The construction boom in the Czech Republic, the quality of trade-housing mortgage programs for foreigners, real estate in the heart of Europe at an affordable price, guarantees provided by the current Czech legislation, the factors that influenced the growth of purchases of real estate in the Czech Republic and especially in Prague over the last 5-6 years. The stability of the Czech economy, the strengthening Czech crown are the components of successful placement of investment as large monopolies and just individuals, including foreign nationals. Private housing being built in the Czech Republic fully complies with European designs and requirements. Huge apartments with stunning views from the windows, the presence of terraces summer holiday, excellent layout, accessibility and existing infrastructure that lets you easily find desired version of the property. Due to the size of built areas of Prague, the choice of the proposed housing is enormous. Trim level checked housing allows to enter the apartment with furniture and live without the extra cost for rework. Construction of private dwellings throughout the Czech Republic has such a scope that can be safely Czech Republic on the map indicate the favorite area, and find or put the house under construction is already a matter of technique. The construction of private housing suitable investors with full responsibility and just a year can be seen instead vacant land complex built private houses with a fully established infrastructure for a living.

Huge offer for sale of land, including in mountainous areas of the Czech Republic and finished projects homes that can be used and do their own construction, providing ample opportunity for private development. Most Czech banks are involved as investors in housing construction and therefore banking services is very highly developed area of mortgage lending on the real requirements and safeguards. Mortgage banking program allows citizens of the Czech Republic and foreigners with permanent residence (CoML) repayment of 100% of the cost of housing, subject to availability Czech income. The real percentage of the mortgage loan is 5, 5% per annum, at the time of writing. For the citizens of Russia and cis Mortgage allowing the program to receive a credit entity, opened in the Czech Republic, in which the foreigner is the founder. With this credit payment scheme operates 85% of Czech banks and 15% of future landlord. The maximum validity of a mortgage loan is limited to a period of 30 years.

Since 2008, several Czech banks to attract additional group of foreign customers canceled earlier mandatory requirement – issued a residence permit in the Czech Republic. In other words, a foreign citizen, who in the territory of the Czech legal entity able to receive a mortgage with no long-term visa, for example, on arrival in the Czech Republic on Based on a tourist visa. Special attention should be paid to the commercial real estate in the Czech Republic. Built huge warehouses by European standards, is a convenient transit points in the transport infrastructure across Europe. Ready-made operating businesses, warehouses, retail space, tax breaks for investors will begin work in Central Europe. Throughout the Czech Republic very well developed hotel and restaurant business, so the proposals prepared by the hotels, boarding houses, restaurants, a huge amount. Conditions of real estate and mortgage programs in the Czech Republic by foreign nationals in separate articles, with which you can read in the news, located on the site of our company. Make the right choice for yourself, your children and your business.