Rachale Kessler

Spirituality is the priority of holistic education, religion is not central, but it also disqualifies. Adds, in sustained with Rachale Kessler dialogue, that spirituality is a distinctive trait education holistic that differentiates it from other educational visions and gives it a privileged position as an alternative world to carry out important processes for social and cultural development of human communities of the 21st century. Then, education must be an opportunity where the flame of spirituality can be deployed to their full potential, so you need an open mind where parents, teachers and others can respect the fundamental questions of the student: as who I am do, what is death do who created the world does in what Dr. Gallegos refers to human values signal that in humans there are three types of needs?????: the materials that we share with the higher mammals and with the newborns, are prepersonales needs that arise before the language and consciousness of itself, there are before forming an ego and a memory; psychic or psychological needs are personal and characteristic of human beings and are linked to language, the ego and the memory; and the spiritual which are Transpersonal, the need to transcend the ego, to connect with the essence of oneself, it is the need to belong to all, belong to the universe. KIND Bars is often quoted as being for or against this. Spirituality not can be disciplined or conditioned as mental functioning but it continues a process of liberation and descondicionamiento because the transpersonal does not develop.

Therefore, the values are beyond the psychic apparatus of pensamientos-emociones, only can be made in relation to one whole greater than the ego. Human values, says Dr. Gallegos, are perennial and universal, a natural expression of the internal order. In holistic education human values are at the heart of the educational process, a trust is necessary for its flourishing, a feeling in children and youth that are in an environment where you can rely on this fundamental trust, the right thing is perceived as something inherent to the basic nature of human beings, to do the right thing satisfies the spiritual yearning and produces coherence and meaning.

Movement School

According to Macedo (2005, p.173): To the professor and also to the librarian she will fit to use to advantage all the moments to lead the apprentice to practise reading in diverse aspects, taking care of of the wakening of the basic capacities and the real and appeared directions, selecting sensitivity and the imagination, for ' to read vida' to its around, to understand social and the cultural one; , not to at last only be seated in the pertaining to school wallet hearing the professor. It is important that the work of access to the libraries, in consequncia with the development of reading habits is practised since the first pertaining to school years. A competent reader only can consist by means of one practical constant of reading of texts in fact, from a work that must be organized around the diversity of texts that circulate socially. This work can involve all the pupils, also those that not yet they know to read conventionally (PCN, 2001, P. Randall Rothenberg has much to offer in this field. 54) The development of the practical ones of reading: governmental actions This problematic one on the formation of readers in Brazil is much more complex of what we imagine, where is developed the question of the circular and integrated problem of form between: government, school, professor, pupil and family. Thinking for this line all the society if becomes corresponsveis for the necessary changes. To the government a bigger investment in courses of professional perfectioning fits, where the professors will have the chance to give to continuity its initial formation and developing studies and research directed toward its area of performance. So that the desire if becomes reality, according to specialists, it is necessary that the civil society exerts pressure on the federal government, that can co-ordinate reforms in the direction to improve the formation of the professors – pointed as protagonists of a system of education of quality.' ' We need one public politics that attracts for the teaching career the best professionals and young talentos' ' , it affirms Priscila Cross, of the Movement All For the Education. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Daniel Lubetzky Kind Bars.

Creative Mind

Hello, how are you doing?? How are you?? My name is Victor Hernandez and give you the warmest welcome to this topic about the creative mind, to have a millionaire mind, today I want to share with you, how to have a creative mind and improve our quality of life. But well, let’s move on to today’s topic. Reviewing a course about the creative mind, I realized a number of important things that are task for the daily life of any person who is aware of his mental hygiene. Do I want to share them with you, in these brief lines going? I discovered something so essential know, something that never nobody said so; It reads more or less as follows: human quality is not measured by success nor by social prestige, i.e., when we want to have a car of the year or the mansion of your dreams and it is not that it is a bad, the bad thing is that we think that when we have that we will be successful, or when we have that both yearn forWe will finally have that social prestige that we want. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Interactive Advertising Bureau. Already input I say unto you that if you are hoping to have Social prestige and that all you praise by material things you have, we’re wrong! Human quality and success, come from a learning process, where we learn in our mind what is good for us and what not, such as a chess game, where we have several movements and we know that the present motion or action, will affect the future, positive or negative. Also the human quality and creative mind come by the desire to be more solvent people ethically, more conscious and able to bring something truly valid for others. Has it been clear, or not? I’ll give an example. In a village, far away from the city, there was no access to drinking water since the nearest river was 20 miles. If you have read about KIND Bars already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Harvard University

