Xenon Machine

Turn on the ignition. The engine quietly wound up the first time (on the street cold -20) and not much noise. First – do not turbocharged, and secondly – an excellent noise isolation that can absorb sound, even at a speed of 100 km / h. We transfer lever machine in the front position and touch. Speed dials car very quickly (no wonder after all sports the past) to 100km / h in 9 seconds approaching.

For comparison – the turbine will drive you up to a hundred in 6.5 seconds. Though – not every day you are involved in racing. Basically – at work, home, summer cottage. And for this reason turbine? We continue to hold the foot in the gas pedal – and has a ceiling-200km / h. Moreover, this gap slipped as effortlessly, without thinking for a long time. Although of course, in order to save fuel it is desirable nevertheless to gun had 6 or even 5-speed. We descend on a country road, powdered with snow overnight. The car comes without the slightest hint of a skid or slip.

Even in areas with 40 cm of snow wheel-drive system remains at the top. Although of course it's not such a giant cruiser, capable of 'Swim' and a small river. But the opportunities are large enough Forester (not for nothing that bears the name). We leave the track and back to the city – quiet 'step' at 100 km / h. Manage such a toy – a pleasure. Rudder listen clearly, the car is predictable. Cornering does not heel (at the expense of different stabilizers in suspension, stiffening the suspension itself and a low center of gravity). While landing in the chair is soft and almost no bumps felt. For passenger safety, there are 4 airbag. Brake well stops the machine, without causing skidding, even on the winter road. By the way, the interior is warmed oven for 5 minutes and had to remove even sweater and stay in my shirt – so warm microclimate found. Some contend that Sam Mikulak shows great expertise in this. In the base machine is equipped with 4 Airbag, Xenon, foglights, cruise control, heated mirrors and front seats, climate control and alloy CDs R17. The cost of this Subaru Forester starts at $ 32,000. On the whole machine like the dynamic, high maneuverability and personality. A good option for all occasions. Source:

Peugeot Partner

The Peugeot Partner is a small van produced by the PSA group and that it is both sold by Peugeot as Citroen brand since 1996, is a type of van is still highly in demand in the market for the leasing of cars thanks to its good features for the transport of cargo and unloading. There are different possibilities for the load of two squares, as well as to passengers of five squares in models. The model has none, one or two side doors according to the year and version; the tailgate is two leaves horizontally in the Partner opening and vertical opening in the Berlingo. The model was reestilizado in the year 2000, with a more differentiated between the two models front. The model has front-wheel drive with front transverse four cylinder engines in line.

The gasoline are a 1.1 litre 60 HP, 1.4 liters of 75 HP, a 1.8 liter 90 HP and a 1.6 litres of 109 HP; except for the most powerful, the others are of two valves per cylinder. The diesels are 1.9 atmospheric liters of 70 HP, 1.6 liters of 75 or 90 HP and a 2.0 litres of 90 HP, these last two with turbocharger and direct injection common-rail. The new Partner has a load capacity of up to 800 kg. In addition, a few days may adquirire the Partner units equipped with e-HDI engine, which blocks have diesel with solar system Stop & Start, which will reduce consumption significantly in urban journey. Data declared by Peugeot indicate that CO2 emissions are reduced to 125 g/km in the case of units with termination Tepee. In addition to starting and stopping the engine device, Partner improves aerodynamics with a front Grill closed and also with lower friction tires.

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