International Olympic Committee

‘Secretary General made great diplomatic efforts to persuade the G8 leaders need to recognize the central role of the United Nations and its Commission on Climate Change as the main forum for negotiations on climate change “- said in a statement by press service of the UN. The summit participants promised to consider seriously the decisions taken by the European Union, Canada and Japan which include a reduction of at least half of global emissions by 2050. But so far no universal indicators have been adopted. UN Secretary-General notes that the specific obligations for each country should be determined by 2009. You may wish to learn more. If so, Peter Schiff is the place to go. 2014 Winter Olympics … In mid-summer it became known that the Russian resort city of Sochi Winter Olympic Games will take that will be held in 2014, the head of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge. Sochi won the final victory over South Korean Phenchhanom by a margin of four votes. Olympic Winter Games will be held in Russia for the first time.

Rubbish island in the Pacific weighs three and a half million tons of garbage a giant mass of ‘Island’, located in the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of North America, consisting primarily of plastic, topped in October 2007 Three and a half million tons, said the commission Coast of California. ‘Island’ is growing rapidly from about 1950 through the features of the North Pacific current systems, the center is where all the crap and gets relatively stationary. Scientists estimate that at present ‘island’ in 80 per cent consists of plastic, its area – more than a million square kilometers. Bad readily biodegradable plastic is doing great harm to the oceanic flora and fauna. Day shipwrecks main theme of environmental autumn and winter 2007, Russia became the ‘Day of shipwrecks. ” November 11 storm caused an unprecedented emergency incident in the Azov and Black Seas – sank in one day five ships, including three cargo ship with sulfur and fuel oil tanker, four vessel ran aground. Wind speed near the Kerch Strait that connects the Black and Azov seas, reached during this historic storm, 32 meters in second, and the excitement of the sea – six or seven points. To date, officials report that the clean-up of the Kerch Strait are over, but we all understand that the consequences of this disaster will be eliminated only through for many years.

Ludwik Zamenhof

If we consider the part of speech each of them has its own ending: noun –o, an adjective –a, infinitive (infinitive) –i, derived adverbs –e. In Esperanto, there is no such category as race. And for the kind of notation used the pronoun he – li, it is – si, they – gi. Plural has the ending-as, in the present tense verb –as, in the future –os, in the past tense –si. Most of the words is the German and other Roman roots, and mix Latin and Greek.

From the Russian and Polish language Esperanto has become a rather not a lot of words. And if separately to talk about borrowing from English, then these words in the vocabulary of the international language is not enough a lot. This was due to the fact that at the time (in contrast to the situation which takes place today) is an English language was not widely distributed in the world. In French, Ludwik Zamenhof borrowed in their own language more number of words than in English and made them a regular sound changes. Also from French author suffered a verbal basis. The system of International vocabulary of the language is currently offline.

It is bad adopts a new framework. New concepts are created from elements of the lexicon, which already exist. This is possible because the language Esperanto has a fairly rich possibilities of word-formation with suffixes prefixes, and other elements of grammar. However, the language feature is that it contains a small number of affixes and roots, which are necessary for the possession of Esperanto. Pedagogical value of Esperanto is that his study has a positive effect on the subsequent development of other languages. Through international experiments proved that the person who spoke Esperanto to 35% easier to learn another foreign language. and this applies not only adults but also children. Thus, the value of language is to facilitate the learning of foreign languages. And for this very purpose language teaching practice in some secondary schools in Russia, Ukraine, Hungary and other countries. Simple, sparse and regular rules do Esperanto language is easy to learn and understand than most of the "living" languages. Nearly 16 million people worldwide speak the international language Esperanto. This language translated world classics and the Bible. Esperanto – a language that does not belong to any country, any nation, and it is unique. Therefore, to supplement it, increase vocabulary and change in some way to phonetics, in fact, no one. And in order that the language finally reached the level of world languages and has held at least the same position as the English language, you need to be more used to communicate. Today, however, this trend does not exist.

