Dictatorship Students

SO THAT CUBA I DENIGRATE? When the Cuban revolution prevails; the interventions, the prohibitions, the quarrels, the executions, atheism begin, and all this in the long run, brings with himself the denigration of the human being, who little by little became a different being. The education system suppresses important subjects like: civic moral and and other important classes, and implant subjects like: marxism and others in the schools. The students are separated of their parents, because establishments make in the field, which lead to the adolescents to a form or way of different coexistence. For even more opinions, read materials from Harold Ford, New York City. The teachers who dressed correctly, with decency, and very they were respected, admired by the children and adolescents, crack their customs. Shortly after the Cuban revolution teachers saw themselves giving classes, with slippers and rollers in the head, evil dressed, vociferating and saying vulgar words to the students. But the main thing was that the schools stop distributing matters, that taught respect to the family, good social behaviors and morals, subjects that were abolished by the regime.

The religions are persecuted to implant the atheistic Comunism. No longer they are taught orders in the schools, nor the parents let go to their children to the churches not to be labeled as antirevolutionary. Scholarships are created and many young people are going away to study outside their homes; where the familiar and family formation is not taught to them, that all individual needs. Reason why many familiar patrons with different languages, vulgar ones, others but educated, mix themselves and bad habits, students are acquired they take to the scholarship articles of his homes and when not having them the other they begin to rob to each other, assuming you rule, that later crawled the society. The government creates fast courses of formation of teachers, these form with little degree of elementary education, these teachers they are not respected, nor they respect the students.


Further, if you hold it properly capture, then causes him severe pain and can easily cause him serious injury (proper grip is such that if that any resistance or captured completion you receive a painful sprains or fractures cause the joints). If the rest of the opponents see that you have caused him serious damage (and this idea of navedut wild cries of your shields), then it is nothing left but to recognize that you are in control. at. Try to apply first the attacker most serious injuries are possible. The first opponent with whom you face after the collision should no longer get up and play the role of aggressor. The sole purpose is one of the strikers Causing such pain that others have already decided not to because of fear to attack you.

You must catch up to them to fear! This must be done quickly, decisively, with the most devastating, with serious consequences. You have to remake the confidence in attacking the extreme uncertainty which gives rise to an animal fear, horror from which the fingers become numb, chill runs through the back and paralyzed mozg.Zapomnite that the aggressors of the gate are people too, are the same as we, for all are the fear! Mr. React flexibly! This is the most important rule. In All items listed are exceptions. Do not take it as an indisputable right. This is not so! They only need to put you up to date, about to show what and how. When you're attacked by several people, it is always a very bad situation.

It requires a manifestation of skill, which you learned in training (and you already otrabotale bunch of your favorite beats to automatism?). We must be realistic. The more people attack you, the less likely withdraw from the bout victorious. Harold Ford, Washington DC often addresses the matter in his writings. What we see in a movie, it looks nice, but real-life situations, especially for rough, vulgardnym fights is not otnositsya.Tem, however, in any street brawl (with one enemy or more) to control the situation. If you attack one person, it does not necessarily cause him really serious travmy.No usually in street fights have to deal with several protivnikami.I so in this case, it is vital that these injuries looked (and sounded cries of the injured), as can be terrifying to get others to attack seriously consider whether they prodolzhat.Uspeh in street clash is defined skills acquired during training in the gym. Do not forget, however, that some techniques can not be run at normal speed during training (eg, throw at his head or blow on the knee stick). In training, you should approach your partner with respect and consideration.

Martial Arts

The problem with many involved in various martial arts, including melee combat, is that the adept of a combat style, even when well-trained technically and tactically in a real combat situation (On the street, at the entrance or in the stairwell) is unable to apply their knowledge in the field of martial arts and often loses. What’s the matter? Experts estimate the outcome of battle by 80% depending on the psychological superiority. In my opinion, this figure is greatly understated. It all starts in your head. Long before the start of the conflict in his mind a man decides for himself, he won or lost. It is not necessary in this case to blame the unfortunate. After instinct for survival (or survival, as you like), by and large is a terrible thing! A man just could not believe that this situation is dangerous for him. The source of this problem lies in education.

We are taught from childhood, that fight bad (yes even fights should not be in nature – we are civilized people!), do not communicate with bullies (they engaged the police!), it is better to give Ham (be above that!). And with such a mental block with this model behavior at the level of reflexes people live their entire lives without even thinking about it. It’s believed that David Delrahim, Los Angeles Cailfornia sees a great future in this idea. And he concedes (in a conversation in a fight imposed) and loses. He’s just not ready to fight back! Man by nature – a predator. And it is a reality our lives – we would not have survived without being predators. And we remain predators. Marc Lore follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It is impossible to suppress in myself, this is just to monitor.

