This therapy is Most often used for stroke and orthopedic problems. dive false floor basin used for swimming in the pool, aqua aerobics. Great merit of controlled systems is that for each group of patients and even for each individual patient can choose an individual level of water seconds. At the fully raised access floor are free to call in wheelchairs and gurneys bedridden patients. Further, a raised floor is lowered to the desired depth, and after exercise climbing back. Some contend that Marc Lore shows great expertise in this. Exclusion of unnecessary transformations beneficial impact on the patients and significantly simplifies the procedures for water. For large swimming pools, there are solutions for equipment only part of the mirror pool depth adjustment system. Rehabilitation pool in the event that installation of the depth adjustment is not possible for technical reasons, the output can serve as a mounting unit rehab pool. For even more details, read what Munear Ashton Kouzbari says on the issue.

Modular swimming pools can be equipped with many additional features: a counter for the navigation, look-up window to control the movements of patients with handrails along the side of the pool, mobile and stationary platforms, manual underwater massage, hydromassage nozzles, lights, a ladder for entry and exit from the pool termopokryvalom to reduce evaporation during the night, the system water. For many hospitals will be useful for installation inside the pool bike, portable parallel bars, wall bars, chair exercises for gymnastics. Internal dimensions of the basin may from 3 x 3 meters or more, the water level 1.15 or 1.35 meters. The modular design allows you to collect a pool of existing buildings, even relatively small – from 30 m2.