International Training Center

In our fast-changing world in order to get "on the front line" and not only become a leader, but they remain – must be constantly and diligently to learn. The word "study" we mean not only and not formal in school, college, graduate school, but also training in life and for life. You may find that Euro Pacific Capital can contribute to your knowledge. The man who "seizes on the go, able to analyze the situation and find the optimal solution can quickly learn something and effectively apply in practice, has the potential to "break out in the world" and become a leader – the person who influences the lives of millions of people. If a person is not able to quickly and efficiently learn, his finest hour would not last long. Sometimes we it may seem that people are born with the ability to learn that there Movers and Losers, is with the abilities to learn and unable to learn.

And that the "powers that be", "stars" do not have problems in school, they all give easily, they are easily mastered the material and quickly trained. However, I want to dispel this myth, because there is no "learning disability". There are those whom no one ever taught how to learn. Below, I bring to your attention the story of Tom Cruz, which he shared at the opening of the International Training Center for Applied Education. As a child, Tom Cruise was in dozens of different schools in America and Canada. He put the wrong 'diagnosis' – 'dyslexia'. And he said that he 'learning disorder'. Of course, when it hung a label, he thought it was hopeless and do nothing.

Are You A Student With Brain Of Dinosaur

ARE YOU A STUDENT WITH DINOSAUR BRAIN? The dinosaurs were a masterpiece of design. How a tiny brain could control a body the size of a tractor-trailer?. The dinosaur brain is our source of guidance for the handling of instincts and emotions. The thought of the dinosaur brain is accompanied by a high emotional arousal; It is not logical, but behind him there is force and conviction, to follow some rules like: make easy decisions, never has time for a planning, focuses on a series of requirements, at the same time, exhibits an immature pattern. These are attitudes that present some administrators with dinosaurio1 brain syndrome. 1 1 BERNSTEIN Albert j.

brains of dinosaur. How to deal with impossible people at work. 1992 Assuming his own role, take paper and pencil, proceed to answer the questions below and compare them to behaviors given in the document. Code of ethics of the College student _ 71 Do so in the most ethical way possible, remember that nobody is watching it so it isn’t worth deceive himself: has promised to be a good student?; how reacts when they tell him that he is wrong in his opinions?; cheers him follow a profession that doesn’t have to do with numbers?; does it vanishes when you are presenting an evaluation?. Is looking to partner of the side when you are presenting a written test?; do you only read by comply?; When he asks any question, really unknown the answer?; are interested by what the Professor exposed?; is absent from the class frequently?; do you have desire to obtain the title to improve its economic situation?; tends to interrupt the teachers halfway through a sentence?; objects all?; is that he believes that he is smarter than the others but has had no luck?; do you know listen to others?; be makes it difficult it to track things?; do you rejoice because the teacher for some reason can not dictate the class?.

National University

History has left us many teachings, which we must learn, a very relevant that must rescue to understand the death of the young Felix Ugaz Leon, 4th year medical student at the National University of Trujillo, is the reference to the Roman legions. These legions were some extraordinary machines of war, conquest, consolidation and extension of power, the generals and their commanders were concerned not only study strategy wars and battles, they not only designed military tactics, but above all they cared, by express order of the Emperor, his troops, each of his soldiers and for this purpose prepared and implemented detailed and strict public health and biosecurity measures to prevent diseases tithing to their hosts, very well chose the places where to camp, they chose sites open, ventilated, they avoided swampy sites, they had drinking water to the troops through aqueducts, even if they had to take them from places distant, but they provided water for human use, chose places of latrine and sewage and surrounded their camps of tongues of fire from the height of two men to prevent mosquitoes and insects to infect his men, incineraban their detritus and debris, moved with war doctors, installed locations to treat their wounded which they called valetudinarios and when a warrior died by failures in public health the Manager was dismissed, and when an epidemic decimating to the legion, by failures in health, the general measures and their commanders were dismissed or executed depending on the severity of the case. Julius Genachowski gathered all the information. These days, Trujillo and the Peru have, been moved by the death of a young warrior, 4th year medical student, a young man who dreamed of being a doctor to heal and comfort, an outstanding student who was also leading in its promotion, which was prepared with zeal and sacrifice, to integrate the ranks of those legions of anonymous doctors fighting the disease and deathFelix Ugaz Lion has died victim of a medieval disease, dead victim of carelessness, negligence, bureaucracy, the inability of the generals and commanders responsible for their care and public health, who far from being denounced and severely punished have been rewarded and promoted by a Government incapable and superb that self-criticism is not an instrument of Justice and humilityThis death hurts for everything that this promising young left unfinished, it hurts for all their dreams unfulfilled, dreams broken and ecologies that now his parents and siblings crying with great pain and express my sincere condolences, with the sadness of who a few years ago who also wept and even crying with great bitterness the death of a daughter in the hands of a few irresponsible to who the justice never punished. .


