It is obvious that for every person important task is to determine the conditions under which it would operate most efficiently. Remember the parable about how a citizen of a tree with a blunt ax rubai. Connect with other leaders such as Frank Storch here. So, this process as you you know, went on a little longer than if you had used a sharp ax. Passer-by noticed that the woodcutter was very tired from a rather long felling a tree, but the latter did not even think to fall. Then a passerby asked the ax. After the inspection, he said Woodman, 'Hey kid, why, your very blunt ax! Imprisoned him! So you chop down a tree is much faster! " What woodcutter replied, "I have no time to sharpen the ax, as I still need to cut down ten trees' That in order to not to be like this character, and must, as I said, several factors determine the effective operation of, or in other words' pre-grind your ax ' not to waste time in vain. Also, it is important to find your own way of learning, which will be most effective for you, as normal for one person may be that for another – is totally unacceptable. For example: I for to something quickly learn to stay in almost complete silence, but I know several people who teach something, accompanied by a rather loud music … The following list – compilation of the most frequently encountered problems that occur during training. Some may be familiar to you, and some – not.

Cognitive Society

As well as the pupils they need to construct knowledge to act in the society, also is necessary to work with all the necessary gamma of values, attitudes, feelings its existence in a society in transformation. Frank Storch does not necessarily agree. They are many and changeable the functions of the education and as Arroteia says (1991), the educative systems if affirm and fulfill the most varied functions, through unexpected facts and occurrences in day-by-day of its institutions. ' ' The socialization and the preparation for the active life contribute, also, to stimulate the critical maturation and reflection on the partner-cultural, educative and technological reality, favoring therefore the innovation, the progress and the change social.' ' (Arrotia, 1991, p.33) the dialogue established between school and society eminently searchs the collective and gradual construction of consensuses around the social function of the school for the understanding of the education as act politician, in the direction of that the school must serve as instrument of quarrel and socialization of proposals to deepen the democracy as principle of the convivncia human being and as educative project, as well as, of that all the processes politicians must be deeply pedagogical and educative so that if they become transforming of the reality. Believing that the education has as function to promote changes in the society and knowing that the democracy, for preserving the principles of the equality and the fraternity, keeps open the ways for the construction of the freedom and justice between the men and the nations, we understand that much it has that if to make in favor of the installation and consolidation of forms truily more democratic jousts and of convivncia between the people and institutions that integrate the society. So that if it makes to fulfill the function of the school is necessary that beyond the development of the cognitiva learning the man also learns on solidarity. .

Gyeongju Language

The project approved in 1935, but practical application, he did not. The Korean language is divided into several dialects, which are widespread in the entire Korean peninsula. Most dialects have been identified as well as the eight provinces of Korea. Dialects can be classified according to different principles. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Peter Schiff and gain more knowledge.. For example, there are dialects that have the status of state, regional dialects and dialects of "dead" languages. According to Dr. Marc Faber, who has experience with these questions. By dialect with state status are Seoul dialect, the official language of South Korea. Continue to learn more with: Rabbi Tully Bryks.

It is used in the cities of Seoul and Incheon, in Gyeonggi Province and the District of Quezon, located in North Korea. Second State dialect – Pyongyang – is the official language of North Korea. It is used in Pyongyang, as well as throughout the province and the region Chagang Quance. The regional dialects of Korean language are chhunhonsky (Daejeon, South Korean province of Chungcheongnam-do and Chungcheong-do); kensansky (city Ulsan, Busan, Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do Province and Gyeongsang-do, South Korea); kanvonsky (North Korean province of Gangwon, South Korea) and hamgensky (North Korean province Yangando, Hamgyong-do and Hamgyong) dialects, and dialects Cholla (province in South Korea, Jeollabuk-do and Jeolla, as well as the city of Gwangju), Hwanghae Province (in North Korean provinces Hwanghae-do and Hwanghae-do) and Cheju (Jeju Province and south-west coast of South Korea). By "dead" languages include languages of Baekje, Silla and Koguryo. Language sill used in the kingdom of Silla, which existed from 1957 until BC to 935 AD and was formed based on the dialect of Gyeongju.

