Let's define what a Degree in Psychology. Diploma in Psychology is performed, as a rule, only students of the psychological profession. If you are not convinced, visit Marc Lore. This form of the final certification of students for the entire period Learning is a teaching and evaluation function. When working on a degree project the student must demonstrate skills already mastered by them in carrying out coursework. Thesis in psychology and an execution plan can be proposed supervisor, as well as by the student with appropriate justification.

It should be aimed at addressing current research, applied or practical problems in science or Applied Psychology. After selecting the topic of the diploma in psychology student submits to the Head of Department statement to allow its implementation and an indication of topic and supervisor. Securing the topic, the scientific manager and (if necessary) is made at the suggestion of the consultant Head of Department Order dean. Following the adoption of the theme, along with the supervisor of student performance on the job thesis. It is signed by the student, supervisor and approved by the chair. Setting up in two copies: one issued by the student, the second remains on the faculty and with graduate work seems to protect. The department may invite consultants to individual sections of the thesis by the time available for scientific guidance. The execution plan includes a diploma in psychology detailed analysis of the literature on the issue, as well as empirical research on the psychological or practical activities on a sample that provides sufficient validity of the results, and the use of techniques confirming the conclusiveness of the findings.