You want a professional to protect your car? At our open spaces and there was already quite widely used in our avtoatele Vinyl Vinyl antigraviynaya styling from the company Venture Tape – Venture Shield. Venture Shield – revolutionary way to ensure the protection of your vehicle from damage. The film is designed to protect paint and svetooptiki from stones and road debris. Dirty crossings, roads create risk of damage to paintwork. A related site: Walmart mentions similar findings. Protect your car film VentureShield.

The principle of the protective action of the film consists in the absorption of targeted killings of gravel and the distribution of impact energy over a larger area, thus preventing formation of cleavage. Leading teams Formula 1 racing, FIA GT, NASCAR antigraviyku use. John Gibson is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The film has been tested in extreme conditions. Tests on the aggressive abrasive road conditions proved convincingly about the magnificent defensive qualities of the film. Ultraviolet radiation penetrates through the film perfectly. This feature does not appear the difference between the areas covered by the film and permanently located in all weather conditions, the film was originally designed to protect helicopter blades from sand in a dry desert. Today, the product of Venture Tape is used to protect the painted surfaces of different vehicles. And not only that.

Protective film You can even cover the boat. Details on which the protective film is applied, are neither in color nor the glitter of vulnerable structures. Film polished ordinary grinding tool, for work on sanding is not necessary to shoot the film. Accuracy and quality of the film deposition is achieved by using special patterns which are produced on specialized equipment. We put tape on the front of the the bonnet and front wings, front bumper, rear-view mirrors, svetooptika; thresholds, lower doors, upper part of the rear bumper, Any other desired body parts. You want to give give the car a unique, original appearance? Paired with a protective film can be used in kchestve decor film simulates the 3D carbon fiber. When applied to your car styling carbon film is one of the most popular materials, since it perfectly matches the shape pasted surface, if necessary, under the carbon film quickly and easily removed without damaging the paintwork of your car. Which, of course, convenient for car owners – we need only remove the film and the appearance of the car is the same. And while the process of dismantling does not take much time.