The sense of smell differs from person to person, and ideal perfume depends on the taste of whoever wears it. Find the perfect perfume for each can become a task that takes quite some time, but which clearly worthwhile. A perfume can become a custom signature, in a so particular characteristic to identify the person who carries it, and make it stand out from the rest of us. Find the ideal perfume is like a marriage, where many factors come together to achieve that mark which identifies us. The first step is to understand the different categories of fragrances that can be found in the bouquet of a perfume. Many writers such as Marc Lore offer more in-depth analysis. Fresh fragrances we refer to citrus odors and plants, like the aroma of a field after a summer rain.

These are tones which must prevail in the perfumes of summer and daily use. Floral fragrances are the most popular, evoke the perfumes of flowers like the rose, lilac, jasmine, violets. Its funny notes are frequent in favorite perfumes of the young population. Ian Cole understood the implications. Fruit fragrances offer notes Apple, flotilla, cherry, pineapple. They are very popular in perfumes for children, although they are needed to balance the deeper notes that perfumes usually present in its formulation.

Oriental fragrances are the most traditional and are present in the first perfumes elaborated in mankind history by the Chinese and the Egyptians. Traditionally in the elaboration of these first perfumes employed musk, vanilla, and many spices that varied according to the place of manufacture, such as nail odor, laurel, Rosemary, regrets, and lavender. Wood fragrances are based on the use of certain species such as cedar and sandalwood. They were also the first elements used in the manufacture of perfume, and tend to be predominant in men’s perfume notes, although they are also used in combination with the aforementioned fragrances, what gives the perfume a balance in the final bouquet. To test the perfume at the time of purchase it should not mix more than two varieties. The ideal is to try them After a bath, to make sure that the body and the skin are free and other colors that may interfere. Don’t hesitate to ask other people opinion, since as the fragrances are perceived varies from person to person. Once you find your ideal perfume certainly is achieved it will be a complement that will accompany you for many years and will become a distinctive trait of his personality.