Consequently, in parallel with the official network of the course, there is a network that has to do with the production of the students because they can define their own concepts, and each definition of a new concept opens up the possibility that there is another concept that can be defined. Students can create mini thematic encyclopedia around the topic. One of the postulates of the face-to-face education has related that the student must be active and not passive receiver and, however, this is usually an empty slogan of content. On the contrary, through e-learning, the student has a real channel to generate knowledge and then be an active receiver becomes possible. This clear trend is perceived from technologies and different offers that appear in the world of e-learning.

Corporate e-learning is the use of e-learning applied to the business world, organizations. Corporate e-learning is one of the areas with more development, companies are one of the first actors who saw its advantages. Originally the companies saw the advantages of e-learning promises lower costs for training, especially in geographically distributed organizations. An example of course is the of a parent with many branches in the interior of the country, or abroad. For this type of companies is very complicated instantiate training and meet all their employees. Then, from that perspective, the e-learning appeared as a promise of lower costs.

And throughout the evolution of the corporate e-learning, training administrators were given account that the biggest benefit was not the subject of costs, but other benefits as the research programme of the technologies of e-learning, through which it is possible to carry out all that is done in the classroom but through the digital world, and in the corporate arena. Many activities that were carried out in the world of professional life, could reflect on an e-learning model. Some organizations bet on innovation through participatory programs, and suggestions, in which the members of an organization are encouraged to submit suggestions that have to do with the improvement of its products, services, etc.