Despite being a country with a low population density, Canada is one of the most advanced territories in terms of technological developments and urbanization. In general, Canadian cities are example of order and cleanliness, services for the inhabitants and organization. For all this, and basically for how wonderful this country, would be an excellent idea get scholarships studies English at an English school in Canada and have to live a truly enjoyable experience in this urbanized territory. The largest city in Canada is Toronto, where more than 2 million and half people reside. It is located in the province of Ontario. The first thing that impresses the visitor is found with a truly multicultural city, and which will receive with open arms to all who come here, regardless of their country of origin.

Another notable city of this province is Ottawa, which owes its name to the River to la vera which has been lifted. Its population reached 890,000 people, although if considered to the suburbs, would be to totaling around 1 and a half million residents. One of the outstanding characteristics of Ottawa is the large number of speakers franco, amounting to almost a third of the population. In the province of Quebec, we also find important cities such as Montreal and Quebec City. For lovers of winter sports, Montreal will be the choice indicated, since this city is considered the world capital of snow sports. In the province of British Columbia stands the city of Vancouver, but it is also necessary to mention Victoria, city that is bordered by Washington or Prince George. Whatever the city chosen, the student will be able to discover an amazing country, with a fantastic culture.