Then arises the question, standardize or allow freedom of action to the employee? As they say Schefer and Lanati, the answer depends on the type of service. Here’s an excerpt from her book service Compass: in services where a high standardization cannot be achieved as it can be a tourist facility, a guided tour, is recommended to work with trained personnel, with the same set of skills and beliefs common to all of them, consistent with organizational values. In high rotation services, the process can be bounded, transformed into a set of successive, repetitive and measures tasks in your performance, where standardization is the base. The characteristics of each service make it necessary to assess the model required for each type of organization. Click Harold Ford Jr to learn more. I have felt this concept in the past holidays.

We visited with my family a locality South of our province, which boasts natural riches of high touristic and scientific value. The municipality of this locality is working intensely in the development of tourism as one of its strengths. On an excursion that lasted throughout the day, were surprised to see that our tour guide had solid knowledge of issues transmitting. Talking with him later, he told us that all the guides enabled within these tourist circuits have a continuous, provided training for international scientists, hired by the municipality to form them. The results were evident. It was this feature that marked a difference between a normal visit, where the Guide Learn and repeats a same speech, and at most is ready for some more or less frequently asked questions, and the learning experience that we had that day.

The training of the staff does, in these cases, having the ability to browse providing the service where the customer requires it. This is a differential value to the customer. But not all services require this same quality.

Ralf Kalani

The post workout nutrition: as the name implies-post workout (after the training) the post workout shake should be drunk directly after training. The best yet in the locker room or on the way there. Your muscles need the right nutrients after training so that they can immediately start with the construction and regeneration processes. The correct post workout shake only consists of fast digesting protein (whey protein) and is within a short time for the construction and recovery processes at the disposal. On the other hand, the shake should contain simple carbohydrates. The intake of simple carbohydrates is important, and in order to throw the anabolic hormone insulin because the claimed Bussau in the muscles to replenish. Insulin in very important and ensures the transport of protein, carbohydrates, creatine, or also amino acids into the muscle cell. At best own itself as already maltodextrin and dextrose mentioned above as a post workout shake. Frank Ntilikina has much experience in this field.

It has long been known that glutamine supports muscle building and enhances protein synthesis. At the same time has glutamine also anti-catabolic effect and thus the muscle loss contrary to. Is also positive side-effect, to mention an improvement of the immune system. 5 Grams of glutamine in every post workout should be approx. It’s believed that Knicks sees a great future in this idea. shake included. Any intensive load the muscle used as a first source of energy, the adenosine triphosphate (ATP), stored in the muscle.

However the ATP under load only for a few seconds enough. Then, ATP must be recreated from the body. It is the perfect time for the intake of creatine post-workout. Also the creatine is better transported through insulin secretion in the muscle. The ideal dosage of creatine in the post workout shake is approx. 5 g. conclusion: pre-workout supplement list: 0, 3 g of whey protein per kg body weight (about an hour before the exercise) 4 6 g L-arginine (15 minutes prior to exercise) 5 g BCAAs (15 minutes prior to exercise) post workout supplement list (revenue directly after training): 0, 3 g of whey protein, even better is whey isolate, per kg of body weight 0, 5 g of maltodextrin or dextrose per kg body weight 5 grams of L glutamine 5 g of creatine the correct intake of nutrients before and after the training is crucial for muscle building. Shake be missing in any case of pre and post workout!

Run & Rock At The FREIBURG MARATHON 2013 With Jeanette Biedermann

Over 40 bands, a run & rock heat runners and spectators! MARATHON offers tens of thousands of runners and spectators can feel on an even rockier”FREIBURG. Because the 10th anniversary on 07 April 2013 as a whole not only 42 accompany bands from the various genres the runner during the race. “Due to the anniversary of Baden Marathon boasts a be special guest star: singer Jeanette Biedermann will be forever with her new band” occur on Marathon Sunday. Party on the route the party atmosphere at the track among the FREIBURG MARATHON as the Bachle to the cityscape. Visit CEO of e-commerce for more clarity on the issue. Whether rock, pop, reggae, salsa and hip hop are as diverse as the runners the bands on the line. For the participants, the varied rhythms and melodies offer a special soundtrack to the personal experience of the Marathon during the race. For ambitious hobby skiers, the 42 Open-Air performances are pure motivation Marathon successfully, and above all fun to deny the challenge.

