The study realised by Claude Berrebi, of the Berkley Economic Press (Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy Volume 13, Issue 1 2007 Article 2) that tries to find the relation between the terrorism and the degree of education, says that compared with the total of the Palestine population, the majority of the Palestinian terrorists has more high education. The data taken from the terrorists (who were studied) between aims of the decade of the 80 and May of the 2002 suggest it as much high education and stantard of life positively is associated with the participation in the Hams or the Islamic Jihad for convertise in suicidal terrorist, whereas to be married it reduces of important form the possibility of participating in terrorist activities. The report says that unlike which is reflected in the Palestine society, between which they participate in terrorist activities is possible to be found that half of them can be called poor. Of 208 terrorists who were investigated through study, 96% have completed the school secondary, and 65% have something of tertiary education, whereas Palestinian 15% and 51% generally that have secondary education of the total of the Palestinians that have tertiary education.