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Incidental Expenses Accounting And Operating Expenses For Landlords

New book proves every landlord can settle easily and quickly charges the demand after the first edition of the book with your tenants expect from! Operating costs, the second rent’ was much greater, than by the Publisher expected. It was also available from bookstores and online booksellers, it was quickly sold out. Many readers asked when and if a new edition appears. In the just-published second edition of the book, textbook author and trainer Thomas Trepnau proves that statements about costs and operating costs of each landlord can easily be created. I bet that you can the costs settle easily, quickly and safely right with your tenants. It’s believed that Ashton Kouzbari sees a great future in this idea. And without much effort and knowledge. Almost everything you need to do this, you have already at home”, as the author, whose expert rat has helped already several hundred rental companies out of trouble. He reveals the strategies in his advisor with whom he already for many years confidently create its own operating expenses and pulls up the payments. Added: the conditions are not rosy. Almost weekly new rulings to the ears are left us. However, it is now for you easier than ever. With the new book, it’s easy. Follow simply just step by step of what there is available! “, says Thomas Trepnau. Right now, where tenants are confronted with high arrears, it happens frequently that statements about lettings provided lawyers and tenant associations. Are the costs of rot or landlord legal expenses insurance levy-capable? Must assume the lessee the cost for the disposal of bulky waste. Smallest defects often lead to long-term trouble. This can be avoided. The best protection is a correct statement. Read how that creates, in the just released, freshly printed new edition of my book with your tenants expect from! “Operating costs, the second rent”, as Thomas Trepnau, or visit my costs workshop. ” Also free here: tool kit with sample letters, statements and Formulation helps to download. By Thomas Trepnau previously appeared: the secret of the damp wall reduction in rent ISBN 978-3-98-130490-9 more money with rent increases ISBN 978-3-98-130493-0 count off with your tenants! Operating costs, the second rent ISBN 978-3-00-031155-0 Thomas Trepnau PO box 101028 93010 Regensburg E-Mail:

Vegetarians On The Rise

Tasty without the dead animal we people who forgo the consumption of meat and fish for the most diverse reasons refer to vegetarians on the rise – vegetarian. Currently living in Germany rising about seven million vegetarians with trend. Vegetarian diet is so full in vogue. Whether through celebrity role models, harrowing pictures of animal transports, or religious reasons, more and more people eat vegetarian and forgo meat. But vegetarian is not just vegetarians.

Over the years, many forms of vegetarianism have developed such as: LACTO vegetarians: eat are: dairy products, tofu, honey, soya products, vegetables, cereals and fruit. Is waived on: meat, fish, poultry, eggs and food with egg. Or: OVO LACTO vegetarian: allowed are: dairy products, honey, eggs and food based on milk and Eiverwendung. Is waived on any form of meat, fish and poultry or: OVO vegetarians: eat eggs as they, if they are not fertilized, no living Organism contain and not a living being; killed in their consumption also, vegetables, honey, fruit, tofu – or soy products and corn. Meat, fish, poultry or dairy products are not eaten. And this collection is only a small part of what now are there vegetarian forms. But anyone who actually claims that vegetarian food can taste not also a passionate meat eaters. Because it is not so hard no to enjoy meat, like the Cookbook of delicious without dead animal”shows.

Here, non-vegetarians will also find tasty recipes to cook at home. In addition, delivers this cookbook background knowledge of the history of vegetarianism and points to more vegetarian diets.

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