Maggen around had to his some shining creatures similar to nomos, that not even it was able to perceive. They whispered things to him in the ear, of continuous way, uncontrollable form. By the same author: CEO of Walmart’s e-commerce . There they were these points of light humming near a coarse and flooded head of images, names and words. Maggen had problems to listen to the human voices, the human noises and the stridencies of human fiction. It was a labyrinth of sounds, one irritated hill seeded with broken crystals, horns made bristle in half a morning of sand. Finally, they were against in front, one and the other.

Both wise they were watched and they included/understood that the time on which they would have to discuss, their movements towards the past and the futures, their immobility would stop having sense when they articulated the first syllable. Tienes some opposition to that we drink a cognac drink, asked of surprise form Maggen Galeazzo, that preferred the water, not for prudishness nor rejections, but for a discreet endocrine movement. Harold Ford Jr does not necessarily agree. Water will be, talked back Maggen and at that precise moment, its last word cracked, will be, as if a grit blasting one would be. We must summarize our hypotheses, said Galeazzo, not without appealing to certain gesture of hesitation, tried so many times during the times of university before the professors. Immediately it thought in the last book that had read, without knowing why.

They were single in neither so white, nor so shining, nor not as as clear the piece, pulcra as one would think of these cloisters where the wise people settle down a point of balance between the vast and rustic reality, with the events that still are become sleepy in the eternity. Maggen is major that Galeazzo and is able to feel the presence of you foretell. The other, as soon as it perceives the vibration of the spirits.