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Special Education

Being that the Abdias Menezes is polar region of the Special Education. The teacher takes care of the pupils deficient appearances in a room of support in the school of Application. At the moment five pupils exist. These pupils study in other colleges and frequentam in an opposing turn the support room where they learn to deal with the deficiency. It explains that all the professors whom they deal with pupils special, in the room of support of the school, duly had been enabled with courses offered through DIREC 20 and given in Salvador. In this school deficient room of support for auditory exists, deficient mental deficient appearances and. The teacher emphasizes that the biggest faced difficulties are the indifferences of the society that treat the deficient ones with preconceptions, the resistance of proper the deficient ones in assuming its deficiency, the horria, extensive load, the lack of professionals to follow these pupils in the school of regular education and the lack of adaptation of the physical structure to the necessities of the deficient physicists. Still the preconception on the part of the pupils of the school exists, but it has diminished had the implementation of an educative work and awareness of pupils in the pertaining to school community.

According to teacher all the pupils special well are received in the school and that its adaptation depends the proper will more than, therefore the school looks for to take care of to all and the pupils that accepts its deficiency are adapted and give continuity to the studies. All the course offered by the DIREC are defrayed by the government of the State, over all to take care of the considered pupils special. It did not give no example of pupil who folloied and has obtained a chance in the work market. We follow, in day 17 of August a lesson of the teacher with a pupil with visual deficiency.

Brazilian Basic Education

This present work was carried through through a made bibliographical research in disciplines of Topics of Education and Evaluation in the course of Licenciatura in Physical Education of the Integrated College of Great $fortaleza FGF. Had this it disciplines to possess a great matrix of referring theoretical content to the inserted systems of evaluation in Brazil, saw it necessity to search on such subject and to extract the maximum of possible information for the understanding, interpretation and reflection of the same. Thus, in this work emphasis was given to the known system of evaluation as Pertaining to school Census which is references for the too much systems of evaluations of the Basic Education as IDEB, SAEB, ENCCEJA and CAME BRAZIL. The Pertaining to school Census is annually carried through by the National Institute of Studies and Educational Research Ansio Teixeira INEP with the contribution of the city departments and state of education and participation of all the public and private schools of the country. The data are collected and envoy in the last Wednesday of the month of May for the system online EDUCACENSO, being most excellent and brangente statistical survey on the Brazilian basic education.

The collected data constitute the most complete source of information used by the Ministry of the Education that has as objective: to formulate public politics for the good performance of the programs and to define the criteria for the supplementary performance of the MEC to the schools, states and cities; To subsidize the calculation of pointers as the Index of Development of the Basic Education IDEB that it serves of reference for the goals of the Plan of Development of the Education PDE; To distribute efficiently some public resources as: merenda pertaining to school, distributed and returned didactic books, uniform, pertaining to school transport. It is a system of so important evaluation that agencies world-wide as UNICEF and UNESCO they use its posterior data for studies and research. This system evaluates if the schools have Internet at least broad band with speed of 1GB, numbers of school registrations for turn, number of school registrations for series, number of reprovaes and approvals for discipline, number of evasions, number of professors, number of medical licenses, infrastructure, among others. OBJECTIVE: To define, to understand, to interpret and to reflect on the main objectives and forms of accomplishment of the system of evaluation of the basic education Pertaining to school Census. METHODOLOGY: A Bibliographical Research for the attainment of the answers referring to our general objective was carried through. The gotten data had been presented in seminary in the proper college for pupils of discipline related and evaluated for the teaching Teacher Master Rosane de Almeida Andrade. A punctuation will be attributed that will serve to compose the note of the GQ1. CONCLUSION: At last, the Pertaining to school Census is a system of evaluation developed for the MEC INEP, that through its results it looks to extend one better promotion of the quality of education in the Brazilian basic education. This system also is applied with Brazilians who live in Japan. from this year to leave of being a pointer for sampling and passes to be carried through with all the schools and pupils of Brazil.

