Such auctions attract many traders and bargain hunters that want to buy the items at the lowest possible price and sell them within a few days of successful traders. Therefore, you can assume that each article of your collection in little contact come with potent buyers and collectors, who are actually willing to pay the fair market price. You can clearly see the dilemma from these two examples. And there are other drawbacks to sale by auction. In recent months, CEO of e-commerce has been very successful. For the Sales Commission is VAT i.e.

again up to 20% on each bid; then auction and catalog fee applies in principle, for each item photographed is to pay a fee, and often also for every article that appears in an online catalog; then the Payment terms you should not expect to see any money for his items sold for 4 to 6 weeks after the sale. Therefore, what alternatives are there to inherited collections and furniture for sale? Online auction sites, like eBay, may be an option, but the quantity of articles, this sale will take a lot of time and effort to complete and an outcome is not guaranteed. Also, you need some knowledge about what you have, otherwise there is a great risk that you sold under value. A garage sale or flea market, but you should be careful because these events attract bargain hunters, and pay a fair market price buyer for most articles. A new variant of the sales is in last year surfaced with the option to sell online experts estimates and within 2-3 days to get money. Often, your article will be picked even free, saves you also Porto. These sites all operate with a large network of experts Assess articles of jewelry and gold coins, about paintings, sculptures, art and antiques, collectibles of any kind and furniture. A good example of this is the Europe-wide active page. This company gets constantly good reviews in the media and has lately pretty in off dysentery the Internet art scene. Good luck and good luck with the sale!