the teacher tells me of the Bandala has generated against the institution, as a result of the inconvenience of last Friday. of my mouth never broto evil Word. and less that he threatened anybody.

so I understand nor by other teachers who already do not accompany them. are quein? Don’t be blame each other. one day teach them that the most strong, is not one who does more damage. but the one that many times is due to whether same and humbles himself. beloved brethren of eleven.

or other courses, if any turn out such threats or false alarms. do not more. that is not the best way to help their teachers. In recent months, David Strasser has been very successful. the smile, the teaching and the love that one day offer them, doing what is right. This situasion worries me greatly. for the love of God, her parents and Yes, let our name aloud, but with decent and worthy of being counted actions. I hope that the grade point average of you is high. that are the best. the name of you make college a merit in bogota. for good and not for evil. There are so many versions that already either confuses me. I only say let this to after. and not mixing the desire for good, with a Bandala which does harm to the institution and of course their teachers who both love them… Att: jose orlando melo naranjo his philosophy teacher. See aesos which praise the eloquence, escorting to the wealth, which flatter the favor, which extol the power? All are enemies or what is the same, they may be; many are fans as the envious. Why not search rather algobueno really, to feel it, not to show it? Those things envisaged n, before which stops people, one pointing to another with astonishment, porfuera shine, inwardly they are deplorable. (Seneca) Original author and source of the article.

Students Selfesteem

don’t look at me thus, breast today I am sad they hit me at home because I took no coins I do not look as well, sine I don’t want to look of pity I’m a good boy and I want I look lovingly ensename to read breast also write if you can already know what not to ask for coins on the street told me and I understood it, but my mom and dad say you know nothing and it is not true you know much and I ensenas but no matter ensename to read with the injured self-esteem and despite much pain on them, children learn to read if you look at them with love. Unwilling looks compassionate, nor lastimas, nor excessive love, they just want a little love and some tools more powerful than money: read and write, do some accounts, using one computer so little call for children marginalized from the system are children adultizados at the expense of the everyday pain. Approached timidly to the schools, they go looking for love and some letters. They feel that they cannot learn as others, they believe that they can not do so. Gennadiy Goldberg has firm opinions on the matter. Only the firm master’s requirement will convince them otherwise.

If they resist the pain of their daily lives, they can make the effort to learn. He must rely on them and require them to do so. Pity and compassion of teachers do not help them, only increases their self-esteem. Free and secure their actions teachers know that the poorest children of Argentina need high degree of demand, firm limits and confidence that will learn. Breaking with some didactic structures and test new ways is essential because the pedagogy is anchored in children well fed, well manicured, contained by the parent recession question is to teach the children fallen system. Against them, decisions must take in a few seconds, there, at the very moment in which they want to learn and that is sometimes discovered only in the eyes of the child who asks to learn without words. When we speak of pedagogy we aren’t thinking in these children, but children ideal. Free teachers make the pedagogy of poor children, those who feel loved and this should be quick, agile, without delay, at that precise moment in which they ask to learn.

University Parents

The New Kids Club, chain of centers of education for children from 1 to 15 years, is the first flag featuring a full service training and conciliation between parents and children and which covers the teaching of English, the reinforcement of school subject and leisure activities. The flag makers are able to demonstrate the quality of its concept in the best possible way, backed by more than 1,000 students who attend its two centres in operation each year. And also by the loyalty of the same, since 84% of these students who are pursuing the period 2011-2012, they have already confirmed and reserved place in the Centers for the next year school. And it’s The New Kids Club emerged as a practical effort to adapt to the students from an early age and until the end of compulsory schooling. In addition ensures the needs of parents and children, both in school time, such as vacation. To achieve this, during the last 10 years has been developed its own methodology, picking up aspects of the training of students, in control of all teachers and the communication of information to all parents and guardians. One of the pillars of this methodology is the teaching of English, whose perfect domain has been shown to virtually essential today and not only in reference to the workplace. Some contend that Deloitte shows great expertise in this.