Brazilian Education

It is understood that education technician represents the integration that if comes longing for to speculate, that is, represents ‘ ‘ changes that come in general being introduced in the productive processes with the scientific and technological advance in ample sectors of the economy and the social life of the Pas’ ‘. (PICANO, 1995). After all, the pupil who today remains in the school not only waits to conclude a formation professionally characterizes that it for the market, but also longs for, in the majority of the cases, to develop itself potentially while human being. What he does not mean, of form none, to reduce the process of teach-learning to a narrow one and compartimentada vision to discipline of the contents. In contrast, in Average Ensino she is necessary that they are considered, understood and worked the diverse dimensions of the formation human being, including there cognitivos, ethical, cultural and sociopolticos the aspects of the process of construction of the referencial citizen of the education. (Blacksmith, 2003). Zago (2006) observes that the convergence of one restricted representation in superior education observed enters the inhabitants of slum quarters in agreement Rio De Janeiro the data of the Census of 1991, can be found in the enclosed population in the income levels lowest.

One is not therefore about ‘ ‘ minorias’ ‘ , but of a great excluded majority of the system of Brazilian superior education, over all to consider itself that in the etria band of 18 the 24 years, only 9% frequentam this level of education, one of the percentages lowest of the world, exactly enters the countries of Latin America. The quantitative expansion of Brazilian superior education did not favor the low income population, that depends essentially on public education. Although Tanguy (1999) emphasizes that the diploma, in itself, it is far from being a support against the unemployment, a time that a general addition in the formation levels does not exclude a general increase of the unemployment taxes.

The Workplace

I realized that many of us want a change for the benefit of all mankind and nature, which each does so from different areas with different media, as many are convinced that our planet requires attention and stop the envelope holding suffering and desolation which suffer many lives, I was convinced lack a comprehensive education to achieve these two goals, which defers that the changes required are just immediately. In my educational practice I became sensitive to the needs of my students, I saw in them a few restless beings with a desire to learn, to be respected, taken into account, and above all the great commitment involve in my educational practice warm and friendly treatment I felt, I was convinced that the contents must be always related to the interests of the students so that they acquire a real meaningfrom what I saw I need to change my teaching strategies, which should be focused on students, in the enquiry and questions they make. In my performance as teacher I felt safer to be in the classroom, happy to share experiences and time with my students, I tried always create an environment Nice where everyone would feel comfortable living there and that learning was not a monotonous process. The relationship with the people that surrounded me, as husband, friends, and co-workers improved, my dealings with them became more cordial, I felt that I could get in the workplace when they acted in a different way to that I would have considered the correct. I attended mass on Sundays throughout my life for being Catholic, I felt sometimes that I did well, although it was not always so; late in the second half of the master, I stopped feeling the need to attend, seemed inconsequential to the sermon that the coupled with priest gave to the decertification that they had had in recent years, I chose to not go to mass, until the day that felt the need, I left feeling guilt for things that had no importance, but considered sinful the Catholic religionI stopped thinking about the existence of hell after death, I thought me a person with many virtues and defects that could overcome, I felt valued as a person, different from all but equally valuable as a whole that seeking good to others.

LEGO Creations – From The V8 Engine To The House Made Of Plastic Stones

With LEGO, almost any idea can implement creative and unique. Creative LEGO creations almost every one of us has played in his childhood with LEGO. The educational toy is no longer indispensable for more than 60 years out of our minds and inspires not only the young generations. Founded the company was in the year 1932 in Denmark and is today one of the largest manufacturer and seller of toys in Europe and the United States. LEGO is easy to find cult and nowadays no longer trade relevant only in the shelves and retailers. There are even special LEGO shops which deal exclusively with the cult stones.

But now not only the sale of the classic toy is one for the company whether in LEGOLAND or on the screens in the home increasingly you encounter living, in other areas the colourful Spielsteinchen. For many kids, a visit to the LEGOLAND theme park is a highlight as a visit to other renowned theme parks such as Disneyland. The first of these Theme parks was founded in 1968, followed by more quickly. Of the Star Wars video game served to the Indiana Jones remake will you here on the new generation consoles. The games are usually not hits, but still very entertaining design. The cooperation of LEGO with Lucas Arts, the holder of the rights to Star Wars and Indiana Jones, is this extremely attractive.

The combination of beautifully told tale of space and adventure stories with the LEGO figures just fit and fun properly! But nothing surpasses the unique creations with LEGO bricks, they increasingly encountered in the network. The developed models ranging down to a resonate made of LEGO, the Chuck from the LEGO V8 engine about iPods. Although unfortunately not carry that looks but still awesome. Also a complete House, an electric guitar or complete car bodies can track down on the Web. There are real competitions to world records, which inspire some creative head for top performance. The absolute highlight for me is However engine that engine works just like a real V8, the LEGO V8 has wear and tear and even needs to be serviced. Daniel Schweitzer

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