This will make that product really matter to people. Later, if you were interested in the opportunity to neogocio you must consider this: to) concerned a product or service original and unique, i.e., that other companies not so provide. (b) concerned a product or reconsumible service, i.e., that their consumption will repeat again and again with some frequency. This feature is vital, since this depends on the residual income. (c) which concerned a product or service commercially available only through independent representatives, i.e. that no is ofezca in mass outlets.

(d) concerned a product or service applicable at common consumption habits, not a product or service that requires the user to incorporate new consumption habits into your lifestyle. I went with a product of trips offered. People the only thing that really attracted him was the idea of being able to generate money benefiting from leverage. The product itself not aroused the slightest interest. Just bought it in order to develop the business, but, as soon as they received it, they threw it over there and some were not opened.

So with everything I managed to assemble a network of 45 dealers that generated me revenue only each new distributor was incorporated, attracted by the possibility of generating income turn to recruit others. The product itself him didn’t matter to anyone, since that was not a real utility and had much competition (that was not a unique product). The residual income did not work since the product was not reconsumible. As the pillar on which holds all MLM business is the product or service is marketed here practically did not exist none, the business was not walking and, as it is assumed, the people sooner or later ended up abandoning. I believe that this experience of somehow gives answer to the following question: does reason for every 100 people who start an MLM business, 90 abandon it before completing their first year?