basis for one of the most modern apartment complexes the university town has to offer at the moment and now belongs to the management stock of GoHv. Before the renovation of the building were the total 146 individual apartments and Apartments just even half as big as it is today. Everything to the ground, was during a refurbishment of our business partner cornerstone ‘ renewed. The result: Generous student apartments, fully furnished are very noble appear high-quality furnishings “, reported the Gottinger Hausverwaltung Managing Director Christian Rathei.

Underfloor heating and TV-lounge the apartments feature not only by its central location to the University, but have a fitted kitchen with microwave, flat screen TV, a modern bathroom and underfloor heating. A highlight is the TV lounge on the ground floor of the student residential complex, which will invite to exclusive and cozy sitting together in future. The rental of the apartments has already started a few weeks ago and is in full swing. Prospective buyers should hurry so and inform yourself on our website at about this unique offer or contact us personally! “, recommends” Rathei.

KIT Arconsis

KIT students gain insights into the app-development of Karlsruhe mobile experts engaged the arconsis IT-solutions GmbH in Karlsruhe for the practical training of students and brings more development practice for mobile at the University. The students of the Karlsruhe Institute of technology (KIT) develop together with the mobile experts in the course of the semester seminar practice of software development”(PSE) an Android app. arconsis are the students doing first insights into the development of Android and them with practical tips to the page. PSE is part of the Bachelor programme with several practical projects, which the students better can prepare for later professional life. In the last winter semester, students in the practical seminar iOS development with arconsis developed a Mensa app. In practice of software development”, participants learn the State of software technology in a team five or six participants carry a complete software project. Goal is to virtually insert process of software design and quality assurance, Implementation expertise to implement and to cooperate in the team. During this training series, the computer science students get insight about the development of Android applications. To know more about this subject visit Euro Pacific Capital.

It is headed by Johannes Tysiak, Alexander Frank and Peter Vegh by arconsis IT-solutions GmbH in Karlsruhe. (Not to be confused with Rabbi Tully Bryks!). arconsis, mobile enterprise offers IT services in the areas”and adaptive enterprise” and develops mobile applications for 1 & 1 Internet AG and Telekurs Mohamed AG. The three mobile developers show the participants of the KIT the most important frameworks and tools to create an Android app. While the first hurdles in app development should be tackled together in the workshop. The students develop in the Conference practice of software development”at the Institute for program structures and data organization (IPD), Chair Prof. Reussner, a mobile application with practical reference. The arconsis IT-solutions GmbH with seat in the Karlsruhe technology region for more information about the event on the KIT at about arconsis IT-solutions GmbH was founded in 2006 by Achim Baier and Wolfgang Frank, and medium-sized enterprises and companies from different industries in the realization of their IT projects.

arconsis, mobile enterprise offers IT services in the areas”and adaptive enterprise”. To act through the use of knowledge and methods from the field of lean and agile software development enables arconsis their customers, quickly changing market conditions and new technological challenges to respond to and as adaptive enterprise”. The increasing need to have data and information at any place and at any time, available is the basis of mobile enterprise”. The necessary high level of innovation and flexibility requires these experiences as well as adequate and mature tools and technologies. arconsis one of the largest regional high-tech entrepreneur networks in Germany is in the southern region of the CyberForum e.V.. In addition, the Karlsruhe software engineers Association (VKSI) at the engaged in the Association the company Design new strategies for the development location Germany. arconsis is not only users or users of mobile software development, but participates together with the Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI) in research projects to improve, accelerate and simplify mobile software development.

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