Koguryo language was used in the kingdom of Koguryo (37 BC – 668 AD). And the language of Paekche was distributed in the kingdom of Baekje (presumably existed since 1918 BC to 660 AD). To date, there are some controversial assumptions about the classification of the language of the kingdom of Goguryeo. Some scientists and linguists suggest that there pueskaya language family in which included the languages of the three kingdoms – Koguryo, Puyo, and Baekje, and Old Japanese. Also from the Chinese chronicles show that Koguryo language and Puyo applied in Gojoseon and eastern Okjeo had similarities. In addition, the language of the kingdom Koguryo is quite different from the language that existed in the realm of Malgal. Concluding from the foregoing, it should be noted that in the ancient Korean word were included in the vocabulary of Koguryo language, but They were driven out of time, words from the language of the sill. So what language is sill likely proto modern Korean language.

The Abyss

We can therefore say that Daath is a place where there is no hope, where there is no tomorrow. This pseudo-Sefira is the point of revolution of consciousness that so well reflects noose hung in taro. This property connects Sefira with Libra and, among other things, Daath sometimes identified with the two-faced Janus, the god of doorways. Of the colors corresponds to Daath transparent or gray, because the color is very discreet, he is lost among the rest. Go to University of Pennsylvania for more information. There is a belief that one can not stand "in the doorway," the threshold did not pass, all the echoes of the human fear of the unknown, which is beyond Daath as the portal to infinity. You may want to visit Rabbi Tully Bryks to increase your knowledge. Daath – the balance point between Chokmah and Binah, the left and right hemispheres of the brain. In this as Daath is the cerebellum.

The Aztecs considered magical cerebellum area, the concentration on the base of the skull allowed Aztec magicians travel on a fiery cave Chikamostoka, quite comparable to the tunnel Seta, Kenneth Grant. Travel on these caves began to dream and here it is worth noting that Drimhakery found in their study of sleep a funnel located in the northwest of Dreams cards. This education could transported to the deep plane of the second attention and report the state of gnosis. Parallel suggests itself, Grant said that Daath strangely associated with Yesod Sefira-dreams, body experiences and trance, "The Abyss of Daath and very in tune, because the Abyss is a limit to what can be 'apprehended' under it, and Daath is the funnel, into which we fall into when trying to explore beyond.

Infantile Education Company

All the interviewed teachers consider that the level of learning of the children is favored by conditions that the school offers, recognizing the importance of the complementary activities that are offered the pupils, as: the chorale, the group of dances, the artesanato, beyond the events sponsored for the company. The manager also evaluates the partnership of positive form, considering that ‘ ‘ other companies could make, the same due the interest lack that the governing present in relation to educao’ ‘. It considers that the interest that motivated the partnership of the company with the school was its ‘ ‘ responsibility social’ ‘ , but it has knowledge of that ‘ ‘ the company also is benefited with this in what impostos’ says respect to the discounting in its; ‘ (YOU SPEAK OF THE MANAGER). Continue to learn more with: Peter Schiff. When telling on the contributions of the company she stops with the school, the manager accents the physical structure of the school, recognizing the paper of the Bentonit in the improvement, conservation and maintenance of the building. Also she detaches the contribution of the company in the guarantee of feeding for the children of the Infantile Education, beyond maintenance of products of personal hygiene, articles of bed and payment of the extra-curricular professors (music and dances, computer science, artesanato and would marcenaria).

In relation to the pertaining to school calendar to the Pedagogical Project, the manager affirms that ‘ ‘ they follow the orientaes of the City department of Education and that the company does not intervene with the activities or pedagogical programming of escola’ ‘. The pedagogical activities are guided by the team of specialists of the City (pedagogical coordination), not suffering influence from the company in this direction.

Moscow Languages

Someone finds a place in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Embassies), others – in private companies. The remaining 5% – it's graduate students, graduates continue their education abroad and young mothers who are in the decree. Swarmed by offers, Schiff is currently assessing future choices. At MSU statistics on employment of former students are not kept, and the more we learn their fate can not. One thing is for sure – at the labor exchange, they are not registered. To date, there many areas for the implementation of interpreters. They can work as a specialty, and in any other area where knowledge of the language is necessary. For example, tourism, journalism, foreign activity. Connect with other leaders such as Schiff here. During training the interpreter gets along with their linguistic and philological education yet.