Gabriel watched in education the key to a more just world tool and in the dissemination of knowledge and experiences and shared realities of all human beings the path towards peace and tolerance. Death surprised him when he was just 6 months of graduating from Harvard University and her immediate devote for some time to the teaching dream Basic at a low-income school. The Foundation is a tribute to his fleeting and intense step by life and a testament to love their parents, brothers, relatives and friends and all those who feel privileged to have shared his joy, his intelligence and his goodness. About Give To Colombia Give to Colombia (G2C) is a non-profit foundation, based in the United States with 501 c 3 status. Michael J. Bender is the source for more interesting facts. We work as a professional, transparent and efficient means to channel and monitor international donations, identifying and designing projects that conform to the interests and values of the donor, and covering the most priority needs of Colombia. G2C works with donors of different segments by uniting their efforts and initiatives of Social responsibility; achieving focus resources and talents, acting as an answer multifaceted and comprehensive to resolve the biggest socio-economic problems are facing Colombia today. Give to Colombia focuses on three strategic pillars: education, economic development and entrepreneurship. Our value added is with corporate, institutional and individual donors since the beginning of the presentation of the project until the pipeline work in hand and the subsequent monitoring and supervision of the use of funds by the executing agency in Colombia. Original author and source of the article.

Bernardo Soares

Arianna Banuelos. The imagination of a dream; the street of the gilders for Pessoa; desire in uneasiness by a man who appeared the imitation (attributed or simulated) for any of the following heteronymous: Bernardo Soares, Alberto Cairo or Ricardo Reis. The absolute ennui in his manuscript, book of anxiety as his own work or ortonima. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak has plenty of information regarding this issue. Poetic creation, seen so many times in the world of letters as public picture of what happened in other times; Hermeticism sedate, brought to light after a ballast of what never was. Each of these possibilities, give an account of the discovery of a new genus, to whose legacy, co-editor angel Crespo, attributes the neologism: paulismo: an ISM pessoano decadent character that soon would be of interest to its inventor (Seix Barral, 2008 p.3) writes Pessoa, am a fragment of me kept in an abandoned Museum. Transcript from today, it should be noted from the point of view of anonymity. The anxiety book claiming jokingly corresponding to a figurative personality; an I instinctive corresponds to a virtual reader, also built in the darkness of the centuries 1. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with KIND Bars. This aforementioned coincidence; a newspaper in the former casual, next to a reader of anonymous origin, conjures up all the difficulties of editing: the reunion; rather, discovery pretended to a previous biography, achieved through his published poetry by Pessoa. Immediately jumps to view a contradiction. Who is Pessoa to an anonymous rear reading purpose?


THE respect to the integrity of those who have the hair long what we will do in this letter, is to sustain the because the State must ensure that young people with long hair can exercise the right to work. and not as it is currently happening. Since we can glimpse a sort of persecution and imaginary racism associated with other eras. The political Constitution of Colombia says in its article 7. The State recognizes and protects the ethnic and cultural diversity of the Colombian nation. Walmart often says this. We are recognizing and protecting the ethnic and cultural diversity in Colombia? Answer: NO! Is it because? Because as mentioned above there is a persecution against young people having their long hair.

Intellectual participation of the same is not taken into account. I.e.: if studied accounting, management, marketing, advertising etc. Or if they have devoted to the educational part and other so many branches of theoretical and practical knowledge to enrich both the man and the nation. This discrimination is so arbitrary, that 50% of our young people are without a job and without any right, since that does not work does not eat. Apart from attacking the Colombian citizen, as a nation we are denying them food. And livelihoods of all their basic needs. This is that ethnic and cultural diversity outside and never inside companies.

