This characteristic of ' ' jeitinho brasileiro' ' it causes the lack of critical sense and conformismo that unhappyly is so marcante in our country, having its negative connotation in the direction that in says the author to them, ' ' to the cost always to dissolve oppositions, we finish without any posio.' ' In our country, it is necessary to admit that the formadores of opinion had always been the elites, a time that is not the people who exerts the command politician and intellectual in Brazil. These formadores of opinion are become attached demasiadamente to the effective one in the Europe and they close the eyes to the Brazilian reality, not having identity with what it is to its return. The result is the inevitable attempt badly succeeded of application of the models politician, economic and educational total strange to our reality and our urgencies. Unhappyly, in Brazil the philosophy not yet had success in the fulfilment of its first mission: to instigate the critical conscience. The Brazilian skill, the option for dissolving the oppositions and to only exaltar what he is harmonic between the diverse theories, instead of facing the differences of critical form (characteristic typical of the ecleticism) had made with that we were very whitewashing and passive. Of this position the conformismo elapses inevitably of which we suffer, what it hinders, of remaining portion, the possibility of a philosophical thought proper brazilian. As visa above, is characteristic of the Brazilian people ' ' to give one jeito' '.

This behavior takes to one another type of particularitity ours well: the tolerance and acceptance. The tolerance mentioned here is the referring one to the foreign workmanships, therefore its authors are considered ' ' more cultos' ' when compared with the national ones. Endowed with this tolerant and pacifying spirit, not rare he occurs enters the Brazilian thinkers the stranger conciliation enters the most different theories, a true one? soup of letrinhas.