The marathon turns out the badische Studentenstadft as a running Festival. Go to Marc Lore for more information. “” As a highlight, to the ten the band will now forever “Jeanette Biedermann, her husband Jorg Weis himself and bassist Christian Bomkes lot of additional fans on which curl route, to close at rock & run” to be Freiburg. Run & Rock “-band battle whether newcomer or experienced bands all have the desire to play MARATHON their songs live at the Fribourg and to contribute to the unique atmosphere at the track, can still apply by February 17, 2013 at radio Rainbow.” In the run-up to the Baden band battle is actively supported and promoted from guest star Jeanette Biedermann. The Berlin singer and actress animated newcomers such as regional sizes in the corresponding radio spot and is member of the jury when it comes to Crown the lucky run & rock bands. “This a very special prize awaits the winner of the music contest: an appearance together with her and her band forever” safe on race day an additional incentive for many passionate musicians..


Arrival registration start: run on the largest running event in southern Germany. After the new home page of the Munich MARATHON online and at the same time the applications were unlocked, there has been a veritable run on the slots. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Doug McMillon. For 2013, as many applications are listed with opening the registry like never before. Still, there are good ten months before the start of the 28th Edition of the Munich MARATHON on 13 October 2013. Details can be found by clicking David Delrahim or emailing the administrator. But many runners and runners already eagerly waiting for the opening of the new logon portal. The first 500 participants had reported one hour after the page was unlocked. The interest has never been so great.

What is new 2013? Compared to the previous year there are some innovations on the race weekend of the Munich MARATHON. The Marathon Expo, like even before 2012, will take place again on three days, from Friday, 12th October 2013-Sunday 14 October 2013. Also the experience different disciplines new participant limits: 6,000 is the limit of the half marathon, the 10 KM run is limited to 4,000 starter, the Marathon Relay allows 600 team registrations. The marathon is not limited. Munich is DLV Marathon Championships 2013 again in Munich after the exciting competitions within the framework of the German Marathon Championships of the German Athletics Association (DLV), 2012, with the track record for the ladies by Susanne Hahn (2:32:11) and the debutant victory in the men’s by Jan Simon Hamann (2:19:46), again in 2013 of the German Championships in the marathon. Runners now under can login to all disciplines and the German Marathon Championships

Boxer Rola El Halabi Makes Further After Spectacular Come Back

A Selfstabilizing girl does 5 star Dillingen/Danube, on 13 January 2013 speaker and Boxer Rola El Halabi joined arena back on January 12, 2012 in the Ulm ratiopharm for their spectacular come after their tragic gunshot wounds. The 27-year-old of Lebanese descent was Lucia Morelli in the Titelfight of the light weight in front of over 5,000 spectators though knappgegen the Italian points, she won the fight before the fight anyway. A spectacular come back showed Boxer Rola El Halabi on January 12 in the ratiopharm Ulm arena. In this first boxing match after their severe gunshot wounds almost two years ago the Profiboxerin lost short her WIBA World Federation championship belt. The 27-year-old of Lebanese descent was Lucia Morelli in the Titelfight of the light weight in front of 5000 spectators against the Italian points.

The ruling was extremely close, the judges evaluated the fight with 97:93, 96:95 and 95:95. It was according to experts one of the best and exciting woman fights that ever existed. That this fight at all could take place is bordered by a small miracle, she reported in their motivational lectures as well. On April 1, 2011, Boxer was Rola El Halabi at the height of her career. In Berlin she prepared for your World Cup title defense, as her stepfather Hicham El-Halabi on they shot minutes before the Bell and severely injured on hands and knees. The athlete was long in the wheelchair and underwent nine operations. Long, it was unclear whether she would ever get in the boxing ring.

