Cell phones in principle a long time ago, could become quite important nuances of our reality, in particular – with regard to the inhabitants of large cities. This is not surprising, since communication – transmission and Data acquisition in the shortest period of time – today perhaps the most significant value to the present man. Initially, only accessories for personal communications, cellular phones have long been out for these boundaries. And sharing of information in them is implemented and executed by both text and multimedia messages, and taking advantage of the global network. Options popular computer operating system Windows essentially restricted fast-growing mobile world.

And then there was guglofon. A new computer operating system was developed some years ago, one of a number of significant resources – Google, and provided an opportunity significantly increase the cellular functions of the world – especially regarding the activity on the Internet. Guglofon is a variant of the direct mobile operating system, special software for activity in networks such as middleware, and along a wide variety of programs. Today's Android actually becoming more and more real rival the iPhone from Apple, Mobile on Windows and Symbian. Android is a significant difference from all of the above operating systems – as it is corrected. In other words, the operating system guglofon provides significant options in configuring and reconfiguring the system and even the formation of custom applications that require user. Provides for such a special software system Android Software Development Kit. In addition, of course, you can use and online store telephone guglofon programs. Let's say today is even a program of Documents, Mail, Maps, Talk, YouTube, as well as