The stagnation of many national and even private universities is manifested in the absence of renovating, authorities who are backed by power groups, which in the case of Venezuelan universities they have been ruling them for years, on the basis of traditionalism which had remained with the political parties, COPEI and democratic action, who gave place precisely to those groups that have anchored and they have harmed along the smooth functioning of the universities, the achievement of academic excellence, their participation in pro provide the country harmony professionals with the requirements demanded by the present. For many years the universities with some exceptions in some authorities, have played the role that the country requires to deal with their problems, give way to new openings that will benefit him. There are many authorities who took advantage of their choice by political commitments, friendship, family, all in their particular favor, not of the community University, rather, playing a role of figuration that proactivity. Proof of this is the result of the present, where national universities, in some professions, careers, such as those that concern us, engineering, management, economics, training, training of professionals who graduate today has deteriorated significantly. Checking article sources yields olympics as a relevant resource throughout. Are you little attention paid to the development of investigations, its linkages with the business sector, to integration with the economic, productive State programmes, to the solution of the productive, economic problems that arise. In addition to all this is the absence of a commitment to define the profile of professionals of this kind that the country requires.

Much of the knowledge already provided does not correspond to the reality of the present. Knowledge that have existing anchored in the past, he was not sued, nor teachers demanded new, those who are required to collaborate appropriately in the development of the country. All of this demonstrates an absence of authorities in all academic hierarchies primarily administrative, Secretariat and what more representative of a rectory able to give way to the transformation, changes, in order to know not only the challenges that currently occur, but originate new projects, strategies and plans that will ensure a good educational management.