Munich are all running out of Munich, October 10, 2010 – on foot or on a bike was faster on Sunday the 10th of October not only more environmentally friendly on the road, but in many places of the city. Because the cars had to make room for 18,000 people in sneakers Marathon to the 25th Munich indulging the common their passion. For the first time also a half marathon was held within the framework of the City Marathon. Bianca Meyer, founder of the RUNNING company has won. The Munich native not only runs for her life like, but also made it his profession: in 2008, she founded the RUNNING company, which now applies to the requested party to professional ski training. The Munich Marathon is my personal highlight of the run of the year. “After the last two years each second in the marathon, now in the Jubliaumslauf tried her luck at the half distance and made the leap to the highest podium in 1: 21.38 h and thus 6 seconds ahead of the second place, Nicole Bohm.

To one Day before the run lay flat the Munich native with a cold and played even with the idea to stay in bed. Luckily it felt better again on Sunday when waking up. But, that I would win so posted, I didn’t!”she pleased. From the outset, up to the last meter she was ahead. It ran like by itself and it has once again confirmed that must agree not only the shape, but also the preparation be good and well thought-out. “Is very much known according to Bianca Meyer to run because as soon as” and good training. Often runners wonder why their movement speed despite regular running suddenly stagnated or why they get heavy legs after a few kilometres.

Often an ineffective training is to blame or the sight of the essential missing “, so the expert.” The workouts of RUNNING company is entered on each individual personally, according to his needs and specificities. Individual coaching will be big for us in the group training written, because everyone is at a different starting point, everyone has different conditions, each has a different target, on which he works out “.” The company in addition to regular workout in the group personal training, skiing courses for beginners, a diet and exercise plan coaching has in the program. Amateur and professional athletes can can also prepare on races or marathons. The boss himself is running for 27 years and can no longer imagine a life without running, even though it has now than owner no longer quite so much time for competitions. But what must be always in it, is Munich Marathon and he was especially nice with plenty of sunshine and clear blue skies this time for the anniversary. Only less disruptive was the headwind “, she summarizes the true probably for responsible that I could not beat my personal best of five years ago”. Also around 15 of their customers started up for one of the four distances, of which one or the other about a new Best enjoyed. Celebrated was of course together, because team spirit is necessarily at the RUNNING company. “” In the evening, Bianca invited their proteges’ to an after-party Marathon Schwabing a, where she are especially looked to one: on a comfortable chair, grins them and a cold beer.” That has earned them! Cheers and congratulations!