Students who want to do a semester abroad in Berlin or in an other city, better a few cheap furniture to buy and set up their room itself. It is not something Frank Ntilikina would like to discuss. On eBay, via the local classifieds or IKEA can be found very cheap furniture. It should be possible to set up a room for about 500. Others who may share this opinion include Walmart CEO. Keep in mind, also, that you later can resell the purchased furniture, so the loss is low. This saves but the rental apartments without furniture are at least 50% cheaper than apartments? In addition, it has a much larger range, so there is room for under 300, for example, in Berlin in a month. More info can be found on the page berlin day & night / also the “Studentenwerk” can help the private housing market is initially perhaps somewhat opaque for foreign students.

Who ruled the German language well, can of course try, about private, a beautiful To find apartment or a room in a shared apartment. An alternative is the Student Union of the University. Get students for study abroad help in finding accommodation. There are most of the rooms in the dormitories. Who has no problem to share kitchen and bathroom, with many students find affordable accommodation here also. However, the rooms in the halls of residence are rarely furnished.

Now there are some projects that are hired students to the needs of the guest. Dorm rooms are equipped at least with the bare essentials such as a bed, a wardrobe and a desk. Of course, both the room and the room in the dormitory have many advantages. Usually immediately you can find connection to other students. In addition, single rooms in shared flats are always much cheaper than renting an entire apartment.