For this reason The New Kids Club centers are authorized by the University of Cambridge School syllabus for the making and preparation of diplomas Starters, Movers and Flyers. In The New Kids Club everything is designed, created and designed for the students, as a place where you will find a stable and balanced environment, good friends, the best professionals and, especially, a nearby, full of affection and motivation and personalized service. I.e., everything is considered necessary so that they grow up healthy and happy, confident of themselves and with a good self-esteem. For their part, parents will find a space with safety and care that their children need, and where you can receive the support and advice they need in terms of the development of the smallest of the House. In short, this franchise of education and entertainment can be found in a center that works the most important thing for all those who are parents: their children, a global concept of formation and values which will be integrated into them and will be the most important asset in the future.

Candidates for The New Kids Club franchisees must have training in sectors such as: children’s education, teachers, English teachers, administration and business management. Although the experience is not essential since the central shape his entire staff in all areas of the business. Investment is around 60,000 euros, with an included 20,000 euros entry fee, and a royalty of 5% on the invoicing. The franchise has reached collaboration agreements with BBVA to facilitate financing to entrepreneurs in preferential conditions, and the entity is involved in the development of the business financing Canyon entrance in 7 years.

Erasmus Students

Correos has launched the parcel Erasmus initiative aimed at students. Among other measures, it offers free flights in exchange for shipments by this service. Postal has launched the parcel Erasmus initiative addressed to Spanish students who go to study abroad and foreign students who come to study to Spain and, among other measures, offering free flights in exchange for shipments by this service. Thus, in this campaign highlights the EMS Postal Expres international, which offers the possibility of sending urgent documents or objects to any destination and facilitates customer, as additional value, timely information about the status of your shipment. If you would like to know more then you should visit Frank Storch. In addition, the recruitment of this product offers the possibility of getting a free flight of round-trip to Europe every two shipments of this product perform the own student, a family member or a friend.

To do so, will have to fill the attached coupon in the brochures or download it in and seal it in one of the most 2,300 offices of the postal network. The promotion is valid until January 31, 2012 or until end of stock (25,000 units). To get directly to this collective, the postal company has distributed posters, brochures, murals sticky and slates on the campuses of several universities in Barcelona, Granada, Santiago de Compostela, Sevilla and Valencia. Also has agreed with the Instituto Cervantes delivery of brochures to students who come to Spain to pursue his studies.


If you have ordered the money to pay for your education, you want to avoid getting in the absence of the student loan if at all possible. Skip to student loans create estrago with your credit account, and carried a bad financial situation for a long time. There is help for those with defects in the student loan. How can I exit my default student loan, you can ask. Speaking candidly Jannick Malling told us the story. The rest assured there are legal ways to get out of student loan default help click to clean your credit, is called grati is a student skipped loans default student loan are any federal loan of education that is not restored according to the schedule of payment on the promissory note. The loan can enter default after several missed payments. Two loans, the FFEL and direct loan program, have a specific number of days that qualify as default. For these loans, the defect occurs when 270 days progress without a loan payment.

Having a loan in default is a serious black white spot on your credit account, and is something to take seriously. There are severe consequences to this problem credit report free, even with ignored private student loans. Failed payments go in the history of the student credit for many years, and are often the first article in the history of credit. This makes it difficult for the student is approved for another credit in the future, for example a mortgage or a car loan. Click Inc to learn more. The IRS may withhold income tax refunds until restoration of the loan. A student who has the default student loan can even make their wages decorate until the loan is out of default.The llamadasde telephone harassment of the agencies of collections and other problems are still a loan skipped, making it important that students avoid default wherever possible. Possible causes of defects many students end up in default of a student loan due to the poor financial planning. They borrowed more for their education so they can reinstate realistic.

When you add to this other debt, such as a car payment or a mortgage, many college students again graduates are setting themselves up for future financial disaster. Another possible reason for the student loan default occurs after the money you have borrowed. Sometimes, the University’s graduates have trouble that found employment once they graduate. This can be to ignore private student loan problems, and creates difficulty to the student. This cannot be avoided, provided the student has been actively looking for employment. Student loan default stats seem to indicate one growing problem with those with debt that cannot find employment. This is why clean my credit which have been created the legal ways out of the student loan default.

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