The observer on the other hand it must have capacity of attention, perception, capacity of analysis and capacity of communication. The fourth part still speaks of the testagem technique. Where many the tests are used indiscriminately, without preparation, without developing studies on the test elaboration, the standardized tests, that can be used in education, as assistant in the identification of the difficulties or possibilities of the pupils, but they need accompaniment of a specialist in the area where they will be applied, they can be special tests of aptitudes, personality and interest or exploitation. Already the pertaining to school tests are instruments elaborated for the professor with objective specify and destined the definitive group, in given circumstance; the professor needs to have security in relation to the stage of individual development of the pupil, as well as identifying the necessary steps for the continuation of the process, can be verbal, practises, objectives or dissertativos. To elaborate the tests she is necessary to determine to be evaluated objectives and contents, to choose the type of questions, setting of the number and preparation and revision of the questions. After the application the register of the results is necessary, but it is not recommendable that the professor of one notices tests on the basis of exclusively, it this subjects not to represent how much the pupil really knows on the subject, and still this he subjects the subjectivity of the professor in the correction, the professor must clearly have the reason of the pupil to receive that note or concept. The last part, Evaluation in the initial series, the author backwards factors that contribute relative the professor that they are: the expectation that the professor has of the pupil, the taste of the work and the ability of relationship with the children of this level and the theoretical recital that makes possible it ability specific technique in the function, educating in this fixes does not need to know that this being evaluated, the evaluation does not need to receive the name from test, is important that beyond the note or concept, either described the situation of each one in relation its stage of development, leaving clearly in such a way for the professor as for the pupil, why the result is this and which must be the new stage of the process of construction of the knowledge.

Contemporary Society

Ahead of a space where we are product of the way where we live and where the machine in them bombs of all the sides, beyond an immense diversity of options presented to the society, the paper of the professor is each more arduous time. The professor has that to have conscience, responsibility and comprometimento with the paper that exerts in the way of this society each more individualistic time, where even so in modern times, if he is that we can say, still we enter in conflict if takes advantage the law of strongest or if each individual is valued for what possesss. The professor must have conscience of its paper as transforming agent of the society of which he is part and everything that are its return, is not enough to go for a classroom to lecionar mathematical, Portuguese, physical or any another one disciplines, but also to know to hear the sadness, anguish and the joy of its pupil and to vibrate with its victories. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Creighton Wright and gain more knowledge.. He fits to the professor beyond giving the content of its disciplines, having proper responsibility with its pupils, directors, parents and with its familiar ones, who are in its houses. Although the system has the machine its favor, as the medias: television, periodicals and others, where if are passed what really it favors a small group of people, being of this form the great majority in abandonment and stimulated by the consumerism, which only serves each time more to increase the inaquality. The professor must possess comprometimento with its work, that I believe that in fragmented way he can make the difference for ways of values that lost and had been forgotten, not voluntarily, but for the awareness of material values above of moral and human values, which we are submitted spontaneously by the medias and diverse laws approved for parliamentarians, they are these reasons who leave the battle of the professor most arduous, but also is rewarding to have the conscience that was part of history not as mere spectator but as agent of transformation for a society more joust, human being and with little inaquality.. Learn more on the subject from Frank Storch.

The Professor

The compromised professionals of the education in fact must fight so that new curricular orientaes appear, where the multiculturalismo are present. Valley to stand out that, the professors need a differentiated teaching formation stop of this form, to place in fact in practical its ability multicultural where it circulates the different cultures freely. 2 – The IMPORTANCE OF the INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIP IN SUPERIOR EDUCATION Many professors of didactics of superior education speak in classroom in ' ' Sinergia' ' , and, so that this is possible to happen, it has the necessity of possible more productive interaction with the purpose to reach common objectives, where all involved ones are more than a simple addition of the parts. Constructing and desconstruindo, we have a permanent task that it is to learn, not only to teach ahead of the changes that occur in the current society. To give attention in the other, in its to know, difficulties, requires to know and to recognize the necessities where let us can change necessary subsidies to the performance.

Being thus, the interpersonal relation in superior education as goes if narrowing it grows on two sensible ones: practical and the theoretician (prxis), conceiving the confidence, the respect between team favoring the constitution as people. ' ' In this direction, the good professor is what obtains, while it speaks, to bring the pupil until the privacy of the movement of its thought. Its lesson is thus a challenge and not one ' ' cantiga of ninar' '. Its pupils tire, do not sleep. They tire because they follow gone and the comings of its thought, surprise its pauses, its doubts, its incertezas' '.

(FREIRE, 2010, P. 86). Through the considered dialogue one of the positions multicultural important so that if it obtains to promote discovered, democracy, autonomy and respect, we also identify that this depends very on the interpersonal relation annexed to the context of the interaction and shelter to the different referenciais, that the professor is opened to value these questions and to promote of this form the knowledge.

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