To be a good student at school will be studying and not to lose the year nor to waste time. To University you will acquire the necessary knowledge to successfully perform a profession, prepare the generational and let firm bases for the construction of a country better in the development of their social, economic and human relations and renewed in its essence. While we are in the classroom, good performance is an obligation. Being a student is synonymous with continued effort, permanent dedication and anxieties related to a theme inherent in the training programmes. Continuous evaluation and the need to show good results to move forward in the progressive scale of the academic plan in which you are registered.

Let’s look at some aspects that are going to be useful in the event that, as it is obvious, you want to obtain very good results in your academic life, understanding these results not only as good grades but with the useful learning for life and work and the early and successful inclusion in the labour market. Let’s see then: must have clarity as to the vocation, what makes us vibrate and excites us, because in the chosen profession we will spend most of the day every day of our lives. Choosing correctly is an initial and essential step to ensure good results since it was proven that we better do what we like, such as happens to children, who are happy for example, in the game to the point that sometimes prefer it over something that I like them, such as eating or drinking your favorite drink. If you have not yet chosen your future profession, keep in mind something that you like and allow you to grow as a person and as a professional. If you are already embarked on something that you feel that it is not yours, it is better that you go falling or think with seriousness in pursuing an alternate career in which you can make you fully.