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So far this year, estimates that work-related accidents have increased, compared with 2007, around 6%, taking the sad Palm of fatalities, accidents in the construction sector. The annual number of fatalities, victims of accidents at work, is truly chilling. However when we talk about occupational hazards, cannot only noting the narrow margin of accidents with fatal victim. A large family of occupational hazards, is making presence lately in an alarming manner: it is psychosocial risks, and thus each day it is more usual to meet someone with depression or stress caused by work, and new anglicisms such as Burnout or Mobbing, begin already part of our everyday language. Therefore, increasingly more companies, in addition to trying to reduce accidents, have among their objectives addressing these emerging risks.

It is difficult to find people, especially managers, who work under pressure can maintain an emotional self-control, and the wisdom to dedicate to each situation the attention, time and occupation that requires, or executives that while maintaining a strong level of demand at work, convey tranquility to the people who are responsible. On the contrary, is common to find heads that, before the slightest difficulty or adversity, overflowing emotionally, and transmit your stress to much, but to the entire organization. Nobody can escape him that having a happy and happy worker is, though speaking, much more profitable than having it discouraged or stressed, since in that way, it yields more and show more loyalty to the company, given that the large number of casualties who have stress as a source is known. As he gave recently announced the Institute of Labour Studies of evades, working under stress exponentially increases the likelihood of accidents at work and increases the risk of that, to be kept for a long time, resulting in mental illness. With respect to business productivity, stress can make it fall up in 30%, according to the same study.

Fantasy In Our Lives

Of that serves us to think? We have asked ourselves many times. So maybe, for advance, since by thinking humanity has been able to develop all the advances that today we have. In our minds we rehearse what later will take you to the action. That saves us time and we can assess the possibilities and the different directions that can make our decisions. All the time we are working with our mind, imagining our future, our tomorrow.These imaginations lead us to the fantasy.

Use this fantasy to try and know how we feel in this or that situation. That is a very important aspect of fantasies, since they are able to wake up the same emotions that in the actual situation. And these emotions are those that we use to decide if a decision or not. The burden we feel or tranquility in accordance cases determines our decision. Fantasy leads us to go long ways that would be impossible in reality. The fantasy allows us to imagine other lives and have fun with them, and at the same time can teach us new things about ourselves. But this closeness between fantasy and reality has a dangerous component, because sometimes it can be confused with one another. We may use fantasy to deceive ourselves, to cover the reality, and see things not as they are, but how would we.

Above all, we do this in bitter situations for us. That you must be careful, since this fantasy can lead us to more bitterness if, when we go for a wrong direction and then and then too late to go back and fall into a great frustration. As I read in an article, many writers when they work on a story make it this way: they write first the principle and then immediately imagine the end. They say that it is then very easy to connect one with the other perhaps in our lives this is often necessary, because when we know what we want, when we carry out business, travel plans, love .what we see with a good finish with a good road is necessary to see it so, because but would do. Same one when she marries, thinks that it is forever, imagines a life with your future partner superfeliz, but no, you do not casarias, is unclear. This fantasy has a very important role in our lives, because it is what gives us enthusiasm and pushes us to continue. In our lives we must have early, reality. If we look at our reality distortion-free, we will have a good start and if we design an attainable fantasy, you will have a good ending, with what the connection of one and another easier us than we think.

Education Management

In such a way, the school can be locus or the laboratory for practical innovators that involves the pupils, professors, and local community, the local studies and knowledge needs to be valued by the school so that they are incorporated the resume and thus when you harness studying them of its community we will be able to construct a new knowledge transforming what already it is known in our proper local community. To develop youthful protagonism through participativas methodologies is the initial point for a new pedagogical construction, therefore with the active participation in the process of construction of the knowledge and leaving of the local community we will be able to understand the global world and until intervining to improve our collective. In this text the same author of prompt form make reference to reference the subject ' ' Education Management and Local Development, through clear examples of that it is possible not alone to think, more is possible to act, to act initially with the actors who want and thus the class action will gain force throughout the time and all could be involved in new a proposal of construction of the citizenship and the knowledge and the support of our planet. The text of Ladislau Dowbor is a charming text for the words, the examples and the sensitization of the necessity of if constructing, involving, to integrate to know global places and in the solution of problems of the local community. I recommend to this reading for all the students of graduation and after-graduation, beyond researchers on the subject. What it will be of utmost importance for you analyze of the reality and the possibilities of if perceiving and understanding the relation between management education and sustainable development through practical and active and participativas metotodologias..

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