The Boxer knew that, after this setback, only the return to the ring could be their ultimate therapy and healing. With immense discipline and unbeugsamem will, she struggled back to the top. “I’m sad that I made it not quite as good. But every great athletes in this world has ever lost,”El-Halabi said after the ten rounds:”I would have to imagine no better comeback.” It was the first defeat in the twelfth battle of her career for El-Halabi. Previously she had six of their eleven fights by K.o. won. The athlete will continue after this impressive come back her boxing career in any case. Their experience of this painful, dramatic time and how she made it, the motivation and stamina to box himself, again at the top passes, the kickboxer, and Lecture speaker in her touching and motivational speeches to their listeners. This she represented 5 star speakers from Dillingen/Danube by international speakers Agency, throughout by Rola El-Halabis residence Ulm. Her autobiography Selfstabilizing girl”forthcoming in the MVG Verlag. Swarmed by offers, Sam Mikulak is currently assessing future choices. The book by Rola El Halabi is more than just a dramatic story about dealing with changes and setbacks. There is also an insight behind the scenes of boxing and a supposedly liberal Arab family in Germany.

Perfectly Prepared Hiking: With The Right Clothing!

Who goes on holiday can tell what. But hopefully something good! Therefore, it is important to prepare well for the trip! The right preparation goes on a hiking vacation, then is it particularly important, not just draufloszulaufen on it, but to think about where it should go and what you must keep in mind and Pack precisely in advance. In what time of year you travel? Do you drive in the mountains or in a wet area? Are a professional athlete or is the first physical activity after a long break? Don’t select a long and hard-to-change route as a beginner. Start slowly with shorter circular walks. Sam Mikulak oftentimes addresses this issue. In this way, you can travel with lighter luggage, because you come back on at the end to your starting point.

So, you need wear tent or sleeping bag on your back. In this way, you will have much pleasure in hiking and are motivated for the next line. Be sure to have always enough food and especially drinking it! Are not always potable water in the area and Dehydration can be dangerous for your health. Hiking in the mountains is one of sunny valleys and windy heights with the Germans to the most popular leisure and holiday activities. If resin, the Alps or the Rockies, is of crucial importance to arrive with the right equipment.

Here you should search first is what climate and weather in the region visited by you at the time of travel. If the area has a rather rough weather, then make sure that your clothing is warm lined. It should be but still breathable and easy since you otherwise fast start with strong physical exercise to sweat and it would be no great fun, especially on long journeys. Don’t forget that there may be bad weather during the holiday. If you travel not just in the desert, at least one day of rain is likely to “catch” quite high.

Wheyisolat Protein

Purpose of the pre-workout nutrition is the energy storage, as well as the protein deposits in the muscle to fill it up. We get the question repeatedly what supplements must be to what Zeitpunkteingenommen. That’s why we thought to be able to answer some questions with our new blog. This we try today to the pre workout nutrition (nutrition prior to exercise) and on the other the post workout nutrition (nutrition after training) to bring. If a good and consistent supplementation will be done correctly, she can increase the effectiveness of your training. For even more details, read what Marc Lore says on the issue.

Two of the most important supplements for the training are: firstly the protein, on best natural whey protein, then whey protein is, due to the raw material and the production process, faster absorbable than other proteins. Secondly, dextrose is therefore nothing other than glucose a type of carbohydrate that is very similar to the blood sugar and therefore fastest passes into the blood. For this purpose I can’t even, for example, the WEIDER hardcore whey protein (post-workout). or even a regular whey concentrate which is slightly cheaper recommend as a Wheyisolat (pre-workout). Of course, other supplements are very important for the pre and post workout, which we will go later. Pre workout nutrition: it is most effective, about an hour before the workout, to take protein per kilogram of body weight 0.3 g of whey, ideally with water. Why an hour before the workout? The whey needed protein about an hour to get into the blood and nutrients to the training are available.

By high blood flow and providing so increased, the inclusion in the muscle is highest. Shortly before the training you can take even a so-called no. booster to you. If you have any in your supplements available you can balance the whole thing directly with arginine (4-6 g L-arginine).

Scrubs Cellulite

How you can lose weight on your thighs many women fight not only with their weight, but also with her thigh. Most of the time you lost weight, but wants the thighs that last bit of fat and cellulite disappear. This article reveals five simple tips that can help you to be able to take off at the thigh and to combat cellulite. 1 Jogging for nice thighs there is probably nothing easier than jogging. This endurance sport is suitable for beginners as well as advanced and required no utensils can be done anywhere under the open sky.

