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Garbage in Moscow will be sorted and recycled. In the skies over Moscow formed a strange luminous cloud. Giant Siberian swamp cooler is a global atmosphere. Russia intends to reduce emissions greenhouse gas emissions. In Russia, the museum will be a snow leopard and the new national park. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere peaked in the last 15 million years.

Scientists have learned, when the butterfly. Strength mammals in the Mediterranean region is rapidly shrinking. Scientists have found favor in acid rain. Photo fact of the week: Mother Nature Patterns. Review of the week from 05.10.2009 to 10.11.2009. In the skies over Moscow formed a strange luminous Last Thursday, the cloud over the western part of Moscow was seen strange luminous cloud of unusual shape.

Eyewitnesses documenting the cloud on a mobile phone camera, explained its origin nascent tornado. The video, which recorded a witness this strange phenomenon, moving from the Moscow ring road (Ring Road) on the highway to Volokolamsk Novorizhskoe, you can see clearly stands out from the gray sky round cloud. The impression is that a cloud is hanging over a flying object. Some witnesses felt that this is associated with increased industrial emissions into the atmosphere. However, experts Hydromet denied various speculations about the origin of Muscovites cloud, saying that the unusual phenomenon is explained solely by an optical effect. In recent days, after Moscow took place a few fronts, it was the invasion Arctic air from the west sun was shining – and that's happened in Roshydromet noted.

Moscow Zoo

Meanwhile, the strongest snow fell on the territory of the Britain and the U.S. … Marmots in America, bears in Russia: whose forecasts are more accurate? Last week came the last month of winter – February. In Russia, February 1 marked the folk festival – Machar vesnoukazchik. If this day were the sun and drops it was believed that February will be mild and spring earlier.

If this day was a blizzard, it presaged a cold February and late spring. And in the U.S. and Canada, the role of a meteorologist performs marmot. February 2 is celebrated annually in a traditional folk festival in North America. It is believed that on this day to watch the groundhog, emerge from their burrows. By his behavior can be seen on the proximity of the onset of spring.

According to legend, if the day is overcast, groundhog sees his shadow, and quietly leaves the hole – means that winter will soon end and spring will come early. If a sunny day, groundhog sees his shadow and hide back in the hole – is still six weeks of winter. This year, the famous groundhog, Phil has predicted that spring in the U.S. will come soon – in about six weeks. Because of the climatic characteristics of the Russian winter marmots in Russia prefer at this time even to sleep, and onset of spring in Moscow announce awakened after hibernating bears. The most accurate forecast of the spring came in the metropolitan zoo give it bears. If the Bears finally woke up and asked to eat – hence, the real spring soon come into its own. Despite the uncertain weather – then thaw, then cooling off – clumsy at Moscow Zoo are fast asleep, putting our hopes for the approach of spring … Females Lark fickle in choosing the 'second halves' to some interesting results came from scientists at the University Kalifrnii, Santa Cruz, discovered that not all females choose males for larks pairing on the same external features each year. It turns out that females Zhavoronkova oatmeal fickle in choice of mating partners and are constantly changing the criteria for evaluating the attractiveness of their 'other half'. Five years for scientists to refute the erroneous assumption of previous that each individual animal female chooses its 'second half' of the year on the same parameters. More information about the results of studies and comments to our expert – in the news ECOportal.ru. Discuss ECOportal.ru

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