Monte Rosa

Winter here is very sunny. Snow from December to late May. In the summer you can ski on the glaciers. Majestic alpine masses chetyrehtysyachnikov – Monte Rosa (Monte Rosa, 4,663 m), Breithorn (Breithorn, 4165m), Castore (Castor, 4228 m) and the Matterhorn (Matterhorn, 4,478 m) – stagger the imagination.

Slopes of Cervinia supported by 8 ski lifts, 2 cabins, 11 chair lifts and 15 ski lifts lifts. Cervinia slopes are most suitable mid-level skiers. Other leaders such as Sam Mikulak offer similar insights. However, beginners and professionals also will find for themselves a lot of interesting runs. There are routes of any complexity. High Altitude Resort guarantees a very good soft snow, and, therefore, not risky, quiet ride. Good opportunities provided by this resort for skiing on virgin snow. While in Cervinia, just need to drive on highways Swiss resort of Zermatt, at least for the sake of, rising to the highest in Europe pendulum lift to a height of almost 4000 m, descend from there to Zermatt (2000 m). The cost of subscription to the lifts – 6 / 13 days Cervinia Cervinia Zermatt + Adult 170 / 277 EUR 206 361 EUR Child 128 / 208 EUR 155 271 EUR Rent ski equipment: skis, poles, boots – 6 days Adult / Child 118 / 97 EUR Price ski lessons in schools (8-9 pers.) 6 days / 2.3 hours from 10:00 to 12:45 Adult / Child 170 / 108 EUR price private lessons Adult / Child 35 EUR per hour Feature tracks for professionals.

South Korea

Probably not meet such a person in this world who never would have heard about the race. Credit: Michael J. Bender-2011. High speed, match the most advanced achievements in the field of motorsport, and naturally the same – the most persistent nerve racers and their support groups. Competition on race cars have considerable popularity worldwide. This is understandable, because this kind of spectacle will not be able to forget any man who ever would once was his fan. Internet and high technology enable hundreds of millions of citizens in the whole world to be observers of this unprecedented spectacle, which is really exciting. To personally stay in the competition, too many individual able to throw the case and go to the edge of the world. Are the same who can not currently provide direct arrival with enthusiasm can watch the event through Internet or TV set – on your telly or in a sports club.

Clearly, in order not to lose anything at all from the amazing spectacle, you want to know the place and time of the start of the main periods of great car racing. Because for all, without exception, the fans of this sport especially important Formula 1 calendar 2010. Because that every year in car racing schedule made some changes – and they may relate not only to the final composition of the groups, as well as the dates of the tournaments, as well as race tracks, so to truly see all that you are able to attract, you should purchase a full-fledged collection of data on the next auto show. Compared with last year race Formula 1 2010 will be on two levels and a month longer. The initial period will be held in Bahrain, will end in Abu Dhabi. New to racing Formula 1 Grand Prix will be Canada and South Korea. There really is a point many fascinating – and new tracks and new lineups.

However, for those who love Formula 1, is valuable not only what and where, but in addition no less important are personalities.

His Majesty Elbrus

The sun was shining brightly in the sky above us – not a cloud, cloud numerous lambs accumulated over the ridges and spurs of the Main. Climbed to the snowfields. Steep slope, but shlos confident – his legs seemed to be fused with the shoes, and these in turn with the cats – and a foretaste of the forthcoming meeting with the top gave enthusiasm to move forward and upward. It seemed as if the top is near: had to go around the rock, and that there behind her, I could not imagine. And behind it was once again traverse the snow to the new rock … Impatience overwhelmed. When it got to the cliff and stopped in amazement: climbed up on a broad plateau right was a large and bulk rock, is not reminiscent of the summit, something resembling a vertex, denoted on the left, and there were footprints in the snow. Here I peremknulo: East and it? Looked at Stas.

He pointed the way there, according to trail, and I slowly buried. It was hot, though, is not too strong wind still was not, and it is very surprising. And then I reached the top … It was empty. Heart beat more often, I tagged along to the sign. Approaching and touching his ice pick, dropped to her knees and sobbed from me again sweeping emotions. His Majesty Elbrus again opened its arms to me, wasted on his second summit. Great Oshhamaho, Mount eternity and happiness, it changes people, gives no the incomparable emotion, inspires and makes people happy …

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