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Denmark Students

We are not in Denmark, but something is not smelling in Caracas (and Venezuela generally) with colorful well young students of the political right. And I say colorful with intentionality, first, to denote the well-known colors that they choose to hoist its protests and, secondly, to connotar on own earth the operations developed in other latitudes to destabilize and to defenestrar dictators, well-known like revolution of colors . Although it is necessary to recognize that the colorful word is excessive considering that, since the adverse students to the government of Hugo Chavez have tried to demote it, the black and the target have only used; first when they leaned like tax exemption of protest to denominated civil society, over there in its beginnings, near the blow of April of 2002, when active mourning ; and the second, of more recent date (although of ominous history poltia in the country), when the evolution of its activity conspirator gave by to call them White Hands by Venezuela, colloquially known like white small hands . The word to demote, on the other hand, will say that she is not excessive in as much is public and well-known that the student leadership that at the moment unfolds in the country, arousing strikes and proposing some reclamations, has made clear that its intention is to cause the resignation of tyrannous or dictator that are Hugo Chavez, preparing the conditions in the national scope for a by day final luck, of intense destabilization, of governmental insostenibilidad, call D-day, surely for the conjunctural hour of elections of the incoming year. The intention, anyway, is corroborated by two situations, that is to say, the same attitude of reclamation that they outline? to the fementida sea of? in order to propose vindications with respect to an education system that world-wide and institutionally has been certificate in its profits like progressive, in agreement with the goals of a millenium that finalizes or begins, since it is seen; and vindication in itself, cynically political on the one hand, like when they demand the freedom of political delinquents, and blatantly untenable on the other, like when they generally demand major estimated for the universities and improvements for the students.

American School

Procedure of bonds: The relation family-school in the participation of the parents in the house duties. The great objective must of it of house is to extend the learning in amount, for the extra-pertaining to school space, being an occupation adjusted for the students in house and also an important process teach-learning. Traditionally the house duty was seen as an education strategy, only for setting, revision, reinforcement and preparation for the lessons and tests, in the form of readings and exercises. This strategy affects the life of the students is of the school and its familiar routine, therefore it assumes the connection between activities of house and classroom, and a domestic structure adjusted supporting the pertaining to school activities. In the psychological aspects and moral he has been justified for the importance, autonomy and responsibility of the student. It has been a strategy to improve the pertaining to school exploitation. Some authors until say that the house duty is main half of interaction the family-school. The official lines of direction to start to see the interlacement between family and school as being importantssimas, being the eighth goal of the national education, that preserves the participation of the parents in the social development, emotional and academic of the children. On the other hand, the house duty passes to be seen as violence symbolic, because difficulties exist to adhere this method in some families, they are they them relations of classroom, race-etnia, sort and age, free time, without money to also pay reinforcement lessons and because the parents do not possess academic culture and brought up to date knowledge thus to transmit for its children. International the comparative studies strengthened the perception of the importance of the familiar environment and the practical ones of having of house: the Japanese, Chinese and taiwaneses students had better performance in standardized tests and made more duty of house of what the American students.

Student Behavior

The Perception of bullying for the students of the school Pliny We read Puxinan – PB. Monograph (Graduation in Full licenciatura in Biology), State University Valley of Acara – UVA/UNAVIDA 34p. 2010. Bullying is an English term used to describe intentional acts of violence between students with the objective to intimidate or to attack incapable individuals of if defending, causing executed pain and suffering inside of a different relation of being able. The objective of the work was to analyze the knowledge level and of association of the term bullying with practical the aggressive attacks in the school Pliny We read in the city of Puxinan-PB. The research was carried through in the period of July the September of 2010, using a sample of 100 students of basic education between 11 and 17 years, through a composed questionnaire for 12 questions related to the familiar, social and mannering connivance, being the data represented in percentages through graphs. In accordance with the results of the questionnaires, 91% of the pupils had admitted not to know what he is bullying whereas only 8% had admitted to know the term.

With regard to perception of the students in what it says respect to be victims of bullying, 20% suffer or already they had suffered beatings, 11% already had been victims of preconception for being poor or for being black, this year inside of the school, 82% already they had suffered physical aggressions and verbal in this school this year, enters the reason of aggressions predominates the anger and the revenge. 90% of the searched pupils had confessed to have attacked some colleague this year, 40% had nicknamed, 17% had called palavres, 15%empurraram, the alternatives as: kicks gozaes, you cover, murros and kicks will add 28%. Therefore it was possible to evidence to the end of this work that the lack of educational projects directed toward peace cultures, the socialization of the young and the spreading of the subject bullying contributes for one high index of disinformation regarding the subject bullying on the part of the adolescents of the school Pliny reads in the city of Puxinan-PB. Words? key: Bullying; Perception of the students; Daily pertaining to school.

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