Facebook has decided that all its users use the new GUI on your social network. The changes are significant and we speak of them in the past month of December. There are many users who have complained to not like the new Facebook presentation. The social network changes are many, from the box where we put before State or links until the detection of important people to you to show you more information about them. Now when we are going to see a profile of a friend, the first thing that we get are 5 pictures between your friend and you.

The vision of your friend’s friends, has also changed and now are much larger. Something that already in the last update could see something and that Facebook is giving importance and the information that is in common Facebook between you, and your contact is also deployed easily seeing pictures in which the two profiles and information are labeled joint. It shows your interests and connect with friends who share them, like sports teams, people who you admire, etc. The topics that are you most interested in are reflected in a series of images that you can reorganize in accordance with their order of importance. Link to full article: original author and source of the article