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Happiness and Love

"Love – a competition for men and women is to give each other as much happiness" (Stendhal) The basic understanding of love rather limited. When are interested in young people about what is love, the answer is limited to thoughts about the feelings that come and then somewhere to go. Already by age 25, many young people believe that love exists and that it's just attracted to the person of the opposite sex, and 'Phenomenon' is temporary. On the other hand, we see many examples of people who have lived together for over 20 years and over, happy and truly love each other. Hence the love still exists and contributes to our lives harmony and happiness. This love should be eternal and immutable, the fact she's real. At heart we all want such a relationship, sincere and true.

Unfortunately, not many get to maintain and develop love. Let's look at love more broadly and then we will see that love can not discover and develop components without 3 aspects: emotional (feelings), intellectual (knowledge and understanding), volitional (action) First of all, love – is, of course, a goodly of the senses. Human emotions are very unstable, however, they are often the main engine and the motive of our actions. Marriages are generally when the partners are in the power of feelings, but these feelings, at first call of the expression of our physical nature to the procreation. Emotion of love can become stronger or weaker, and change its quality over time.

New Technologies

Experts warn that Spanish universities serve not enough technological progress in relation to medicine. They advocate to modify the current system so that medical schools teach a formation capable of meeting the challenges of today and, above all, of the future. The doctor away Pazos, of the University of A Coruna, Coordinator of a Conference on Biomedical Informatics and personalized medicine that have been held in the corunesa town of Padron, warned of poor training in new technologies of the students of medicine in Spain. In Spain is being not offered adequate training to physicians to meet the needs of the practice of medicine today and of the future, Pazos said in a telephone interview coinciding with the celebration of the 4th International Symposium on Biomedical Informatics in Europe.That meeting was attended by experts from various European countries, mainly in the Iberian Peninsula, and United States. Any doctor spends hours and hours at the computer, said Pazos, who lamented that the Spanish universities not addressed sufficiently technological progress and the challenges posed to the future exercise of that profession. Some studies underline the inadequate technological formation of students in medicine and the important gaps in knowledge of genomics, legislation or ethics, said Pazos, Professor of computer science and Artificial Intelligence and director of the Department of information technologies and the communication of the University of A Coruna.The challenges of today and of the future stressed that it is necessary to sensitize public opinion and the authorities change the current system so that medical schools teach a formation capable of meeting the challenges of today and, above all, of the future. He stressed that some large U.S. universities have established alliances, among which highlighted the of Harvard with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, both based in the city of Boston.

Commercial results therefore advocated giving a shift towards this new medicine of the future that requires preparation more open to other areas in which new diagnostics, treatments, drugs or therapies will be developed. Pazos noted that in Spain, as in the whole of Europe, there are research groups, with aid from public institutions, but regretted missing the last link in the chain that will allow patenting and reap the commercial results of these discoveries. There is a very good scientific production in Europe, but prevails the paradox that there is not a business sector willing to assume risk, nor in Galicia and Spain to commercialize and patenting, he noted. Source of the news: experts warn of poor training in new technologies of doctors

Berkley Economic Press

The study realised by Claude Berrebi, of the Berkley Economic Press (Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy Volume 13, Issue 1 2007 Article 2) that tries to find the relation between the terrorism and the degree of education, says that compared with the total of the Palestine population, the majority of the Palestinian terrorists has more high education. The data taken from the terrorists (who were studied) between aims of the decade of the 80 and May of the 2002 suggest it as much high education and stantard of life positively is associated with the participation in the Hams or the Islamic Jihad for convertise in suicidal terrorist, whereas to be married it reduces of important form the possibility of participating in terrorist activities. The report says that unlike which is reflected in the Palestine society, between which they participate in terrorist activities is possible to be found that half of them can be called poor. Of 208 terrorists who were investigated through study, 96% have completed the school secondary, and 65% have something of tertiary education, whereas Palestinian 15% and 51% generally that have secondary education of the total of the Palestinians that have tertiary education.