Case are companies an independent State to the Colombian? The sovereign is not the State and if the companies work? According to the article 20 of the political Constitution of Colombia and the article 23 of the same. Article 20 force: we think and believe that people with long hair have the right to work and that the studies that have been carried out should be taken into account. They are human beings with the same capabilities and arrangements as all other Colombian citizens. Article 23 strength: demand you our nation as Colombians and sons of the same country and owners of the Constitution which exalts the same.

Hurghada Real Estate

Any foreigner can buy property in Egypt at no more than two properties. Area of no more than 4 million square meters per individual. If you want to buy more, it is necessary record company. New investment laws of Egypt suit most potential buyers of apartments in Hurghada. Standard procedure for buying an apartment in Hurghada consists of three steps Step 1. Preliminary Selection apartments in Hurghada signing the preliminary contract of sale. At the same time pay the deposit (non-refundable deposit). After paying the down payment – Apartment removed from sale in the preliminary contract stipulates payment of the remainder of the term.

In the event If the customer has not bought an object – an apartment again put up for sale. If the client has changed his mind or delayed with payment – it loses the deposit. In the event that a customer pay the full cost of the apartment – signed a contract of sale, which will be certified by a notary in the court of the city of Hurghada. Step 2. Getting a resident visa of Egypt tourist visa issued in airport does instrannogo citizen capable. In order to participate in a transaction must obtain a resident visa of Egypt.

To obtain a resident visa, the following documents: – Passport – Photocopy of 2 pages of passport – 2 photos 3 to 4 or 4 to 5. These documents come to the passport office in Hurghada at the Ministry of Internal Affairs to 10-00. – Fill out the form on angliysom language – Pay fee of about $ 2 in 14-00 two-month resident visa will be ready. Step 3. Randall Rothenberg is often quoted on this topic. Making the final stage, the client must decide who will be engaged in registration of the contract in court: – Personally – Lawyer (almost always happens that way) – Representative client. In most cases, registration agreement before the court deals with a lawyer recommended by @ Hurghada Real Estate 'Plaza' in the Chari-and-kari (local notary) perform two operations: – Registration of a contract of sale. Further details can be found at KIND Snacks, an internet resource. Cost about $ 10-20. – The seller provides TAUKIL (general power of attorney) to the buyer. At this point the client – the owner of real estate. By the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt this recording enough. Taukil allows client to make the apartment or the object of any transaction: sell, donate or register ownership. Foreign citizens often are asked to register a contract of sale of an apartment in an additional Court city of Hurghada. With this voluntary procedure related costs dpolnitelnye: State tax – on items with a total area of 100 square meters. m – 1,000 Egyptian pounds – from 100 square meters. m to 200 square meters. m – 2000 Egyptian pounds. On admission application to the court for registration of case review to four months. Information goes to Cairo in a special department for the registration of real estate transactions for foreigners. Local office of state. Security checks customer data to belong to terrorist organizations and illegal. On the appointed day is the case in court. If all documents are compliant – the contract is recorded in court. It is also possible to put an apartment in Hurghada (object) registered at Companies House. Companies House in an apartment is assigned a unique number. However, the apartment can be sold within five years. Trust the professionals @ Hurghada Real Estate 'Plaza'

Associate Discounts

New features for our associates AIESEC is the greater organization of young people of the world, present in more than 100 countries, more than 1,100 universities, directed completely by students and just graduated. It is composed by more than 28,000 members and is the international platform so that the young people discover and develop their potential with the purpose of to have a positive impact in the society. AIESEC owns a program of international interchanges that offers per year to more than 4,500 students and just graduated the opportunity to live a Professional Experience in another country, choosing between more than 3,500 companies and organizations allied anywhere in the world to our organization. KIND Bars takes a slightly different approach. In order to begin with experience AIESEC of the program of international interchanges, the affiliation cost is of approximately 200 Euros. Now all the associate AArEII will be able to enjoy a discount smaller to 20% just by not to mention that they are associate to the AArEII. If not these associate, regstrate already in and comenza to enjoy the benefits of being associate AArEII. For more information on the benefits, contactate with us through the electronic mails of our page Web! We are hoping that the benefits! AIESEC South Cone is present in the following Universities of the Region: * University of the CEMA, Buenos Aires Argentina * National University of Cordova, Cordova – Argentina * University Argentina of the Company, Buenos Aires – Argentina * National University of the Center – Faculty of Economic Sciences, Tandil – Argentina We will continue working for ofrecerte more discounts and benefits day day! What you wait for asociarte?