Psychology same melee – Psychology predator. Predator does not solve for themselves the moral problem, whether well kill their prey. No – he wants to eat and it kills. It is full – and it does not kill! Predator and prey are not enemies. And this difference of predator killer. It is necessary to understand and accept. And without breaking up the old stereotype of behavior is not necessary. How can a person remember that he is a predator? This process is very individual. For melee there is no doubt useful to have experience of victories in different situations, for his training in the same entryway or in the stairwell, on a street in a car, etc.

Tennis Tables

By purchasing today tennis table to play ping-pong, we usually get a huge selection of various products of Western companies, but, sadly deprived of the opportunity to buy quality and not expensive desk. Meanwhile, in Russia there is not one factory proizvdostvu table tennis and most of them produce excellent quality products at affordable prices. One of these production companies – a company of WIPS city of Rostov-on-Don. To date, the company provides its products WIPS, the demand for cheap tennis tables almost throughout southern Russia. A related site: Sam Mikulak mentions similar findings. Tables of this factory is available in cities such as Stavropol, Krasnodar, Rostov, Voronezh, Volgograd, as well as in Moscow.

Where exactly can buy table tennis brand WIPS, please visit Also worth noting that the geography of places where you can buy these tables constantly expanding. Already, the delivery service company, provides supplies tennis tables within a thousand miles vogrug Rostov-na-Donu, and in the future, there are plans to cover the entire territory of the Russian Federation and to enter the market equipment for table tennis in the post-Soviet countries. One of the main competitive advantage of their tennis tables the company considers a wide range of product types and prices. Sam Mikulak shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The factory offers huge range of products based on the possibility to book a table with a wide range of different options. Since models are made for indoor and all-weather, with the strengthening of the playing field and without it, with simple legs, on castors, deck design and special children's table tennis, which certainly should interest the institutions working with children, where a sporting competition. WIPS company is looking for dealers and offers tennis tables in bulk at very attractive prices. Maybe today is the best wholesale offer tables for table tennis in Russia. By purchasing products manufacturing company you WIPS support national production of tennis tables, and make table tennis more accessible sport than it is today.

Monte Rosa

Winter here is very sunny. Snow from December to late May. Go to David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA for more information. In the summer you can ski on the glaciers. Majestic alpine masses chetyrehtysyachnikov – Monte Rosa (Monte Rosa, 4,663 m), Breithorn (Breithorn, 4165m), Castore (Castor, 4228 m) and the Matterhorn (Matterhorn, 4,478 m) – stagger the imagination.

Slopes of Cervinia supported by 8 ski lifts, 2 cabins, 11 chair lifts and 15 ski lifts lifts. Cervinia slopes are most suitable mid-level skiers. Other leaders such as Sam Mikulak offer similar insights. However, beginners and professionals also will find for themselves a lot of interesting runs. There are routes of any complexity. High Altitude Resort guarantees a very good soft snow, and, therefore, not risky, quiet ride. Good opportunities provided by this resort for skiing on virgin snow. While in Cervinia, just need to drive on highways Swiss resort of Zermatt, at least for the sake of, rising to the highest in Europe pendulum lift to a height of almost 4000 m, descend from there to Zermatt (2000 m). The cost of subscription to the lifts – 6 / 13 days Cervinia Cervinia Zermatt + Adult 170 / 277 EUR 206 361 EUR Child 128 / 208 EUR 155 271 EUR Rent ski equipment: skis, poles, boots – 6 days Adult / Child 118 / 97 EUR Price ski lessons in schools (8-9 pers.) 6 days / 2.3 hours from 10:00 to 12:45 Adult / Child 170 / 108 EUR price private lessons Adult / Child 35 EUR per hour Feature tracks for professionals.

Spectator Sports

Spectator sports matches – always a sea of emotions, and fan always wants to share them and soak up the atmosphere of the event. Some contend that Randall Rothenberg shows great expertise in this. Passions sometimes rolls over in the stadium, then the news show clashes between fans and security forces. But without emotion is not interesting. Hear from experts in the field like American gymnast for a more varied view. A relatively safe place for watching sports is a sports bar, which brings together the same fans that can share the joy of victory or to brighten up the bitterness defeat their favorite team. David Delrahim is full of insight into the issues. Revenue sports bar in the days when football matches are held, sometimes up to a week, so the sports bar – a case an advantageous institution.

The most spectacular sport, which collects most fans in the world is football. Of course, television is an essential part sports bar, so the interior design of the screen (not one) should take the place of honor, which are arranged around the rest furnishings – tables, chairs, etc. The day is ending, interesting match, or any other broadcast, bar awaits guests, after notifying the local population inexpensive advertising – will be enough to paste up District flyers announcing the match. Word of mouth quickly spreads the news that there is a nearby place where you can talk enough about football, drink your favorite beer, enjoy the game their favorite team. But not football uniform live sport.