Winodws Movie Maker

There are many methods to create free traffic to your site, but in this article you will teach specifically as generating traffic with YouTube or other online video sites and increase traffic to your site and positioning websites. YouTube has become an invaluable source to generate free traffic to your site, the first thing you have to do is search for your niche market or your topic on YouTube and look at the amount of videos that there is, how many visits have received those videos and types of comments received. It is very important to concentrate on analyzing videos that have more visits and look at 3 things: 1. Title 2. The 3 tags. The description once this is done, you can already give you account if it is worthwhile or not hang a video and if so, that kind of video would like to see the people, the next step is to produce your video, there are currently several free programs for video editing, Winodws Movie Maker can use you up the same, but the program that I use because it’s great and allows you to make thousands things to your video is definitely Camtasia Studio. Once you have your video ready must think carefully about the title, tags and description that you are going to put, since this will depend on the positioning of your video and the number of visits that will receive your site, don’t forget to always put a watermark to the video with your site address so that the person who sees it always keep it in mind, and in the description of the video you should always place a link to your page so that people click, reminds that we are very lazy and it is easier to click that type the URL and also the positioning aid web pages. I assure you that if you do this traffic to your website will increase dramatically, personally this has worked for me quite well and has helped generate significant traffic in less than a day and my positioning optimizes web pages. Original author and source of the article

Educational Politics

Of this form it is important that if it recognizes the adoption of educational politics and pedagogical strategies of valuation of the diversity in the different levels of education, respecting and divulging the historical processes of resistance for the enslaved Africans and its Brazilian descendants, in the individual and collective forms. According to Law 10,639/03 and 11,645/08, must be recognized and be demanded, that the established ethnic-racial relations in preconceptions are questioned that disqualify the blacks and the aboriginals. To recognize and to respect the people, its descent and its history. Finally, as many forms of disqualification as, for example: contemptuous nicknames, tricks of bad taste, jokes that suggest incapacity, ridicularizao of its physical traces, texture of the hair, depreciation of the African religiosidade, amongst innumerable forms of estigmatizao of this people. Of this form, the recognition and the valuation of the identity, of culture and of the history of the Brazilian blacks depends necessarily on physical, material, intellectual and affective the conditions, what it configures in the picture of a re-education of the relations between whites and blacks, assigned as ethnic-racial relations. The RECEPTIVIDADE To LAW 10639/03 and 11.645/08: ONE TO LOOK AT ON the SCHOOLS OF BASIC EDUCATION IN TOCANTINPOLIS YOU In view of the necessity of if verifying as receptividade of the Law N occurs in the practical a. 10.639/03 and 11,645/08, we search, at this moment of the work, to analyze the data collected in a research carried through in four schools that give Basic Ensino, of Tocantinpolis-TO, pointing out groups of sixth to the nineth year, searching identifying possible practical actions that they make possible or it joint of pedagogical of the professors of does not discipline of History. One of the objectives was to know the profile of these professors, as well as its perspectives how much to the alteration of the pertaining to school resume, in fulfilment what it determines Law 10,639/03 and 11.645/08, from a previous survey on the level of formation of the same ones, in the perspective to know more on practical the theoretical preparation/of these professionals in relation to the thematic one.

International Congress

During days 5 and 6 may will take place in the fair Palace and Congress of Malaga, the International Congress of falsehood documentary. This event is organized by the Commonwealth of municipalities Costa of the Sun West. Malaga will host the International Congress of falsehood documentary to be able to attend the same shall belong to any councils attached to the grouped Plan of continuous training the Commonwealth of municipalities of the coast of the Sun West 2010. The same objectives are the grouping of the largest number of professionals in the sector at international level, strengthening integrated training action that ensures a high level and uniform of documentary checks and surveillance in the free movement of people and vehicles in the European Union, essential component of the area of freedom, security and justice, increasing operational cooperation between different forces and security forces as well as between the Member States. Your accommodation to attend this Congress can make it in one of the hotels in Malaga with category 4 star superior, our Monte Malaga Hotel, which offers rooms to attendees for this occasion. To make reservations at our hotel where we will apply you rate meetings/events with prices from 98 per room and night with breakfast buffet and taxes included, simply click on the following link: book room in the HOTEL MONTE MLAGA important: to qualify for this rate will be indispensable to present at the reception of the hotel updated documentation attesting to their attendance at the Congress/event/meeting. Vaccination: The hidden truth (documentary) pandemic not is no Senna, trailer for the documentary about the legendary pilot of Formula 1

