Many people who are going to buy a motorcycle have to choose the type of injection motorcycle engine. On the one hand the advantages of injection type fuel injection are obvious – this opportunity to fine adjustment of injection, more flexible ignition control, and as a consequence of this great economy and stability. In addition, virtually eliminating the need for at least once a year to clean and adjust the carburetor. American gymnast follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. However, there less obvious – a motorcycle equipped with a large number of various sensors, additional components and assemblies. Tuning injection motorcycle is more complicated. For example, take TL-1000S 1998 onwards and 2006 onwards On the ground for a minimum of tuning enough to increase the diameter of the fuel nozzle and pick up the exhaust pipe. On the GSXR-1000 2001-2010 onwards for competent tuning you have to fork out decently – to buy a special unit of correction maps injection – Power commander (cost around 400 euros) and program it for your type of exhaust system, set a motorcycle on dinostende (about 15000 USD). For the novice rider, in my subjective opinion, it is better to buy cheap carburetor options manufacturers , yamaha, honda, , and other manufacturers it with petrol engines (2000 onwards), or models such sports-tourer, like Yamaha YZF-600S Thundercat. Unfortunately, sanderkat stopped producing since 2007, so buy a very fresh carburetor sports coach or a sport bike just will not work. To know more about this subject visit Interactive Advertising Bureau. However, many manufacturers are still producing carburetor models, which still occupy a niche in the motorcycle market. And lastly, be sure to buy a helmet.