Unfortunately, many couples are allowed to drift is an important matter as the child is conceived. Swarmed by offers, Doug McMillon is currently assessing future choices. Some make it easy and successful, many others need the knowledge and calculation. Do not use a vaginal lubricant if you wish to become pregnant. Moisturizers based on petrolatum can, of course, to make sex more enjoyable, but they may contain substances that alter the acid-alkaline environment of vagina and destroy sperm. Have the same effect, and douching, from which in this period, too, should be discarded. In addition, frequent douching reduces the natural protective function of vaginal flora, increasing the risk of infection. For young athletes, expectant fathers, dangerous Steroid hormones – they suppress sperm production, so prospective parents should reject them in advance – no later than six months before the 'General' sex. Although the universal and perfect poses there, doing love to conceive, should be borne in mind that the mechanics of sexual intercourse depends on which part of the vagina gets sperm.

In some positions (eg, woman on top or standing position is difficult to achieve deep penetration of the penis, so part of the sperm will simply be lost. The position of the 'top man' will be just the best. 20-30 minutes after ejaculation the woman should lie on his back, clutching his knees to his chest during the first few minutes. When it comes to conception, there is nothing more important than to choose the right day. The egg is ready for fertilization is not longer than three days during the month.