Wine From The Grape Merlot

The Merlot grape, is the first grapes of the season that curiously coincides with the period in which the birds devour their berries. This is how the origin of the word Merlot comes from the similarity between the color of the plumage of birds with the dark color of the berries. This grape is discovered until the 17TH century in the vineyards of Pomeril and Saint-Emilion and is until the end of the 19th century when spreads over the entire North of Italy. In fact, today is cultivated in 14 wine regions of this country, particularly in Venice where even there is a route of the Merlot. This grape always had considered how complementary ls Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Franc. To how much reached notable proportions in the Pomerol bordeless, but however, nowadays it is common to find this grape varietal, mostly young people with an exquisite fragrance. The great advantages of this variety of grapes, is it acclimatizes them perfectly in different soils and different climates. Among the flavors that can be found in wines that made from this grape are spices, fruits, mint, chocolate, currant, and plum. A. Verastegui original author and source of the article


Do such planning or programming should lead the following aspects:? Does Pla nteamiento in relation to the subject matter in class, that stimulate students to think, investigate, browse with respect to said theme.? Selection of exercise and adequate resources? Avoid scheduling or planning to be a task of filling columns. You need to think carefully about the exercises that will work and change it in the moment in which the dynamics of the Group tends to be available.? To select an or the resources it is necessary to consider it as an element of motivation for the group.? Should it be an opening of experience.? That the process that develops both in action learning is very similar or has a close relation, which implies that within the development of one stimulates the other and this implies that instruments that possess to boost creativity constitutes precisely the elements we use in the development of the teaching-learning process as they are: content, exercises, resources didactic, which, insofar as organized or reconsideration coherently, will allow to achieve the fundamental objectives in any area of knowledge teaching in general, and in particular of the artistic disciplines. Now you reader after reading these lines do think it is important to teach and develop the creativity of children?.

The Preponderant

Thus if it constructs and if it keeps a culture of the individualism. In the pertaining to school establishment, to if working separately, confusing autonomy with independence, habitus finishes for if restoring, therefore without the collective one, it does not have confrontation and the rationality leaves of being necessary. The isolated work, ' ' autnomo' ' , it has supported, therefore, the expectation of if preventing conflicts, and without these if it considers possible to optimize and to control the educational processes. The preponderant trend of if preventing the conflict with the isolation must be questioned. For in such a way, Perrenoud standed out the value of inherent the heterogeneidade as characteristic to any human grouping, and with it the diversity in ways to be, to learn, of if relating with others, etc. Leaving of this premise, is possible to reiterate the importance of the work in team a time that it makes possible the confrontation and the integration between different. FINAL CONSIDERASES the type of management practised in the pertaining to school establishment are determinative for the quality of the teach-learning process.

responsible for the pertaining to school management the ample participation in the decision taking, the adequacy of schedules of the professionals, the otimizao of the material and financial resources would have to make the planning foreseeing, without leaving to take care of of the organizacional climate, of the revitalizao of the values and paper of the institution. This style, probably, would provoke a positive impact in the classroom, therefore the support and the base so that the educative activities are developed would be gifts. The management can not be supported in practical of the planning, the being decided with superiority for the bureaucratic logic, and in result of this the organizacional climate, the values and the paper of the institution if exhaust. In these conditions, despite the professor has excellent formation, its work tends to be compromised, for the absence of exchange of experiences and support to its proposals.

Educational Material

The motivation to learn is involved in multiple factors, that if imply mutually and that even so let us can analyze them separately, is one part all that it depends, wants in its nature, wants in its quality, of a series of conditions inside and outside of the school. methods used for the professors in classroom so that reach the objectives of disciplines, many times they are not efficient, this sample that exactly having the professor total domain of the content of it disciplines is conditional the organized structure which leciona. The learning is an extremely complex phenomenon, involving emotional, social, educational and cultural aspects. The learning is resultant of the development of aptitudes and knowledge, as well as of the transference of these for new situations. The process of organization of the information and integration of the material to the social and educational structure is what the educators call learning, is necessary to reflect that each individual presents a set of percipient strategies that mobilize the learning process. In other words, each person learns its way, skill, style and rhythm.

The motivation can still be learned as a process or as a product. When we relate in them to the optimism of an accumulation of theories, ideas concepts, the motivation appears as a resultant product of these learnings, but as all product is indissocivel of a process, can then look at the knowledge as an intellectual activity through which the exterior apprehension of something to the person is made. In the social level we can consider the learning as one of the polar regions of the pair teach-learning, whose synthesis constitutes the educative process. Such process understands all the dedicated behaviors to the transmission of the learning, also the objectified ones as institutions that, specify and promote the education. With this one understands that the development of the individual is a process that if of the one of is for inside, being that the half influence the motivation of the pupil in the teach-learning process.

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