The plant of illusion and dreams can also be analyzed in a context of reality lived without hiding in fact what it can be identified with Real and or imaginary. The fiction is necessary in our lives, it is attributed to the capacity of awaking the curiosity of any pupil. The professor must use of this canal, the novel, to develop significant contents capable to constitute abilities and to construct abilities. If the professor will be prepared to use this armory of pedagogical possibilities certainly its lesson will be much more eletrizante, productive and with certainty he will favor the process education and learning. Exactly when the novels transform the plot of the subject into pure reality or pure imitation of American films, it creates slangs, said fashion, dumb customs, still thus, being used well can transform lives, form pupils to live and coexist in society. The influence that the TV, in special novels provides is significant, therefore it would be impossible to imagine without TV, we do not visualize our life without it, so great is its necessity that we daily accustom to press the button so as soon as we arrive the house. If not to know to manage the productions of this media we can demystify mote of that it deludes the majority of the population of the low layers of the society, due to escolarizao, alfabetizao. We cannot consider the television as one of the villainous of the modern society, it must to be considered as a canal of interlocution of the communication with its public, either it adult young and children, fit to each one to distinguish what he is of good production, formative, real and what he happens in the plan of the imaginary one, of the dream. I understand that he is to salutar to feed the field of the illusions and the dreams without leaving to think about the real condition to make to happen everything that we can carry through without proper damage or and of they outrem. I say more, we need to know to extract of this universe of fancy and compound of reality what he is in fact productive, efficient and necessary for the formation of the pupils, is used they in the escolarizao or not.