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International Students

History and tradition inherent in each festive day. They have something special, its not giving opportunities, will shatter the most touching, even tearful, but happy, vivid memories. Is no exception and Day student. It has a rainbow and the perception of the miraculous, and unshakable "sense of loss" student I calendar page, and you re-open a long-forgotten book. In this case, turning the pages of life, leading to new paths of knowledge, a desire to achieve his goal, high jinks and, eventually, to the border, worries many students – the regular session. And, finally, aim for the unknown, to independence, you heat the other anxiety, agitation, before you open up new horizons. Here it is – happy student days! * There have been – then you remember. * Are – meant know.

* Will you – it means everything is still ahead. Student Day – it's not just a holiday. He – high sense of elation, he – happy students "a moment", he – an endless flight of discovery, full of creativity and success. When Day is celebrated student? History shows that Student's Day celebrated twice a year. But in this case, you should make a small clarification. The fact is that in addition to the International Students' Day, there is a Russian Student Day. But here a student (in any case, from the CIS) will not miss your chance to rest not only on the educational process, but just be glad for you and your friends. So, here two days, which became a symbol of youth, activity and generating enormous surge of emotions in young people: * November 17 – International Students' Day. Harold Ford Jr, New York City takes a slightly different approach.

Child Education

Virtually all adult behavioral complexes have roots that extend from childhood. The child, like a sponge, absorbs the information about the surrounding reality. A small Rights initially no concepts of good and evil, their form, especially parents and the environment. Child’s curiosity is the driving force behind its development. Many parents make the mistake of simply trying to protect children from negative, which is present in society, considering it the best way of upbringing. But as you know, “Forbidden fruit is sweet” and your every “No” can cause an unhealthy interest.

For example, the famous singer Madonna teens actively starred in erotic photo shoots and movies, but after the birth of his daughter has revised its outlook on life, becoming a respectable citizen. It is known that in the upbringing of their daughter, the singer is very conservative. Trying to protect the child from his own mistakes of youth, Madonna “too far”. The problem is not solved by turning off the tv. Dwell on the place and role of sensuality in the sex education.

The main thing – to develop habit of calm, a purely contemplative attitude, as his naked body and the bodies of other people (in the first place – their peers, including the opposite sex). The positive effect is thrall by paintings of great painters, sculptors of the statues and other works of art. We must teach the child to visits to museums, art galleries. Even viewing at home album with pictures and statues (with parents) gives lower educational effect than a joint march in a public place. A child sees a lot of people quietly contemplate the nude, and do not see this as nothing to be ashamed. Legislation of the former gdr envisaged the possibility of having children under 10 years of age in a swimming pool without a bathing suit. On normal (not nudist!) Beach is a place for bare preschool age children. Houses can be of different sexes to bathe children in one bath, tactfully explaining their particular anatomical structure of man. To ensure that the child did not feel uncomfortable at the sight of naked parents rarely practiced family bath days. It is emphasized that norms of behavior in the family – this one, but outside it – more. Your family is a template on which the child will build their future life. Parents’ love for each other and to itself give rise to self-reliance, chivalrous attitude of boys to girls rule in future cases of unmotivated cruelty and sexual deviations.


Unfortunately, many couples are allowed to drift is an important matter as the child is conceived. Swarmed by offers, Doug McMillon is currently assessing future choices. Some make it easy and successful, many others need the knowledge and calculation. Do not use a vaginal lubricant if you wish to become pregnant. Moisturizers based on petrolatum can, of course, to make sex more enjoyable, but they may contain substances that alter the acid-alkaline environment of vagina and destroy sperm. Have the same effect, and douching, from which in this period, too, should be discarded. In addition, frequent douching reduces the natural protective function of vaginal flora, increasing the risk of infection. For young athletes, expectant fathers, dangerous Steroid hormones – they suppress sperm production, so prospective parents should reject them in advance – no later than six months before the 'General' sex. Although the universal and perfect poses there, doing love to conceive, should be borne in mind that the mechanics of sexual intercourse depends on which part of the vagina gets sperm.

In some positions (eg, woman on top or standing position is difficult to achieve deep penetration of the penis, so part of the sperm will simply be lost. The position of the 'top man' will be just the best. 20-30 minutes after ejaculation the woman should lie on his back, clutching his knees to his chest during the first few minutes. When it comes to conception, there is nothing more important than to choose the right day. The egg is ready for fertilization is not longer than three days during the month.

Incredibly Exciting School Holidays

Soon the summer school holidays. Decide where to send your child? Perhaps the cottage or at sea. And maybe a hike? In hiking any teenager will really love and try to preserve the natural environment, get to know new places and history of their country, because it is often hiking routes carry the most fascinating in the historical and geographical margins. Complexity and joy of hikes will teach children to overcome own immediate desires, to seek a way out of unfamiliar situations. From going any kid will come back a little bit grown up, more developed physically, with the immune system got stronger, and even a little pomudrevshim. Right thing go backpacking with a familiar group of, say, from the district child Tourist Club. In such a tourist club kids before the big hikes first few weeks or even months, are engaged theoretical training, they go together in a hiking weekend in order to improve skills and how to get used to each other.