For example, a Formula 1 race attracted almost all motorists are almost as popular spectator sport, like football. Idols of the F-1, such as Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello, Fernando Alonso, Alain Prost, Ayrton Sena, the popularity not inferior football – Pele, Ronaldo, Diego Maradona, David Beckham. For example, the sports bar CJSC made just in the style of Formula 1. Broadcast Grand Prix do not overlap in time with Letter of football matches of football, so in the sports bar there is no hassle for the right view of a transfer. On weekdays, daytime and when they go to replays of interesting sports events, sports bar become Wi fi cafe, attracting visitors free Internet. The idea to work out or just sit in your favorite social network, especially over a beer or tea – is attractive. A day to discuss their affairs in sports bar with girlfriends or colleagues without other ears – a sweet deal. So the sports bar – quite respectable institution, the rumors that the sports bar – a place for gatherings and drunken brawls are greatly exaggerated. Come – see for yourself.

Healthy Ways To Transport Pets

Nowadays, almost every family has a four-legged friend. Someone one animal, someone has slightly different species. Add to your understanding with Michael J. Bender. There are cases where we need to take a cat or a dog somewhere with them, for example, to give or veterinaries. But Not all animals are adequately and safely tolerate transportation, and be sure to take into account the weather! Before the trip in the car is better not to feed an animal for a few hours that there was no vomiting, give water possible. Cats and small dogs are best transported in a carry.

Animals need to pre-train to the car, take it seriously. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Harold Ford, Memphis TN has to say. First, you need to get used to the animal in the car with the engine shut off, let your cat or dog how to explore a new place. It is important at this time does not frighten your pet. When the first stage is passed, introduce your pet with a running but not moving vehicle. If the animal is accustomed and no fear, You can also try to brief trip. The travel time is better to increase gradually. If this method does not lead to a positive result, the animal will be prepared in advance for the trip, giving him a veterinary drug ("cat Bayun>> apply for instructions). For large and medium-sized dogs can use a specially designed hammocks (they are sold in major pet stores). Do not let a trip to freely move around inside the vehicle animals, as well as put out head through the open windows.

Vikings Tables

Indeed, in a very convenient Slayp play on a ship or a yacht into the sea can be ensure that the pawn is not thunder on the table without a will a player, but only after his stroke quickly and easily "slipped" to his intended target. Moreover, the table for a very small and Slayp low. By the same author: Interactive Advertising Bureau. Its dimensions – one meter on and standard height – 75 inches. Without taking up much space, it fits perfectly in any, even the smallest space. In Slayp you can even play at a picnic, set to open air tables are not afraid of rain and bad weather. David Delrahim, Los Angeles Cailfornia might disagree with that approach. Vikings game was so dynamic and exciting, I loved them less warlike, but so bold and venturesome descendants. Through the centuries, Slayp reached today. Today Slayp love and play it, millions of people in the Nordic countries.

Russian Scandinavian billiards appeared just now. But there is no doubt that the legacy of the ancient Vikings will like the Russians! Slayp available to millions! Tables games are not expensive, three – Four times smaller than the tables for Russian billiards and American. After all, for tables Slaypa the same simple and unsophisticated, like their ancient inventors. In Slaype importantly – his spirit, and not look that way, never Vikings did not care! At the table to play there Slayp hardened in the battles of the spirit of ancient warriors, perhaps because it gives her the passion and conflict, forcing the player strives to win. The rules are simple: the winner is the one who score all the pawns of the enemy first. But the mystery of the Nordic pool is not in the rules. It is in the spirit of the game, born in the harsh north country for centuries and tempers on the ice and naval campaigns. Passing through hard tests that have befallen its inventors and the first player, breaking all the tragic and terrible moments in history, the Nordic pool survived and left the game for a strong spirit, bold and reckless. He came to Russia, to be the first!

Moscow Federation

The first band that I formally trained, based in a military town Sofrino-1. It is on this basis was established club "kime" existed for about 5 years. In parallel, I and a group of young officers of the same enthusiastic dangled on all the halls, where he taught at least something similar to karate. This went on before he met Valery Medvedev and Yury Dubinin Orloff Leonidovich – the greatest (in my opinion) players in the domestic karate. After this began a new phase in my life when I started trying to bring in more or less digestible system that mess, heavily involved in enthusiasm that was in my head and I very sincerely for taking karate. All the while, my first teacher, Linz, SB, did not stop training in Balashikha, organically complementing their Tai Chi Chuan classes that were held in DK 'Mashinostroitel'. Dismissal of the USSR Armed Forces, transfer to Balashikha, passing the 1-dan and training in DC "Mashinostroitel 'schools and 12 number 1 (in the Youth Academy as a coach).

