If chili or roses, whether per species rare or tomato seeds many Succulents, houseplants, enrich the comprehensive and unique seeds offer exclusive flowering potted plants, orchids and cacti. The exotic and unique Botany shop in the Switzerland is equipped with lots of love and with first-class designer furniture by Salome Pinkus. For two years, over 1800 various seeds for garden and home marketed online. Customers from Switzerland, Austria and Germany, offers a unique service for flower and plant lovers. Both the demand and the offer for seeds have grown 2010 massively in the UN year of biodiversity. Saemereien.ch maintains a probably unique in Europe selection, all classic and well-known varieties of seeds, as well as hundreds of exotic and rare seeds online at. The Mindestbestellbetrag of seed delivery amounted to 5.50 euros.

The average delivery time is a work week. The trend 2010 is for gardening, flower and vegetable friends very carefully selected seeds for spices. The spice seeds such as for example Chillisamen, are generally very popular. An ordinary seeds order? “Ordinary” orders are a rarity, even if someone would like to purchase “only” tomato seeds online. Why? Would like to order tomato seeds a tomato Connoisseur online visit Saemereien.ch… What he found to his delight and surprise, is a selection of no less than 100 various classic tomato and tomato seeds from around the world.

Green, yellow, red and even black Tomaten…eine eye candy for all garden lovers. Organic seeds are also very popular for garden and home. The plant and flower seeds online shop has a very wide range of over 600 organic seeds from organic farming. Seeds with the label “Pro specie RARA”, organic seeds, all kinds of spice seeds, and many exotic seeds are all well documented and offered online by the Saemereien.ch online store. High season is during the next two months: gardening and nurseries and private sow and prepare yourself for a bountiful harvest before. All 1800 seeds from all continents are very well described. For every online shop visitors/visit is online an enrichment and offers everyone the opportunity to deepen his knowledge of organic seeds and rare varieties of plants. On a retail space of over 100 m 2 in the city of Zurich, customers have the opportunity to acquire seeds from all countries of the world directly on-site.