When I was little she told her father she wanted to be a painter, while his mother told him it was architect, and he saw much future in that profession. The focal point and inspiration with which Calatrava surprises at every turn, lies in the very human anatomy and nature or animals. The backbone, the distribution of weight or gravity, are matters for which this famous architect is particularly curious, later studying with his sketches, drawings and sculptures, these sculptures are the result of an exhaustive study by the architect, that while working with them imagine future and real solutions to implement and develop architectural projects to be built years later by taking them on a large scale. Actually, this is the best kept secret of the architect, because as it says, to understand more and more about her work, you must know before their work as a sculptor and draftsman. If we compare the architecture of Santiago Calatrava with some work of other architects recognized worldwide as Frank Gehry or Norman Foster, "in my humble opinion, I think that along with Santiago Calatrava, are the two best contemporary architects of the moment, we realize that the style of Santiago Calatrava is definitely classic. Calatrava has certainly been influenced as I said, by the Italian Renaissance.

Gaudi is another artist and compatriot of his who also has greatly influenced. The architect is often the technique of Gaudi's original trencadis to take most of their works. The difference with regard to this technique is that Gaudi used bright colors in his work detail while Calatrava makes use of spotless white, with which surprises us every year.