To earn more money, there are 2 options: 1. work plus 2. Learn more any person who has a solid work ethic has best options of getting ahead in life. On the other hand, is we pay for what we know or what we do. As we educate us and train us in our area of expertise, we can aspire to have higher incomes. Then, if we put together a good ethics of working with an excellent education, we will have success guaranteed in life, right? Fake! When our children were more guys, what we always said them is: see your passion and pursue it with all your heart. Thus you will have success in life. That was, according to my husband and I, the formula to success in life.

We felt that it was important for them to discover and develop their strengths instead of simply choosing a profession according to the possibilities of salary that is offered. At the same time inculcabamos them good habits such as discipline, rigour and responsibility for foster a good work ethic in them. However, over the years our advice for a successful future has changed. The formula for success remains the same, but we’ve added a third ingredient. To look in our around we realized that there are many very talented and specialized people who are not successful in finances, despite all their efforts. Many of them have titles and major diplomas and are characterized in your area.

The sad thing is that they work hard all his life and seek to specialize more and more in your area of expertise, but they don’t seem to get ahead. 95% Of the people in the world operate according to this formula, because it is the only thing they have learned to do. Work and educate themselves. Which is the third ingredient of the formula for success that the vast majority of people are unaware and which is not taught in school? It is the ability to sell. Sell himself and sell services or products offered by one. Here is where the big difference between the people who are successful in life occurs, and which they set the pace not more. Traditional education not considered financial intelligence intelligence properly such. Even the majority of parents think that their children will learn about the handling of money making way to the ride. the problem is when they are 45 years old and are given account who have gone astray! We throw away the old formula. Today we say to our children: 1. willing to work hard. 2 Educate yourself. 3. Have a business as soon as possible, although it is small, work as salesmen for a company that has a good training programme in sales, and they learn to sell. This will help them overcome shyness and fear of failure that limit us both in life.