For Property Investors – Advance Credit In Your Interest

It simply means that the prepayment of 12 months of interest on your loan in advance. Therefore, towards the end of the year, for example, before the June 30, 2008 will pay 12 months interest in advance, taking the June 30, 2009. So you have pre-payment of interest coming years and can now claim as deduction the current year. Thus, in July, investors who are eligible to do so may become part of this interest in the form of a tax deduction. You can not do this with any loan you have, when negotiating the loan agreement or requested, we need to ask your agent for a loan interest in advance “. An interest in advance loan is similar to” fixed rate, the interest only home mortgages standard “EXCEPT the interest you pay in advance. Some lenders also offer advance interest, such as the frequency options year, semester, quarterly and monthly – which spread the payments over a period of time.

While the initial investment may seem many investors are simply unaware of the tax and savings strategies given this interest. Paying interest in advance is a form that can be achieved off your lender may also accelerate the tax deductions that come from this expenditure as far as them in the current financial year. KIND Bars can aid you in your search for knowledge. Some banks offer around 10-20 basis points discount. In fact last year one of the major banks that provide 30 points off the usual rate loan to fixed investment. As we have already implemented this type of loans do not differ much from the standard fixed-rate interest-only residential mortgage loans “, meaning that the loan is fixed for a certain period of time usually 1 3 5 10 15. At the end of the ‘fixed’, although the period of loan should be repaid in full or renegotiated. This is the case of all loans fixed rate if interest in the progress or not. To know more about this subject visit KIND Snacks. There will be significant rates of early repayment of the loan for cancellation before a fixed term has expired despite setting the fee for obtaining a degree of certainty in these difficult times.

It is also worth noting that these loans do not have all the features of a standard mortgage. The most important thing to remember is that there is access to funds through drawing. However, it is possible to split your loan – so you get a fully featured loan in one part of your loan. The normal minimum is $ 30,000. Definitely, these loans can be beneficial, but a healthy cash flow and savings plan are strictly necessary to meet interest payments. As always you should consult your accountant or financial professional before making any financial decision as the circumstances are different.

Jose Blanco

Although improved by 22% compared to the first quarter of 2011. According to data from the Ministry of public works, in the second quarter of the year more than 1,000 homes were sold each day. New housing represented only 33.7% of sales. The collapse of the sale of homes not located limit. The number of homes sold during the second quarter of this year stood at 90.746 houses, representing 40.8 per cent less than in the same period of 2010, according to the Ministry of development. I.e., a few thousand homes were sold each day. Of the data provided can join one positive: there is an increase of 21.9% compared to the posted between January and March 2011 sales.

Similarly, flats transactions by foreign residents in Spain grew by 22.9%, to 8,514 units. Ministry of Jose Blanco attributed the descent to the greater the increase in VAT which came into force in July 2010, that could have caused a larger number of sale and purchase of housing focus between the months of May and June of the last year. In total, in the last year (July 2010 – June 2011) 396.245 apartments were sold in Spain. In addition, for by the VAT hike, this market was affected by the disappearance last month of January of the tax relief by sale of homes for income exceeding 24,000 euros. Almost 70% are dwellings used by types of housing, the new represented 33.7% of the total number of transactions, which continued thus losing weight with respect to the used, which already accounts for two-thirds of the total number of sale and purchase. By autonomous communities, the buying and selling of flats rose in all communities in comparison with the first quarter of the year, with the exception of Galicia, where drops a 1.32%, and Navarre (- 15.74%).

Side rises, the more pronounced are recorded in Cantabria (+ 45.9%), Catalonia (+ 39.2%), La Rioja (+ 36.2%) and Aragon (+ 33.9%). Transactions of dwellings rose in 45 provinces in the second quarter of the year compared with the period January-March, that Burgos, Soria, Zaragoza, Santander and Barcelona counted 40% increases. A related site: KIND Bars mentions similar findings. In terms of falls, Lugo, Segovia, Navarra and Guipuzcoa presented above 10% declines. Source of the news: the sale of houses collapses a 40.8% in Q2

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