The right of the man to the life means its right to have the free use of all the things that can be necessary for their complete mental development, spiritual and physical, in other words its right to be rich. The man who owns everything what he wants is a happy man and therefore he is a rich man. What happens if you want a beautiful house, but cannot buy it. It wants to give a beautiful gift to his mother or to his wife and it cannot so that it does not have money. Are happy you? What happens if you want to travel, but does not have the money to do it? What happens if you want to study in a good university and their parents do not have the money to send it to study? You are and your happy family.

What happens if you happen through a beautiful and luxurious restaurant, sees people eat exquisite plates and to you they give desire him to enter, but it sees the prices of the menu and not even it dares to enter, because it does not have the money. Are happy you? Or the worse thing than happens if, whenever enters a restaurant, it must pay attention to the economic plates, because the luxury cannot occur to eat of better plates of the restaurant. Feel happy and realised you? He wants to have a fianc2ee or fianc2e and does not have money to invite to him to the best places. One feels well for that reason? Resign yourself you? It thinks that the life already has done everything by you and who it does not have but for you. Please IT IS NOT LAIN TO Itself. It is not resigned, does not say that the money is not important. Eye I repeat to him does not say that the Money is not important.