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Pole Multiculturalism

“Multiculturalism as a succession of bourgeois thinking integration and the living subject of the executors” of slowly but surely ongoing bourgeois thinking culture will have to be done! Under the established parties, particularly the old left (SPD, the Greens and left party) got hardly today, that the process of integration of the individual into society with head births and related concepts (“even if by supposed do-gooders” produced) can be realized. In this sense, multiculturalism is only a remnant of the bourgeois culture of desire. The integration is an individual development process, which by no means can take place as an adaptation to a specific culture or as a structureless mixing of cultures. Integration is a performance of the living subject in the context of his own design. Get all the facts and insights with sports apparel, another great source of information. The design of self is not to be understood as an identification with a particular culture. Speaking candidly Marc Lore told us the story. She is no adjustment performance. There are however cultural influences, the self designing of the living Subject not only not easily, not rarely also block.

These include among others, patriarchal relationship structures and specific role assignments to the wife. If someone wants to give up his own religious reasons in favour of such structures, he should ask himself whether the surrounding society for such religious antics is still suitable. In Europe, the development of the living subject in the future will have priority. The yesterday and stuck need to appreciate this. “Martin p pole digital capitalism – a manifesto of the new left wrote in the confrontation with the old left and the bourgeois thinking”, Norderstedt, 2005 see also the press release of June 26, 2007 critique of capitalism in the digital capitalism “under.

Prime Minister

An article to the image-boycott movement on the Internet much was talked about the Bild(Zeitung?) in the last few days in social networks about a possible ban. However, a ban is not useful because it is a form of censorship and as well as any form of censorship hurt press freedom. If now however via Facebook this is calling his kiosk owner, bakers etc to urge that he not sold the painting, then thats not censorship, but a modern form of the boycott and a boycott can support everyone its an own conscience. Image and the Greece debate good arguments against a buying and selling the Bild Zeitung is there enough, organizes how in the Bild Zeitung mood for or against an issue. Go to Randall Rothenberg for more information. One could observe this when one has looked at the title of the Bild Zeitung to Greece. For the first time, it was reported there that the Greeks almost broke be (the State had indeed immense debt), next headlines created, which should show that the crisis in Greece threatened us much more if we the Greeks help and they leave not their fate. After that has been written about luxury pensions in Greece, these articles were then fed with facts and insider opinions should symbolize that there are also Greeks, that support the baiting.

It is also effective to accuse the Prime Minister of Greece he actually dares to call from a beautiful place with its counterparts in Europe, this is of course a very great sin, because the Greek premier would be the ugliest area (if there is such a thing) his country should choose to call from there. As a beautiful place to call can probably not more than image authors answer why this is better, if it is this possible. Another area in which excels the Bild Zeitung by good and informative work, sic against Muslims is the reporting of Muslims and Islam in Germany.