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Students Need Values!

Endowments contribute different religious views to emerging social problems and conflicts worldwide for the implementation of the project ‘Intercultural education in values in schools’. It connects us more than divides us: the Swiss theologian Prof. Hans Kung, a global ethic, a minimum level of common values and ethical standards, which underlies all major religions and ethical traditions exist. The global ethic Foundation founded in 1993 by Kung in Tubingen has made it to the task, to spread these core ideas. A project of the global ethic Foundation is in schools”the intercultural education in values. The Stuttgart plaster Schule Foundation supports this project with 40,000 euros per year in 2011 and 2012. With the funding, the plaster Schule Foundation funded a number of educational initiatives, such as about project days and teacher trainings to intercultural and ethical issues.

Particularly in immigration countries, such as the Federal Republic of Germany, in which people of different religion and Origin at home, the question after a successful integration policy is gaining in importance. Can overcome cultural differences and religious differences in line marketed to ensure a peaceful coexistence in the long term? The Swiss theologian Prof. Hans Kung is convinced that this is possible, if may reflect people on universal, common values. Such values, the Kala as a global ethic”referred to, it must be reinvented, but already have inventory in all great religious and philosophical traditions of humanity. Consider the golden rule”of reciprocity or the commitment to non-violence, justice and truth. The global ethic Foundation aims, the thoughts of this ethos of mankind”to spread and to promote intercultural exchange as well as the teaching of values and ethical standards. Early education in values and intercultural exchange for a better together with the project of intercultural education in values in schools”the global ethic Foundation and the Stuttgart plaster Schule Foundation want to achieve, that already children and teens deal with the subject of the global ethic.

Student Loans

Student loans no cosigners: the best option for the students in one sense this is age of industries under unchallengeable market economy. This is on the age in which people at the helm of power-have introduced a concept that education should be included within the domain of industries. The result is obvious rise in the educational expenditure. It is clearer, as the days pass, that education has become more expensive. Hence, many students are not in a position to go for higher studies. Of course, there are thousands of students who want to go ahead. They have exceptional tenacity and seriousness. It is for them the financial market has made provision for student loans.

The lenders have practical consideration in this field. They are not have to advance loans to the students. They apprehend that their investment may not be returned. They are not sure if the students want to secure employment after they earn a degree. There is worth in their apprehension. The job market is indeed disappointing. This is why they want to add a cosigner when they decide to advance loans to the students. The calendar take one more thing into consideration.

Students who apply for loans are young. Most of them have never borrowed from any source. Therefore, they do not have any credit record. The absence of credit history creates dilemma in the mind of the lenders. This so prompts them to demand a cosigner when they are to grant student loans. The lenders prefer parent student loans in which loans are paid to the parents for education of the students, and in which the parents are responsible for any non-payment of the loan amount in future. Student loans no cosigner are the best option for the students. Most of the students cannot get a person to introduce him / her as cosigner. Students can apply for student loans no cosigner. They are to submit their personal details, that is, their name, address, contact number and other such things of identification. They are to leave on undertaking about repayment. This is to mean that the lenders for student loans no cosigner want confirmation of the fact that the loans advanced to be repaid after the students finish education. Derik Smith is writer of no. credit check Students.For more information about no. credit check private student loans, student loan refinance visit

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