Many people wonder how best to teach English, especially when it comes to learning a language from scratch. If your English at this stage do not, then recommend that you first take these steps: buy a English tutorial with audio recordings and read (do not teach, but simply read as fiction). This will give you an idea of the language you want to learn about the concepts that it used and an approximate idea of the pronunciation. Then choose one of the options to learn English 1. own This method of learning for people who: Already know another foreign language at a good level; Possess a strong-willed; Self-organized; hardworking; It is desirable to have an analytical mind and a good ear for music. The more of these qualities you have, the more chance of success. Learn English independently, diligently, every day engaged in 1-2 hours. Use: Tutorial.

For example: 'Self Help English. Practical Course ', publisher Langenscheidt; Directories of grammar' Essential Grammar in Use 'and' English Grammar in Use ', the author Raymond Murphy; Any British electronic dictionary with voice acting words. For example: Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary; Paper Russian-English-Russian dictionary publishers Longman, Oxford, Collins or similar (Not Soviet); A set of additional literature that are online. Listening to bbc, See Discovery Channel, British films, looking for interesting interviews on youtube. Testing their knowledge of themselves with the literature on the Cambridge exams. First, do a test exam ket (Key English Test) according to the book ket Testbuilder, publisher MacMillan.