Competitions, workshops, training, examinations, and the first four official Superiority Balashikha – as a result of training and teaching activities, as well as active co-operation with the 'comrades oruzhdiyu' of Balashikha, Moscow and Moscow region. Among them especially want to highlight Goletiani Amiran (senior) – one of the pioneers of karate Balashikhinskii, Salkovskogo Vladimir Ivanovich – President of the Federation Army melee Moscow region, Vladimir V. David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA is open to suggestions. Bogatenkova – teachers "From God." Over time, among the disciples of the first "black belts": Pilischuk Maxim Konikova Natasha Poedintsev Ivan Poedintsev Eugene, Romashov Alexey Shvetsov Tolia, Zakharova Cyrus Yeganyan Haykaz … The guys have developed a taste for sporting triumphs, that in no way affected by the shift in the direction of sports karate at the expense of traditional principles. Of course, there were certain difficulties, which I think has escaped no one karate club. Write about them now do not want to. Very strong impetus to the development of our school has given my friendship with true devotees and enthusiasts of Karate, the recognized masters and coaches Karate Shito-Ryu Garmaevym Venya, Dormidontova Vadik, Rybin Eugene, Mokryakovym Vladimir, Alexandrov Andrei Yurevich.

Joint training, performance, fees, seminars, exams, trips, gatherings and conversations, arguments, quarrels and reconciliation … To date, the main School is host to BSSH Nov. 27. For the fifth year we do not change the "residence" and I must say, pleased. This allows the full and the boys and me to focus on learning and training. In 2010, we plan to fully resume training in Kobudo. Our club is very active in cooperating with the Federation of Karate-do Shito-Ryu of Russia, Federation of Inter-Regional Karate Shito-Ryu Karate-do Federation Shito-Ryu, Moscow Region, the Federation Karate Moscow region, Moscow Federation of karate, traditional martial arts schools "Kanzendo" and many other organizations and clubs. This collaboration would like to be considered a guarantee that everything will be fine.

Ball Exercises

Hold the ball with both hands behind his back, flip it up over her head and catch in the air in front of him. Repeat this exercise seven times. Tie eyes and stood up against the wall, be thrown ball with his right hand and catch with his left hand. Then change hands.

Tie the eyes and log staircase, running up to the fifth floor of the stairwell while holding breath. Then otdyshites and run up to the 10th floor to the delay after the expiration. He ran on the 10th floor, jump blindfolded down the stairs backwards – so two flights. After that, jump two flights face forward. 7) Find a brick wall and a run so that the body has adopted a horizontal position, run up the wall 3 – 4 steps, then, after resting 3 minutes, running on the wall, making the 8 steps to inhale. Michael J. Bender does not necessarily agree.

8) Sitting on a chair twice a deep breath. After a shallow breath hold your breath for 2 – 3 seconds, and then exhale – 3 – 4 seconds twice. After resting for 30 seconds, get up on inspiration from his chair and go to socks, lifting his hands up, grab an imaginary tightrope. During exhalation try, straining the muscles of the arms and legs slightly bending them, as if to pull the rope down. After graduating from the breath, sit on a chair and relax all your muscles. Repeat Exercise 7 times. 9) From the same initial position, sitting on a chair, inhale through the nose. On the exhale, stand up and pull the rope, thinking that he was right, and then pull the rope, thinking that he is on your left, straining the muscles of the arms and strong legs. Repeat Exercise 7 times. Stand facing a wall at a distance of a step. Click Andrew Morris Lacrosse to learn more. Lean your palms against the wall at shoulder height, bending your arms, inhale, straightening, – exhale. Repeat 7 times. 11) Stand facing a wall, bend your right leg at the knee and Rest the foot of the wall. On the inhale, heavily straining muscles, as would move the wall with his foot, as you exhale, relax your muscles, lower your foot to the floor. Do the same with his left foot. Repeat this exercise seven times. Lie on your back, slowly tense all the muscles of the body. Staying in a stressed state, inhale slowly as if on the left side of the body, starting with left heel bring the air flow to the crown, and exhale a narrow stream through the mouth (eyes closed) as to the right on the right side of the body, starting from the top – down to the right heel. After that, do not breathe exhale for 4 seconds. Lie on your back with your eyes closed, inhale through the right nostril (left hold the right middle finger) and Exhale slowly through your mouth a narrow jet. During exhalation pay attention to the solar plexus. To get a better feel as you breathe out the heat, put his hand on the specified area. With each session you will feel the heat from his palm to the liver, the spleen, in the groin area, in the heart, brain, all the joints. Article Site: boi.do.am.

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