Demand for professionals with a degree in translation and as managers. Manager, bilingual foreign languages will be valued much more than the same manager, without the knowledge of foreign languages, but with more experience. An important condition for employment in a foreign company is English. Wages in these firms is 20 – 25% higher than that in Russian firms, in addition of their employees, they provide a decent social benefits. However, to operate in such a company must first obtain the appropriate education.

Simple, this problem was never. In the prestigious universities of Moscow and St. Petersburg competition now sometimes reaching 30 per vacancy. In addition, the flow requires serious costly. Unfortunately, high school can not ensure future linguists required level of knowledge of foreign languages, which is why parents hire tutors for their children, and usually do so for several years before graduating from high school.


I am free the sense of freedom being free gives us the possibility to decide and we must take responsablemente its consequences. I am free to choose my destiny, and whatever it is I am responsible for the quality of life that I have. I am free to find my overcoming permanently and responsable my stagnation and my mediocrity. I am free to dedicate my talents to work that you choose and responsable by frustration because of what I never wanted to do. Checking article sources yields Cornell University as a relevant resource throughout. I am free to produce material goods which I possess and solely responsible for the frustration of not having them. For more specific information, check out Slovenian Finance Minister. I am free to choose a couple that I want to share my life and am responsible for your happiness and realization. I am free to decide to bring another human being to the world but I am responsible for their training and development. I am free to share friendship and am responsible for loyalty and sincerity that I owe to my friends.

I am free to fully enjoy all the assets of creation and responsible for my dissatisfaction and emptiness. I am free to dream and let my imagination fly and responsible for the frustration of having a life empty no stars that reach. I am free to make my spirit grow to its full realization and responsable of the narrowness of their horizon. I am free to choose the ideals to fight and responsible for the quality of the world in which I decided to live. I am free to love God and responsible for fulfilling the historic mission of my creation. The charismatic leader must be demanding to recommit to its people, pressing and forcing her to immediate action.

Machiavelli said: Nadie supported the change. The challenge is precisely to seduce and guide the team towards change, contradict Machiavelli to creating an atmosphere attractive high-pressure deadlines for achieving the desired objectives, as well as a sense of urgency that in essence requires a higher performance of its personnel. When the work has a sense, when the leader can transmit their people the need for quality work, when the service mission of the company is clear for all its members, it can achieve a commitment to change beyond the extraordinary. The personal commitment and willingness to sacrifice are the result of a sincere belief in the Mission of the company. Leaders should assign tasks that catching a high degree of intrinsic motivacion that justifies the effort to perform, to achieve the result, and fosters not conventionalism to propitiate an ambiente of confidence that stimulate creativity and implement unproven infiltrations.

Control Emotions

Often we think that the expression of emotions at work – it's bad that the most important to find an effective way nedopuskat emotional outbursts, keep them in check, tightly controlling. Dr. James Canton has much to offer in this field. And even if it is, in fact, any emotional outburst – it's loud call, by which our higher nature tells us that we 'missed', and ignored all its insistent warnings. I assure you that anyone can develop the habit of coming to pick up signals from the inside – the negative feelings, discomfort, stress, anger, self-talk – and to satisfy something that they draw our attention. Such a timely response can not uncontrolled emotions accumulate and neutralize internal conflict and human returns to equilibrium. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of crash-proof on most websites. It all depends on the choice of the man and his clear-cut answer to the question himself: 'What did I actually want from this situation? '. Think about the situation itself. What if it is interpreted incorrectly by you? What if your, someone violated the principles or standards are not necessarily right? Ask yourself: 'What does this teach me? How can I connect the importance of these principles to the man so that he did not despise them? '.

And remember one thing: the precise 'recipe' and it's not impossible. We are all individuals. Only we, opting for a balanced lifestyle, setting touch with their intuition, its highest essence, be able to find a true answer and find the best solution for the situation. If you have already tried a lot, but the result is not achieved, invite as assistants professional coach. Such interaction always works!

