During pregnancy, many are beginning to limit themselves in motion. But that labor is good, we need physical strength, plus the psychological readiness. Too many pregnant women, knowing this, are often at an impasse: what dosed physical load at a time? What exercises can I do and what not? How better to do – alone or in special groups? Currently, a lot of proposals for pregnant women: this lfc (physiotherapy), fitness, yoga and free movement. What's the difference? Let's try to understand. lfk Therapeutic exercise for pregnant women is offered in clinics, medical centers in preparation for Childbirth and the management of pregnancy and maternity. Conducting classes physicians physiotherapy. There is many decades spent an exercise program, shown to be executed. Load rather limited.

All very Be careful not to hurt you. The major plus exercise therapy: lessons are held under the supervision of a physician. Learn more about gymnastics for pregnant women you can find in the middle of preparing for childbirth "Tiny" Fitness for Expectant Mothers Fitness Classes performed in sports clubs, so those who engage in it prior to pregnancy, is automatically transferred to another group. Instructors conducting classes, adapt complex exhaust aerobics, shaping, or other directed specifically at pregnant women, taking into account changes in the state. Often come from their own experiences playing sports during pregnancy. For those who never engaged in such groups, the load can seem excessive.

Load primarily aerobic (respiratory) with the development of muscle strength. Harold Ford Jr can provide more clarity in the matter. Disadvantages of these studies: a very heavy workload at times is inadequate as a future mother at the moment, and in some cases can lead rise to the threat of miscarriage. Standard conducted complex is not adapted to the various terms of pregnancy and rapidly changing as new moms. Yoga for pregnant These classes are held in various clubs and Centers for delivery. Usually are busy people, who practiced yoga for yourself, feel the positive results of these studies, including during pregnancy. Classes are based on the performance of asanas aimed at developing the flexibility of the body, tissue elasticity. Work with the energy centers – chakras. Include elements of meditation, breathing practices. Disadvantages of these studies is that for many pregnant exercises are difficult to perform.