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Set Points

Upper extremity hand ends with five fingers. Signs of menswear. 2 points – all of the requirements, as measured at 1 point. , and add to your knowledge base. But there are three missing pieces: the neck, hair, a finger, but should not missing any part of the face. 3 points – should be the head, torso, and limbs. Hands, feet should be drawn as two lines. There are no neck, ears, clothes, fingers.

4 points – a primitive figure with the head limbs. Limb (quite a pair) are represented by a single line. 5 points – no clear picture of the trunk and extremities. Scribble Set 2 (srisovyvanie written text), 1 point – sketched baby phrase You can read it. The letters not more than twice the sample.

The letters form three words. Line deviates from a straight line no more than 30 . 2 points – a proposal can be read. The letters are similar in magnitude to the model of harmony – optional. 3 points – the letters must be separated by at least 2 groups. You can read at least 4 letters. 4 points – similar to the sample at least 2 letters. The entire group of letters is still visible letters. 5 points – doodle. Task 3. Compasses draw on a piece of a circle with a diameter of about 2.5 cm Ask your child to carefully cut around it on a path, not taking his hand. If this job is successful, it will appreciate in points. The coarser error – deviation from the line in diameter and circumference – the large number of points she scored. 1 point – an exact reproduction of the sample. 2 points – a mistake in the direction of diameter less than 1 mm, not more than one eighth of the circumference. 3 points – errors in the direction of diameter of not more 2 mm and not more? circumference. 4 points – an error in the direction of the diameter of no more than 2 mm and not more? 5 points of the circle – an error in the direction of a diameter of 2 mm or more? circle. Enough to perform at least one of two conditions. For example, if a child has deviated from the drawn line by 2 mm for half of the circumference of his work is estimated to be 4 points. If the error was 3 mm? circumference of a circle, he gets 5 points. If the entire line of the circle, the baby has a convoluted nature, it indicates the presence of tremor, that is lightweight hand-shake, which dramatically reduces the quality of writing in learning at school and also serves as a sign of a troubled the central nervous system. I want to warn parents – to prepare your child to school, teach him the above tests. But this is not enough, you need a comprehensive development!

The Reason

When we arrive in the party I I sat down separately of my group of friends and simply donada I started to cry, it was not those scandalous choros not, he was those quiet ones where you are crying and thinking because of this I cry and was that I decided to come back toward house, arriving in house there I came across myself almost with my lying mother in my bed seeing TV sleeping, already she was late and my mother that was acustumada to sleep early was acordade until afternoon waiting its son to arrive. When entered in quardo it I arose myself fast trying to disfarar sleep, more I I saw that it was with sufficient sleep, I was there that I asked Mother because you were not to sleep? Were waiting you to arrive It you answered fast and with a smile in the face, after this she left my room and she was for its to sleep, and after this I disconnect the TV I lay down in the bed I was looking at for the ceiling and thinking because? with this I arrived conclusion of because of it waiting to be me to arrive it to sleep, because loves it me and this is the skill of it to demonstrate this, I wise person that when I arrived in house it would go to be there waiting me, because I know that it would not go to sleep without knowing that its son is well, in its house, sleeping. In the following day I wise person if did not count or my mother of the nightmare does not stop, to decide not to count would be better for all, I wise person who the possibility of the nightmare becomes real minim because where we went hvia life-guard and many people around, to die drowned there was practically impossible, and nothing it happened, the day was perfect all was dirvetiram and during the way in return my mother said in the car: ' ' She arrives in house in house I have that she arranges the house all ainda' ' there vi that some minutes after diversion hours my mother already it was thinking about working, it simply did not stop. Second in return to the college all spoke on the junina party, when found my friends all had asked Oque hear face you disappeared? I came back pra house But because? Tava passing badly? Not, I only came back toward house. I did not say for them the reason in return for house, but soon later that I answered I remembered the smile of my mother of I alliviate when I had fond in house in that night, and for that smile it was valid imposes a fine on to lose a party that happens a time per year.

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