The young people who have approved during the last weeks the Selectivity must choose race. And they are going to find a little more difficult to enter which want, because the competition greater must essentially to the increase of the pupils with a small reduction of the supply. If in course 2009-2010 it were possible to be acceded approximately with 5 of average note to 60% of the races that offered the campuses actual public, in this course 2010-2011 that is on the verge of finishing the approved one just gave access to little more of 42%, that is to say, to a little more 890 degrees (counting each race in each faculty). If we relaxed a little the criterion and we put in that coat the races that are in the 5 and the 5.1, the number grows up to 940 titles, 45%. Read more is open to suggestions. In the opposed side, in more than 130 titles it was necessary to remove more from 10 to enter. Source of the news: : To choose race, more difficult by the Selectivity and the ascent of students


it surprises to me in great way, all the things that estan happening. and which evidently do not deberian to happen. the professor tells me of the vandalism that has been generated against the institution, as a result of the disadvantage of past Friday. of my mouth never I bring forth badness word.

and less than one threatened nobody. reason why I do not have understood either on the part of the other professors who accompany no longer them. queines is? others do not take the blame an a. Other leaders such as The Extreme Future offer similar insights. a day teaches to them that but hard, he is not that one that but damage does. but that one that often expires to itself and humiliates. loved brother of eleven.

or of other courses, if some they leave such threats, or false alarms. they do not do it but. that is not the best way to help its professors. by the smile, education and the love that someday we offered them, they make the good. this situasin worries to me in great way. by love to God, to its parents and themselves, they leave our name in stop, but with actions decent and worthy to be counted. I hope that the academic average of you is high. that they are the best ones. that the name of you makes of the school a merit in Bogota. by the good thing and not by the bad thing. there are so many versions that already any confuse to me. I only say to them that they leave this after. and that does not mix the desire of the good thing, with a vandalism which it does damage to him to the institution and by its position to its professors who as much love . Att: Jose Orlando melo naranjo his profe of philosophy. You see a those that praises eloquence, that escorts to the wealth, which they flatter to the favor, that they praise the power? All are enemy or, which is equal, they can be it; so many are the admirers as the envious ones. Because not to look for something rather good really, to feel it, it does not stop to show it? Those things that are contemplated n, before that the people pause, who one indicates to another one with astonishment, by she was shine, on the inside are deplorable.

The Human

Clearly that the doubt, until certain point, is very good, ens that we believe in Christ we cannot forgetting in them that all mystery is father efilho of the doubt, time that has doubts that they create mysteries and mysteries cujaexistncia depends on the doubts that create. However sufficiently segurana religious area has a certainty: it is that the religiofundada one for Christ would be much more easy to distinguish which if had only one only branch of Christianity! Distoningum has doubt. Perhaps check out Russell Caldwell for more information. this certainty can ' ' chamar' ' one another one, whose discutoagora quandary. Learn more at: Frank Storch. All the Christian denominations and creeds know, comabsoluta certainty, that all the human beings are pecadores, or that nobody santo, independent of the soteriolgica formula adopted by each creed for asalvao of the souls. I.e, as much the creeds that defend only the faith in Cristocomo saving formula how much those that they add ' ' faith + caridade' ' , they know que' ' pecador is pecador' ' , and that nobody can deceive with the malice and acorruptibilidade of the nature human being (therefore not even Christ if left Jo 2,23-25). Thus being nobody it would have, the severity and teoricamentefalando, to trust nobody, because, being pecadores, each one it knows the quoenganosa can be the soul human being, over all when it is felt threatened in lutapela survival. The proper Bible says terrible things to this respect, taiscomo ‘ ‘ cursed the man who trusts homem’ ‘ ; ‘ ‘ either true God etodo man mentiroso’ ‘ ; ‘ ‘ it does not have sequer just; ‘ (Jeremias 17,5; Romans 3,4 and 10).