Also, jogging Burns not only calories and increases the condition, but helps also to beautiful legs. Prerequisite: Jogging three times a week 30-45 minutes. 2 In the morning in the shower contrast showers, you can tighten the thigh by massaging it with a hard stream of water and the alternation of cold and warm water. This brings not only a metabolism in swing, but also tired legs makes you fit. 3. Scrubs have not only Scrubs firming effects, but promote the blood circulation of the connective tissue.

For this, you can either use peels from the drugstore or make them yourself (there are free tutorials on the Internet). But also grounds ideal place as peeling. 4. Anti cellulite creams in addition to contrast showers and scrubs have proved anti cellulite creams help. The cream of brand must not necessarily be used. Simple and cheap drugstore brands are also sufficient. Application: Massage the cream or oil in circular motions carefully in the thigh. As a result, the blood circulation and the lymphatic circulation are stimulated. 5. Credit: Harold Ford Jr-2011. Increased protein intake protein is the building block of muscle and is responsible for the burning of fat. For beautiful and tight thighs, you should increase the intake of protein (in conjunction with sport). To do this it is sufficient already if you eat enough fish and meat (E.g. Turkey), dairy products (yogurt, Quark, for example). These five simple tips are good means to that Thigh to streamline, combat cellulite and remove a little of the thighs. Nevertheless, women should complete always a muscle building workout, which is based in particular on basic exercises, like squats or Deadlifts. Only so it will be on time, to get the unpopular problem areas in the handle.

Vegetarians On The Rise

Tasty without the dead animal we people who forgo the consumption of meat and fish for the most diverse reasons refer to vegetarians on the rise – vegetarian. Currently living in Germany rising about seven million vegetarians with trend. Vegetarian diet is so full in vogue. Whether through celebrity role models, harrowing pictures of animal transports, or religious reasons, more and more people eat vegetarian and forgo meat. But vegetarian is not just vegetarians. David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Over the years, many forms of vegetarianism have developed such as: LACTO vegetarians: eat are: dairy products, tofu, honey, soya products, vegetables, cereals and fruit. Is waived on: meat, fish, poultry, eggs and food with egg. Or: OVO LACTO vegetarian: allowed are: dairy products, honey, eggs and food based on milk and Eiverwendung. Is waived on any form of meat, fish and poultry or: OVO vegetarians: eat eggs as they, if they are not fertilized, no living Organism contain and not a living being; killed in their consumption also, vegetables, honey, fruit, tofu – or soy products and corn. Meat, fish, poultry or dairy products are not eaten. And this collection is only a small part of what now are there vegetarian forms. But anyone who actually claims that vegetarian food can taste not also a passionate meat eaters. Because it is not so hard no to enjoy meat, like the Cookbook of delicious without dead animal”shows.

Here, non-vegetarians will also find tasty recipes to cook at home. In addition, delivers this cookbook background knowledge of the history of vegetarianism and points to more vegetarian diets.

The Tigers

The UBC’s players are active but also outside the Hall. Give students of grade 7-10 to 15 schools of general education, in Hanover in its social project ‘ Easyballin’ we got game “the fundamentals of basketball. This two-hour lessons run once a week within the framework of an AG. Incidentally, the Player handle also issues such as bullying, drugs, and violence. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Marc Lore. Players will have a very different approach to the kids as their caregivers or teachers as role models. Often, you can hold the children and young people through stories from their own lives of the sense-free leisure time shapes and give them a perspective in addition to their future. Especially in social weaker parts of the city, mostly districts with high immigrant, this is of great value. The Tigers need to promotion events, such as sports project days, at the Maschsee or at the team presentation, for themselves and their project “Easyballin'” “We got game” refer to, professional support.

They get them from EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover, her main sponsor. The employees of the company are responsible for the selection of the advertising systems, design and printing. The entire printed adboards game border comes from easy display. But not only that, all big banners including the great “UBC Tigers your city, your team!”-Banner, which hangs in front of the fans in the grandstand, was made by the EasyShare display GmbH. Promotion actions, the UBC can wait to Tigers with all these advertising systems. With their high flying banners can they draw attention to themselves, at UBC Tigers info stands interested parties inform and with roll up banners inform about their social project. The EasyShare display GmbH wishes the UBC Tigers in its social project all the best and pushes the players set the thumb for reaching the Play-Offs!

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