Sports are one of the largest entertainment that people have, it is both a recreational activity as a means for physical activity and develop skills, so a large number of people moving in sports activities, whether as spectators or as practitioners of a particular sport. One of the sports that occurs in many parts of the world that brings together a large number of people is the rugby, as it is spread over all continents, with a notable presence of both players and fans. Rugby as a sport was born in the British Isles, occurring with greater force in England, a country which is a lot of practice of the sport, plus it has a lot of popularity. Thanks to the sport in England was achieving a rapid expansion in other countries around the world in which there were British colonies and many other Anglo-Saxon countries for the connection to be handled with the British Isles. Among the various countries in which expansion was rugby are Australia, New Zealand and South Africa were the largest British colonies, but not only rugby expanded colonies of England, because France also arrived, which was another important contribution to knowledge and practice of this sport in the world, because development is not only stale, but also in their various colonies, which were mostly in Africa and Ivory Coast and Morocco.

Over time the sport was making known in many other parts of the world, ranging from large parts of Europe, America and Asia, where Japan is more representative and thus came to have a global presence. At present, rugby 95 national associations recognized by the international rugby delete, which is the international body that governs rugby. Rugby is a contact game equipment, which is one of a non-rigid garment also prohibited the use of all types of protective elements, as these can cause severe blows to the opponents. The rugby characterized as a game where the rules are respected very much, for violating one of these would mean a serious damage to the opponent, so in the development of rugby is evident in much respect for the rules by both players and spectators, which is very rare disorders or problems occur very rarely have discussions with the officials, because such decisions are usually successful and respected by the players. The idea of rugby is to get the most points, which are available in different forms such as: "The try which consists in supporting the ball in the in-goal area or area of the opponent's mark, this is achieved 5 points and represents the point earning more important. – Who made a try is given the opportunity to kick the ball to pass through an arc, and this means of earning points is called conversion and are given 2 points. – The penalty point is the possibility for a team to kick the ball from a point where he is at fault in these associated if you pass the ball through the hoop will 3 points. "Another way to get points to bounce the ball and immediately kicking and passing through the arch, this will give 3 points. – The penalty try is the result of negligence by the opposing team when he sees that the opponent can score a try and prevent a violation was committed.