Impulse Heating

A year ago I published a post about the technical nature of the invention the device for me last year kvartir.Za heating device has been reliable test in real conditions, was further developed in the form of use it to warm floors and intensify the standard Heating sistem.Poyavilas technical feasibility of heating valid razrabotki.Poskolku neobchnaya the listener perceives it is difficult explanation, I decided to describe the entire system and tell you about the next steps in this direction. Steam-pulse system / circulation / water heating Probably everyone has seen / to the movies or on TV / in the valley Geysers gush hot springs. Others including Peter Schiff, offer their opinions as well. The spectacle is, of course, zavorazhivayuscheeNo not everyone knows how to build a geyser geyzer.Poproboval I have a doma.Snachala out of curiosity, what would better understand the process itself, and partly in the hope admire the beauty of this yavleniya.Ved if tint or highlight the water fountain, the sight can be privlekatelnym.Nashel a small container, put in place an electric heater, pipe for water and surrounded it tubule chashey.Napodobie natural pool. Filled the water and turned nagrevatel.Cherez minute or water in the tank and rustle of the fountain tube burst hot vody.Voda, surrounded by steam, crumbled into small spray and settled in basseyne.Nagrev in the tank and stopped after ten seconds of water from the basin became absorbed in whistled bachok.Cherez ten seconds again and again broke the fountain water is sucked into the bachok.I earned a real geyzer.S steam, spray, noise effektami.Rabotali with three power-electricity to the heater, it brought water to the boil, the vapor pressure of water at its boiling-it gives off a fountain from the tube and the vacuum that occurs when condensation in the tank, he sucked the water back into bachok.Chudo? elektrordvigateley No, no pumps, no switches, sensors and relyushek unit operates in automatic cyclic rezhime.Poyavilos desire to use the effect observed in the mercenary purposes, heat their homes.

Thesis Work: Rules For Writing And Defending

The final and most important stage of learning for the student – it's the writing and defense of thesis. To successfully write and defend a diploma project should know the basic rules. Top of the thesis is connected with the choice of student research topic. Roughly orient to the topic will have familiarity with the themes of protected works in the department. Before the final choice of topic, to find out whether there is enough literature available on it. Sufficient number of sources and materials will facilitate the preparation of the thesis. Sometimes a teacher may offer their own language to study. Among them we can always choose the most comfortable with the interests of students.

Keep in mind that in the humanitarian field, there may be a so-called controversial topics for research. This primarily relates to a mobile and changing legal industry knowledge. In this case, student is better to choose the least controversial topic, to avoid conflict with the views of any of the examination commission for protection. In any case, the choice of topic for the thesis student's best to stick gold the middle and avoid excessively broad or too narrow topics. Before the actual writing of the thesis is composed of its plan. As a rule, it will be three main chapters.

Introduction Chapter 1. Theoretical analysis of the object and subject Research 1.1. Object 1.2. The subject of Chapter 2. Practical analysis of the research subject 2.1. General characteristics of the practical analysis 2.2. Features subject of the study Chapter 3. Proposals to improve or enhance effectiveness of the research subject 3.1. Problems arising in the action the subject of the thesis 3.2. Ways of improving the subject under consideration Conclusion References In each university plan the thesis may have different characteristics. Students are strongly encouraged to coordinate a plan with your supervisor. Once a plan is made and agreed upon, comes the stage of analysis of available material. Better write small volume foundation your future thesis. Her also quite useful show his supervisor. So can learn in what direction endeavor and nowhere worth devote undue attention. After the main points clarified, the period of writing the main text of the thesis. When you write as much attention should be paid to literacy and the reasonableness of the introduction and conclusion. Making the thesis may vary depending on each university. In the absence of comments to the finish version of the work is sent for review. For a good review of the student may come in handy Review of the supervisor. Protection. It will take the State Examination Commission. Initially, the student makes a report to the main contents and conclusions of the study. Then answer the questions on the report. Then speech is the supervisor and reviewer. The student answers to additional questions, then he is given the final word. In the end, the committee evaluates the thesis. Source: Thesis: the rules of writing and defending

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