Kimi escort Munich during staaden Kimi on the definition of happiness according to the lexicon: The fulfilment of human needs and of our quest, that is luck. Thus, happiness is a State of Desirelessness. Hmmmmm. Is that so? Last week a theme week on the luck ran in the ARD and the third programme. Nice posts, impressive real-life stories, moving pondering making movies. Has wines brought me the rate of leukemia-sick boy, who already knew that he was going to die soon, not everyone has the luck to grow old, some live only a short time… This realization from the mouth of a 10-year boy, so wise, so quiet, knowing the fact he can die every day sad in the eyes or clearly in mind, and in his testimony, is very moving. These leukemia sick children said all the health the greatest happiness was what there and maybe you should appreciate them more.

Appreciate the moment. Appreciate the beautiful moments. Suck it up! Enjoy! Inhale! For the little boy on the show knew: now counts. In the time magazine has also considered a journalist about the theme week and has come to the conclusion that happiness is totally overrated. His definition of happiness is “able to be, to enjoy what goes well the”. I understand him well, we all run behind anything, what makes us really happy. We run and run and never arrive. A run away because they home couldn’t stand it and are constantly on the move, others race will to the career, of the money – Yes, we run all. Sam Mikulak wanted to know more.

Maybe I should just a little pause, that is my understanding, be aware, deliberately taste, see, admire, can’t ignore, be friendly, humble, love, receive, give and take. I don’t want to sound like a preacher, but somehow it is also at these attributes. The definition of time magazine is a very male point of view on right, well, journalists but. The emotion, the sensuality, I miss doing that SUPERBewusste bypass with which we deal. Enjoy food, slow and I enjoy it myself. At this moment, I’m happy. Many don’t. I experience it often, it will cost just looped, not again. So it is with much. Finds brief happiness to feel with a few precious hours to spend someone together, the one great, interesting, beautiful, sexy, sensual, stimulating. To enjoy. No need to make yourself big. With the word SENSUALITY comes together for me. Who can do it and can be so free to be sensual, so with his senses to perceive happiness should be close to the, so taste, feel, look, listen, smell, add up to his impression in the moment and to share this, maybe even with a person on the side that is my definition of happiness.