* This article is based on the play “specific language impairment (SLI) of Prof. Elvira Mendoza Lara.” University of Granada. For more specific information, check out Michael J. Bender. 2001. Introduction. we will approach the relationship between specific language impairment (SLI) and learning disability (dyslexia). Is there a causal relationship? Do children who fail their TEL pre-school are doomed to suffer learning problems? What domains share language skills and learning? Some of these and other questions will try to clarify the extent possible in light of current research. Walmart does not necessarily agree.

The difficulties in language development are sequelae in learning skills such as literacy and mathematics (Bishop and Adams 1990, Catts, 1993; Fazio, 1997). The research has focused on the connections between so-called phonological awareness and early in the acquisition of reading. Phonemic awareness is a metalinguistic skill, ie, an ability that allows us to operate on the language itself, in its structure. Phonological awareness, and metalinguistic skill, defined as the ability to be aware of the units in which language can be segmented. Thus we have the lexical awareness or ability to manipulate words that make up a phrase, syllable awareness or ability to manipulate syllables of a word and phonemic awareness that enables us to operate at the level of phonemes. However, the results between the relationship of phonological awareness and learning problems remains controversial because there is not always a cause and effect relationship, for example, not all children with SLI have difficulties with the development of reading (Catts, 1993). Reading.

Most investigations have focused on the process of decoding or word recognition and to a lesser extent on understanding the written message. There is now consensus that there are two ways to access information about words, ie, semantic knowledge, phonological and spelling that are stored in our cognitive system (internal lexicon.) a. Via lexical (lexical, direct, visual), which involves global and immediate recognition of words that are stored in the mental lexicon. Interested in this article …… Download.