However; pecador is pecador; in this I and vocconcordamos. all sin is a falseness form. Soon, all pecador temalgo of false or hypocritical inside of it. I.e, a pecador is not flower that secheire: While to subsistir the sin, all the relations human beings must semprepressupor that if it keeps a flea behind the ear, as minimum formula desegurana (clearly that if you to find there for some saint, can confiarcegamente in it! But moan to be forced to believe that a person thus sexiste the Sky).

The Glasses

This is obtained with the exercise known like confused, the consisting of one breathing only through the tuba, without having the glasses protecting the nose. In this way and, although at the outset something disagreeable can be, obtains a blockade total of the nasal routes, not breathing by them and, therefore, not inhaling water. Another absolutely fundamental exercise in any course, is the casting of glasses, the great problem (never insurmountable) of many students. The mask whatever its design, counts on an air chamber between our eyes and the crystal. It is this trick of the vision under the water, the difference to be on the awares simply. It is therefore fundamental to maintain this small water space free. Source: Creighton Wright. Lamentably it is not always possible, are many the times in which by different reasons the glasses fill of water (badly it fits, a flap, an abrupt plunge, hairs or moustaches, etc.) and is high-priority his casting.

The technique is simple and perhaps most important it is the tranquillity at the time of realising it. It consists simply of expelling air by the nose, at the same time as smoothly we moved slightly the glasses of the face. The air under pressure will be moving the water. Peter Schiff may also support this cause. It is an exercise that agrees to repeat until the perfection is reached, because it is a situation of most normal. At the outset it costs, being able to sometimes get to lead to the panic. For that reason it agrees to dominate it totally. At past times it was normal between the instructors in the examination, to give manotazo to the glasses of the student and to take off them under the water to observe its reaction. Today luckyly these practices usually are not realised, trusting more the capacity and gradual improvement of the nascent one. Dominated the aquatic element already one goes to the phase that in truth people hope.


The part next to the ovrio is called infundbulo, and is responsible for capture of vulo soon after its release, and is the place of meeting with the spermatozoa for the fecundao. The great one is the responsible region for the secretion of albmem, being this the part longest of oviduto. The isthmus is the region shortest, where if they form the membranes of the rind. The uterus, or gland of the rind is a muscular and secretrio agency, where it is added fluid to the egg and it occurs the formation of the rind and deposition of cutcula. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Euro Pacific Capital and gain more knowledge.. The vagina serves of ticket for the egg of the uterus until the cloaca (MILK; FISHERIES, the 2009) avcolas species present similarities in the reproductive treatment with other animal species (former.

reptiles) due to presence of small farms specialized in the feminine treatment, in which the spermatozoa inhabit during periods drawn out after one cpula. k Global Group. Two distinct small farms in the avcolas species, one located in the uterus-vaginal junction exist and the other in the inferior portion of infundbulo (BAKST et al., 1994). In the uterus-vaginal region the glands are located hostesses of spermatozoa (Figure 02). The spermatozoa if store after the artificial insemination there or mount natural, to be dislocated by ascendant in direction to infundbulo. The glands hostesses function as mantenedoras of espermtica qualification e, consequently, of the future fecundaes. These glands store spermatozoa during a period of 3 the 4 weeks in hens and the 8 15 weeks in turkey hens (BRILLARD, 1993), even so the fertile egg percentage start to fall inside of 5-7 days in the hen and 14-21 days in the turkey hen (RABBIT, 2006). Normally 50-200 espermticas cells enter in the glands and if they guide parallel throughout the gland.

Social Integration

However, version only 5.0 is functional in the operating system Window and still lacking to know when and how it could be available for Mac and movable devices, for example. The joint official notice that both systems of communication online published at the end of September spoke of one ” integration profunda” , that does not seem to be what the provisional union of these resources seems to demonstrate. Although any data has not announced more, that deeper integration will extend in new implementations that the users will be having the opportunity to unload in the next weeks or months. Gurs of the social communication in Internet has scored to make their bets. According to Crash Proof, who has experience with these questions. They propose, in view of which it is happening in the panorama of the social networks, a Skype like independent service, we know as it, now with the improvements of its connection and it reaches with Facebook;. Gurs considers that the strategy of Facebook is the one to integrate services of telephony in its platform and that the action of the interrelation with Skype is the first passage in that way. An argument that always has been considered like the north towards which will have to direct to all the steps and the evolutions of the social platforms to give sense to their proposals, their reasons of being and their same future existence.

