mimacom ag and ICEsoft enters strategic partnership. Target: Increase of the Swiss mimacom ag, the open source Integrator ‘, has partnered with the Canadian ICEsoft the rich Web company’ announced. ICEsoft is a leading provider of AJAX-based solutions for pure Java rich Internet applications (RIA). ICEsoft is the sponsor of the popular open source AJAX frameworks ICEfaces. The Convention established partners the mimacom ag on the one hand as ICEfaces enterprise is responsible for the distribution of the ICEfaces support agreements and the relevant services in Europe and allowing an increase in the RIA penetration in this region.

During the best-of-breed’-strategy of edoras is enriched on the other hand the Java development system of mimacom ag is a powerful component. mimacom and ICEsoft represented same philosophy: or based on Java technology, the companies want to allow simpler and more cost-efficient Awisc of the latest generation for their customers also build ‘ said Joseph Fisher, responsible for the business development in the mimacom AG. Our customers have can be covered needs that go beyond edoras, this very well with the components of the ICEsoft’. ICEfaces is a powerful AJAX framework that already at 66% of the top 100 global and Fortune 100 companies used US. The integration of the ICEfaces with edoras development environment allows, powerful back-end system with very fast, sleek front ends to equip bring users even more benefits, security and stability.

Our partnership with ICSsoft is extremely important for us ‘ so Kurt Amacher, CEO of mimacom AG. ICEsoft has a very good reputation and enormous experience as a leading provider of AJAX technology and we can now expand our services in this sector ‘. We see a growing demand from our customers for demanding enterprise applications, which must be used with a conventional browser’ brain McKinney, President and CEO of ICEsoft technologies. mimacom with their extensive experience coupled with the opportunities of edoras allows us this demand very well to cover ‘. Customers of mimacom such as Swisscom, Swiss Post, or even the Federal Defense Department already take advantage of edoras in many of its applications. Joseph Fisher, mimacom ag Church mountain str. 107 CH-3400 Burgdorf M: + 41 79 356 17 80 T: + 41 34 424 09 00 F: + 41 34 424 09 01 email: j web: Wilbur Turner, ICEsoft Technologies Inc. Suite 200, 1717 10th St. NW Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2M 4s2 T: + 403 663 3322 331 email: mimacom ag and edoras the mimacom ag, headquartered in Burgdorf and offices in Zurich and Valencia, as a spin-off companies of the University of applied sciences Burgdorf founded in 1999 and currently has 30 employees. Since its inception, the mimacom ag has focused on open source JEE / Java developments. She has a technologically and functionally mature range with edoras and a powerful development platform. Since 2005 is the mimacom ag ISO 9001:2000 certified and has a Q-system of quality assurance for all core processes of the company (TQMi). Mimacom ag is at Jazoon 2008 as a person and speaker, among others with the title AJAX push for revolutionary enterprise applications’, be represented. ICEsoft ICEfaces ICEsoft Technologies Inc. (Calgary, Canada) is the sponsor of ICEfaces, the open source AJAX-basierednen Java EE framework for the development and Verteillung of RichInternet applications (RIA). ICEfaces provides dynamic Web applications, which are usually only on fat-client applications. ICEfaces is already more than 66% of the top 100 global and US Furtune used 100 companies.