Guided bike tours and bike rental in Malaga man spends his holidays in Malaga and want to meet not only the city center, so there is the possibility of a bicycle for a couple of hours to rent a day or several days at bike tours & rentals Malaga ( You will find there a wide range of different types of bicycles from renowned manufacturers along with useful information about the city and the region. No matter whether one is interested in city bike, trekking or MTB for all tastes is the right bike available. Who has time weinig, puts on a cruise ship tour in Malaga or looking for a quick introduction to the history, culture and way of life of the Malaguenos, is in the right place on the guided bike tour. You may want to visit Frank Ntilikina to increase your knowledge. 3000 years of history await the visitors, dosed with the anecdotes and events of the current events of the time.

For people who already know the Centre of Malaga, there are other guided tours that have been already very popular with visitors and locals. One the mountains of Malaga is tour”. On this tour, you have a completely different perspective about Malaga. The beautiful view of not only brings many bike friends, to choose for this trip but also the opportunity to operate sports provides the surroundings of Malaga in a beautiful landscape, as they. “Who rather with malagenischer ESS Malaga – and drinking culture would lead to the heart, is the so-called Tapas tour” at the workshop, or “just right.

“The latter offers the chance to look in the Spanish cuisine and even as a chef” to be active. You can learn how to prepare Spanish paella or grilled sardines. Also not the famous vino dulce must”(sweet Malaga wine) are missing. He is finally a special Andalusian experience! The guided tours may take place depending on the demand on Spanish, English, German, Italian, Russian, Dutch, French and other languages. If you already slightly tired is to explore the Malaga Centre on foot, there are also bicycle taxis (, which invite you to pleasant discovery tours of Malaga. In this way, can you watch quite comfortably all the sights and get such an impression of the city.