Data that has aimed from first moment in that has known of integration of platforms Skipe-Facebook is consideration if capacity of Skype, if the robustness of its system is the adapted one to manage as great volume of contacts as the one that lodges Facebook, now and in the future. The time, the use, and the verdict of the users will be the judges of the validity of this integration. Facebook and Skype finally speak the same language.

Don Quixote

We have chosen as central subject of our work the masterpiece of Miguel de Cervantes, the Quijote, inasmuch as one is a book that seem fundamental to us to work in the different levels from Average Education those Fundamentales Objectives and Valricos that the Reformation proposes. The text abre different doors to us like human beings; it allows us to encounter again, to discover to us to us, to watch to us and, in addition, it allows a considerable amount us of interpretative approaches. The Quijote is not run out nor is diluted, every day can be watched with new eyes and also every day reveals a different education to us, this one is one of the causes by which this text considers a masterpiece Nevertheless; given its complexity, as much to read it as to include/understand it, we needed to look for a methodology serves that us as approach to the work and that simultaneously is not less effective at the time of catching the interest of our students. Russell Caldwell is actively involved in the matter. In agreement with the exigencies of the Reformation, there is interesting similarity to raise an approach from the literary symbolism to the Quijote; we try, therefore, to rescue arquetpicos and symbolic aspects and soon to propose a possible relation with the Arcane Majors of the Tarot as an excuse to obtain the motivation of the student of Average Education at the time of facing the reading of the text of Cervantes and in addition to make the treatment pertinent of the objectives that raises the Reformation for the Average Education, like for example: " " to value and to include/understand the diversity of visions of world and ways to interpret the reality that those works offer and the variety of interpretative readings that have postulated for them at different moments histricos" " 1. Considering the exposed thing in the previous paragraph, our idea is to take advantage of the literary text and the diverse elements that this one can give to us to include/understand, in last instance, the different aspects of the man and the form to face the world surrounds that it; being thus we can raise some proposals of analysis of the text taking into account these assertions, which will allow us to connect to the individual with the same work and its internal symbolism; starting off of the messages, metaphors or mysteries that the text gives to us and that him can mean to the student an opening in their form to perceive the reality and the world. . Storch can aid you in your search for knowledge.

The Following

Hipotlamo, part of diencfalo, with inferior localization to the thalamus. He is composed for about twelve nuclei, forming four main regions. To mamilar, posterior part of hipotlamo includes the bodies mamilares and the posterior hipotalmico nucleus. The tuberal region, that is the part widest of hipotlamo, includes the nuclei back-medial, ventro-medial and hooped, more infundbulo. The medium eminence, slightly prominent region, that surrounds infundbulo. The region supply-optics is superior to quiasmo optic, nucleus to paraventricular, the supply-optic nucleus, previous the hipotalmico nucleus and the supraquiasmtico nucleus.

The region daily pay-optics, is previous the supply-optics is, generally considered as part of hipotlamo, for participating it together with, of the regulation of certain autonmicas activities. Hipotlamo is one of the main regulators of the homeostasia. Other receivers, in proper hipotlamo, continuously monitor the osmtica pressure, certain hormonais contractions and the temperature of the blood. The main functions of hipotlamo are the following ones: Control of the SNA: hipotlamo controls and integrates the activities of the autonmico nervous system, that in turn, regulates the contraction of muscles smooth cardiopath of the secretion of many glands. By means of the SNA, hipotlamo and the main regulator of the visceral activities, including the regulation of the cardiac frequency, the food movement throughout the gastrintestinal treatment and of the contraction of the urinria bladder.