Paleolithic Sandals

In addition, scientists have found rock paintings dating from the Paleolithic period, about 15,000 years ago, which depict men wearing sandals. Of course, it was a primitive shoes which are made of improvised means: to indulge in animal skin, bark, dried grass, etc. – and it is a natural way by fragility of the material quickly wore out. Bulk practical application of sandals were in Egypt, they were made of papyrus, palm leaves and even rawhide and wood, these shoes on my feet kept thanks to a leather strap. In addition to the practical application of shoes for the ancient Egyptians wore and aesthetic value: the straps of sandals decorated with precious stones and various patterns. Wooden sandals made in India Soon after that, China and Japan started making sandals made from rice straw. The population used sisal, used to make cordage and woven sandals. But the story does not end sandals – sandals is still very popular today, of which there are many kinds: men's sandals, women's (sandals – well, what woman do without them in summer!), sport sandals, and, of course, children's sandals.

Sandals for favorite child – an indispensable thing. Yet not a single child – neither in Soviet times, nor at present – can not do without this kind of shoe. In their baby's skin breathe, thanks to your baby feels comfortable, fun played and sports (and what could be more children's laughter?). In addition, the sandals are very easy to clean – easy to wash and dry (we all know that rare child refuses to step into a puddle – it's a natural reaction – your child learns the world). You can also call another important advantage over other types of sandals, shoes – they have a relatively small price (this applies mostly to domestic (Russian) shoes, will not take into calculation of the Chinese – it is clear that not all the shoes produced in this country, consistent with both guests and our requirements). Due to the small cost we can afford more than one pair of sandals for our beloved children – and this is associated not only with the fact that in the process of knowing the world a child does not think about safety shoes, but do not forget the fact that leg pretty crumb is growing very rapidly, and hence, as a result, the footwear must be changed frequently. Therefore, so far no one has yet invented a more perfect shoe for the most expensive man on Earth!

Argentina Team Winner Yesterday Today And Forever

We have come to always be favorite group, anyone who is the tournament in which involved and the degree of difficulty that this represents the selection Argentina. While some teams have as main goal ranking tournaments or do what has been termed a decent role, the Argentines arrive with an inamovibe purpose: winning. Argentina national team figures are impressive: two of the World Championships in four disputed late; He has won fourteen times America Cup; d eoro two medals and two silvers at the Olympics; six Youth World Championships. If nse added all tournaments of FIFA and the Sudamericadna Confederation of football, Argentina is the most award-winning inceno history. And since then, therefore, the evaluation will be made from this perspective: If WINS is considered to you have had a successful participation, but if you don’t get the highest award the accusing finger point at them in time that you hear with the word force farther away must be of the lexicon of a sportsman or a collective of high competition: failure!. Celestial fringes and its powerful Sun team came to South Africa, as his custom, on condition of favorite, not only because of sporting history, but by the good level of squad players, most of them with great figuration in Europe is where won leagues, cups and international competitions. The first round was almost a walk and in second round defeated smoothly to Mexico, although the party always is recordara because the referee validated a goal by Tevez in out of place. Already in cuaratos’s end, the team of Diego Maradona was affected psychologically by an early goal from Germany and thereafter the equipment wrecked in a sea of mistakes that did see small before their rivals. The score speaks for itself: Germany delivered you to Argentina a historic landslide. The South American bicampeones they came home prepamturamente and with the label’s failure in his African campaign folder.

Tatianas Day

Surely, everyone remembers the phrase from a tv commercial about the detergent – shampoo and conditioner? Here it is – the "two in one bottle! This phrase has become so familiar that, without thinking of the shampoo and Rinser, we use it when we want to combine several events or developments. January 25 – just a day. That day the Empress Elisabeth Petrovna signed the decree "On establishment of the Moscow University." And with Since then, the day began to celebrate as the Day of the Moscow University. Then followed the decree of Nicholas I. By the will of the monarch appeared student holiday! In 2005, a decree signed by President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Since then, the official name of the holiday "Tatyana's Day – the Day of Russian students"! What are the traditions in the celebration of this day and does exist? In Russia the last century was the day Tatiana merry and boisterous celebration of student fraternity. On this day, students thronged Moscow, drove a cab and crowd bawled songs And what now? For example, students at Moscow State University fireworks, drink mead, meet historical characters of the holiday – the Empress Elizabeth, Count Ivan Shuvalov and Lomonosov. So the first tradition – the "noisy and fun." What gifts can ensure that the noise and merriment? All fireworks in their diversity: land and flying fireworks, batteries and single fireworks, fountains, roman candles, firecrackers and sparklers! Just imagine: a set of colorful comets burst bright colored fireworks on the background of golden clouds popping with twinkling silver stars.