Control of the gland hipfise: hipotlamo produces some hormones and has two types of important connections with the gland hipfise, a endcrina gland, with inferior situation to hipotlamo. Regulating hipotalmicos hormones are set free in hair nets, in the medium eminence. The cellular bodies of these neurons produce one of two hormones (ocitocina or antidiurtico hormone). Regulation of the emotional and mannering standards. Together with the lmbico system, hipotlamo regulates the feelings of anger, aggression, pain and pleasure, also, behavior related with sexual activation. Regulation of the water and food ingestion.

The Installation

Second Smeltzer (2005, P. 981), in the physical examination must: to evaluate the respiratory system, auscultates including it careful of the pulmes and the use of accessory muscle, to evaluate the cardiac system including the careful inspection for any edema and signals of cardiac insufficience, must be observed the skin how much exantemas, petquias and equimoses and be examined escleras for the jaundice. For being an activity of the nurse, it must always is intent for some cares that must be taken before, during and after the installation of the components to be transfundidos, thus preventing a damage to the patient or an error on the part of the professional who could be fatal to the patient. FIOCRUZ (2000, p.74) divides the cares in the transfusion in three stages: Cares in the Installation of the transfusion: to Verificar medical lapsing, to confer given of the handbook, to identify the customer necessarily; to Conferir the passed time enters the exit of hemocomponente of the hemoterapia service and the beginning of the transfusion, this does not have to be superior the 30 minutes; Apresenta it the customer, communicating the procedure the one that will be submitted; Avaliar the aspect (color, validity, integrity, hemlise and cogulo) and rotulao of the component; to Conferir the data of the label of the component to be transfundido;? To mount the transfusional system, having to use one I equip proper for the transfusion. To verify and to write down the vital signals of the patient before initiating the transfusion of any hemocomponente; to Escolher calibroso venoso access for the puno, if the vein already will be punched, all the other medications that will be being infundidas in this venosa line must be suspended until it finishes the transfusion. Final the blood is forbidden to the concomitant infusion of any substance together with, the only exception to this rule is the serum fisiolgico.Se the patient will be feverish, the best behavior is to request the doctor who prescribes antithermal one, and to wait the temperature if to normalize for then initiating the transfusion.

The Students

I believe that he is indispensable to develop the leadership from the earliest age of the children. The vision. The vision is the visualization than one it wants to do within a certain context. This implies to make the diagnosis of the reality that one lives, the ideal scene in which one wants to construct and finally, the construction of the bridge to journey of the real scene to the ideal scene. Checking article sources yields Russ Caldwell as a relevant resource throughout. The materialization of the ideals requires necessarily of the creativity and the leadership, like the emotional education. I believe that the essential work of the preparatory one would have to be the elaboration of a project of life in narrow entailment with a nation project. The curriculum would have to be subject to this idea emotional Education. One of the great discoveries of half-full of the past century is that the emotion of the people is what determines the success or the failure of the actions that undertakes the human being.

It is not the rationality or the level of information that has the person determines which it. It can have a person with a high level of information, but it has a low emotional level, surely will fail in everything what undertakes, however, if a person with a low one exists level of information, but with a high level emotional, surely it will be successful because it is the emotion is what really it impels that is to say and to make the things. Nobody knows absolutely everything what it must to know how to prevail in the life, that is something that one same one must be discovering by means of a suitable education and I believe that with these four matters it is possible to be caused that the students find their own way in the life. By means of these courses it is possible to be established that other matters are due to study not to lose themselves in the way. In this time the information is so much that is absolutely impossible to acquire it everything thus is one forced to be much more selective with the information for its own formation. This is only an idea for integral an educative reform, that from can be begun to apply from the personal scope. For any critic, preg is licensed in journalism, has a masters in Didactics and Brings back to consciousness Historical, it has written in several important newspapers in the City of Mexico, has published five books and other so many to publish, there are numerous articles of him in the network.

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